Are you looking to have a stunning jewel for the next important event of your life? Our company is a place to stop where you can choose from the most charming gemstones at the best prices. One of your best choices would be to choose some of the loose blue topaz stones. Blue topaz is … Continue reading Where-to-find-the-most-beautiful-loose-blue-topaz-stones

Pyrope, Almandine, Hessonite, Spessartite Garnet Information

Garnet is one of the gemstones which come in more than five colors. In gemstone industry, garnet family is largest and varied, with species ranging from the red colored almandite, pyrope to the emerald substitute green tsavorite and orange-reddish spessartite. You are going to read about these in this article – 1. Why different garnet … Continue reading Pyrope, Almandine, Hessonite, Spessartite Garnet Information


Navneet Gems and minerals has been manufacturing and selling sky blue topaz cabochons at wholesale prices. We have our own production house of sky blue topaz gemstones in all types of cuttings like cabochons, faceted, briolettes, beads and fancy shapes. Our manufacturing unit is daily producing more than 5,000 pieces in blue topaz stones. Sky … Continue reading wholesale-sky-blue-topaz-cabohcons


With the economy of thailand recovering in a quick time, experts say the upcoming Gem And Jewellery Exhibition 2010, in bangkok; seems promising. Bangkok has always been a vibrant place for Jewllery Lovers. Also known as the jewellery hub, bangkok’s jewellery image continues to prosper. Higher production levels, higher demands for jewellery from bangkok, is … Continue reading 45th-Bangkok-Gem-And-Jewellery-Show


Quite a tough ask innit? Like you would know, jewelry is a luxury good and luxury goods are the foremost thing that is effected, and it’s the last thing that comes back to normal when we are out of a recession. So let’s come to the point here. Jewelry consists of many stages. Firstly, there … Continue reading Gem-And-Jewellery-Industry-During-Recession


This is a tough choice but hey not a hard one because you are at the right place. You should always prefer to order jewelry from manufacturers rather than big showrooms. If we talk about monetary terms then big showrooms jewelries are five times higher than a manufacturer. Our price is more better because we … Continue reading Which-Gemstones-To-Buy-For-My-Jewellery

NRC Certified Blue topaz – updated news 2017

Wearing Blue Topaz is completely safe; says an official from the NRC. NRC stands for Nuclear Regulatory Commission. All the Irradiation facilities and the import and export of anything radioactive is controlled by USNRC (www.nrc.gov) Blue Topaz naturally comes in the form of ‘White Topaz’ and is then further treated in many parts of the … Continue reading NRC Certified Blue topaz – updated news 2017

Rarest gemstones on earth

Each and every gems created by supreme power are unique in its own way but few of them are the rarest. As per the new release report of Discovery channel here is the list of splendid gems that are really rarest on the earth. But this first gemstone is TRUELY the worlds rarest gemstones on … Continue reading Rarest gemstones on earth


Where to buy Swiss blue topaz gemstones? If this question is arising in your mind that where to buy blue topaz gemstones here we are. Yes, we agree that we are not a single supplier who manufacture and sell Swiss blue topaz but how we are better than other sky, London and Swiss blue topaz … Continue reading where-to-buy-swiss-blue-topaz

Wholesale Mozambique garnet in loose gemstones

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and selling loose wholesale Mozambique garnet gemstones at wholesale prices. Our garnet gemstones are dark red colored with nice luster and shine. Every piece of our garnet gemstones is manufactured by Mozambique rough. Right now we have available stock in Ovals, Rounds, Pears, Octagons, Hearts, Baguettes and Square in small … Continue reading Wholesale Mozambique garnet in loose gemstones