Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet Gemstone

Rhodolite Garnet introduction and etymology

Garnet is a gemstone that has more than 10 different colors and all are known by different names, although all Garnets share the same crystal structure. Basically, it is divided into two branches based on aluminum and calcium. Pyrope garnets, Almandite garnets , Rhodolite, Malaya and Spessartite are called aluminum Garnets and Uvarovite, Anaradite, Demantoid, Hessonite, Tsavorite are all calcium Garnets. The word ‘Rhodolite’ is derived from the Greek word “rhodon”, which means “rose-colored”. Rhodolite is one of the most valuable types of Garnet. Saturation and tone are very important factors in this stone. It comes in reddish-purple to purplish raspberry red garnets color(purplish red) and vivid raspberry-red color being the most valued. The price graph depends on the size of the stone and color and stones over 10 carats are priced high. If we talk about the composition and chemical structure of this stone then it is a mixture of two Garnets – Pyrope and Almandine. An inclusion-free, vitreous luster and Raspberry Red Color Garnet is the perfect piece of this stone.

When we talk about the chemical structure and minerals then scientifically it comes in what is called a Cubic, rhombic dodecahedron structure, and the chemical formula is magnesium aluminum silicate. It has 6.5-7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale, instinctive cleavage, and Vitreous luster.

The Sources, Market, and a Price Overview for Rhodolite Garnet

This stone was first found in North Carolina (America) in the 1880s and 1890s. At that time most of the raw material came from alluvial deposits. Nowadays Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), China, Madagascar, and Kenya are the biggest sources for the raw material of this gem. We are sourcing raw materials from different countries as the market demand is for different qualities and colors. Mainly we deal in big sizes stones, though we manufacture and supply calibrated also. We got in the Rhodolite Garnet business in 2010, and since then we have supplied many orders of Raspberry Rhodolites, Umbalites and in A, AA, and AAA colors of Rhodolite Garnets. Our Navneet Gems and Minerals’ color chart is attached here at below:

rhodolite garnet color
Rhodolite Garnet Color

Navneet Gems and Minerals has come up with this unique color chart for Rhodolite Garnet because of our customers. They have been very confused since they have been ordering this type of Garnet from different suppliers and getting very mixed colors and variable qualities. We at Navneet Gems and Minerals have a very strict color policy and our selection staff follow this  Rhodolite Garnet Color Chart very strongly. There are so many different colors in Rhodolite that if we had to make a full-color chart,  then there would more than 15 different shades and thus we came up with a simple version.

The last two are Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet which is a pinkish purple shade of Rhodolite Garnet which is the topmost stone. But recently the Umbalite have started to show up back in the market with some quantifiable production quantities. Earlier the quantity and the quality most importantly were very low.

We at Navneet Gems and Minerals are able to produce 1,000 pieces of Rhodolite garnet every day. We can produce almost all shapes and sizes from 2 mm rounds up to large free size stones. Have a look at the different shades, sizes, and shapes of Rhodolite Garnets that we can produce at wholesale prices. If you have any price inquiries or would like to source some high-end Umbalite Garnets, get in touch with us today!

Rhodolite Garnet 2 carats to 15carats
Various Shapes of Rhodolite Garnet
Rhodolite Garnet Lot
This picture is taken from our stock and all these pieces are cut and finished in our own factory which is here in Bangkok, Thailand. We have many pieces like this lot.

Creative Jewelry Ideas Based on Trends and the Market

Small designers to big jewelry companies all are using this stone in bracelets, pendants,  necklaces, and rings. For metal, they are using silver and gold in their designs. To minimize the total cost of jewelry pieces, they are using White Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and other gemstones. You name it, from “red carpet” events to engagement rings, Rhodolites have been continually used all around the world. Jewelry companies are using small sizes from 1.5mm to 3mm mainly in rings and in the center they are using green color stones.

Mainly our customers are from the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Some of them are jewelry designers and collectors and users and some big jewelry companies. We specialize in big sizes of Rhodolites, over 6 carats in ovals, rounds, pear, octagon, heart, and other shapes. We have AA to AAA grade in this stone. As mentioned above about small size designs and uses, due to regular demands of micro size, we always keep them in stock and take only a few hours to ship to our customers.

Rhodolite Garnet Brooch

An Iris Brooch designed by Tiffany and Co-designer Paulding Farnham to gift his wife, by using Demantoid Garnet, Rhodolite, and Diamonds.

Sanna Latham in Rhodolite Garnet

Actress Sanaa Lathan wore an amazing pair of Rhodolite Garnet earrings (2012 NAACP Image Awards)

Many times readers need to know about the cleaning of Garnet so here we are

Rhodolite Garnet gemstones’ hardness is good so it is not delicate like other soft stones but still, proper care is important. Proper care includes protecting it from hard blows, which can damage the Garnet Stones. As usual, our experts’ suggestion is to use soapy water and a soft cloth to clean the stone and be sure to rinse well also, to remove soapy residue. Make sure when you use the brush to remove sticky particles then you don’t use a metal one that can scratch your stone. Other chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners are high prohibited. When you buy Garnet Gemstones Jewelry then make sure to keep the stones separate, in big sizes especially.


Rhodolite Garnet cushion cut
A Cushion Cut Rhodolite Gem From Our Cutters

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