Crystal quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal is a Crystal Gem, which is very clear or transparent.

Clear Crystal Quartz has the ability that a person can spend a lot of time looking inside the crystal for hours and being fascinated by the convolution of various shapes and “liquid” forms. People love to buy this beautiful Quartz.

If you want to buy this top-quality Clear Crystal Quartz at wholesale prices, then you can contact us via email at In that email, you must write about the shape and size you want to buy. You can place your order as well and we will edify you about the stone.

crystal quartz
     Here you see some of our Crystal Quartz Cabochons and a Crystal Quartz Round

Clear Quartz Crystal is mainly mined in Brazil, China, and the USA. We import it directly from these places and cut and polish them in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand in the following shapes:

Round, pear, teardrop, cushion-cut drop, marquise drop, oval, flat fancy, nugget drop, rough drop, in the rough needle, side drilled stick, needle center drilled, needle drop, slice drop, faceted oval, strip faceted tube, faceted Rondell, rough chips, faceted slab, rough chunky, triangle tube, flat trapezoid, heart, beveled cube, wheel, etc.

Crystal Quartz
 In these photos you see our Concave then Fancy Cuts then Ovals on the bottom row

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