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Suresh Agarwal, founded Navneet Gems And Minerals in the year 1993. Born as the eldest son to the family and grown with responsibilities, Suresh started working with his father at the age of 19, at his own office in India working with all types of gemstones. Working under his father’s guidance,he learned a lot from seeing the rough materials, to selection, to buying and to all the other basics. Back then in the 80’s, our company used to import rough directly from the mining companies and would manufacture it in Jaipur and export to different parts of the world, at excellent growth opportunities.

Ruby,Sapphire & Emerald95%
Tourmaline, Beryl, Tanzanite & S&P Diamonds85%
Topaz, Quartz, Opaque80%


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We have more than 50+ staffs currently that are working on different locations depending on the scope of work. Every person in our company is specializing in a field of their scope.


adelle stevenson
I would like to say a huge thank you to Shubaham and Nehal for their assistance in helping us find the perfect Teal sapphire. We had never bought a sapphire before and were unsure of how the process all worked but we decided while we were on holiday in Thailand to take a look at the jewelry trade centre. After a little research of a few different wholesalers we decided on Navneet Gems. Even though we did not have an appointment they were very accommodating and patient with us. I was looking for a hexogen shaped teal colored Australian sapphire and they showed us several different ones until I found the perfect match. I can’t wait to have it made in to my dream ring. Thank you both once again 😃💍
Omar Sabry
We bought a beautiful Australian Blue Sapphire from Navneet Gems and we were very satisfied! This family-owned wholesaler is professional and reliable. Navneet was very friendly and helpful and made sure we had a pleasant experience. Thank you Navneet!
Hagnesta Hill
I can’t speak about the quality since this company doesn’t want to deal with “small” orders under 3000$. For a new jewelry business, 3000$ is a lot and being turned away simply because of that seems harsh. However, I know for a fact that they’ve sold for less than 3000$ per order but it all seems to depend on their daily mood. There’s other sellers out there who would be glad to sell top quality gemstones for lower MOQ, especially to new customers who need to test the quality before they commit to spending those sums. I’m prepared for the worst reply from Navneet (seen as how they’ve replied to other not so happy reviews) but I don’t wish for it. I’m simply sharing my experience in hopes of them changing their limiting policy regarding their MOQ. Yes, we know that you’re a big company with millions of dollars but how will you ever enquire new customers if you turn them away at the door because their wallets are smaller?
Wide variety of stock to choose from. Great place if you are on the look out for Tourmouline, teal sapphire or salt and pepper diamonds.
Edward Oosthuizen
I spent some time trying to find a company which seemed the right fit for my business and I settled on Navneet gems. I am glad I did. They faceted some sapphire, tourmaline and emerald for me and I am happy with results. The process was smooth and will be using them again in the future.
Prashant W
Prompt and professional service. We bought a shield cut Parti Sapphire for a special order the stone was finely cut and right quality. Consumer was very happy with the purchase. Thank you Mr. Navneet.
Emeraldi Collection
Was a great experience and very convenient to deal with. Fair pricing! Very happy to have met with such warm greetings even after years. Getting some corundum this time.
sunir shakya
Was looking for an exquisite stone in bulk and then I found Navneet Gems. Not only they took orders and made it for me, the cutting was just excellent, products as desired and I was looking for! The delivery was really quick and superb packaging. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Navneet Gems 😍😍😍
Was a pleasure meeting Navneet, very professional and pleasure to work with. The quality of the stones purchased was excellent. Hope to continue our relationship.
Salomon Schwarz
I recently purchased some beautiful pieces of Saphire and Rubys from Navneet Gems and I could not be happier! The quality of the Gem’s is outstanding and the customer service was top notch. They answered all of my questions, sent me helpful photos and provided me with a personalized shopping experience! I would definitely recommend Navneet Gems to anyone looking for high-quality gems and jewelry at great prices. Wholesale gemstones and single Pieces of Great Quality Ethically sourced.


The staff at Navneet Gems & Minerals is well equipped for pure professional treatment and manufacturing of our gemstones and jewelry for our valued customers and new clients. We started off with 9 staff members in our company and our team has expanded since then as our products increased.