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What are Aquamarine? Where you can find it?

Aquamarine is light sky blue to dark sea blue color stone with 7.5-8 hardness on Mohs scale which is a symbol of sympathy, faith and friendship. Aquamarine is a Latin word which means “water of a sea”, comes under beryl family and made of iron and other chemicals which is responsible for its blue color. This chromium-rich gemstone is official birthstone for ‘March’. Aquamarine and emerald both are beryllium and contains aluminum and silicate mineral but very different as price and market point of view. Iron impurities are reason of aquamarine, both emerald and aquamarine shares many properties (same RI and specific gravity) but clarity and transparency level is quite different. Emerald comes with lots of inclusion to clear quality and aquamarine comes mostly clear and transparent in faceted gem quality. A dark and deeply saturated sea blue color is the most desirable, read more about this in next section.

World-Famous Aquamarine – The ‘Dom Pedro’ (26 kg) faceted and cut in Idar-oberstein was the biggest aquamarine ever, cut by a Germany based designer Bernd Munsteiner. weighing 26 kg and cut in Idar-Oberstein.

Aquamarine qualities, color and shapes -
Quality parameters in aquamarine gemstones are different from other gems. Color plays an important role in this, as it comes in pale blue (almost white) to sea blue color, please see the color chart below. It is very difficult to find a gem quality (sea blue) aquamarine. Top quality Aquamarine comes from Brazil (Santa Maria de ltabira mine) and which is very high in prices.

Aquamarine is one of the favorite stone of many designers. It comes in three different shades – Green, Grey and Blue (blue preferred mostly), top shade of Aquamarine is ‘santa maria’ color which is close to sky blue topaz color and high in prices. Aquamarine Cabochons are mostly made with milky material. Commercial Aquamarine cabs come with inclusions and low transparency.

Let’s talk about inclusions – Black spots, cracks, scratches, lines do not find in this like other stones. In cabochon and beads quality you will see clouds (Milky) inside the stone and that is low in prices. You can get good color with milky quality in lower price.
Aquamarine Color chart
Aquamarine color chart
Sky Blue topaz quite resembles aquamarine but blue topaz is irradiated gemstone and aquamarine is complete natural not even heated that’s why it is becoming famous among users and designers even though sky BT is quite cheaper as comparison to this stone.

We are a manufacturer with our own factory producing alot of Aquamarine on a daily basis. Most of our customers for Aquamarine gems come from Uk and the United States. This Semi precious gemstone is a ordinary gemstone and can look extremely unique and wonderful when put into jewellery.

Above is the different qualitieis of Wholesale Aqua gemstones we have in our stocks. The top color is Grade Gem, or in other words Santa Maria color. This one is very expensive, but again you cant find a replacement for Aquamarine, which is a natural gemstone. Our Aquamarine is 100% authenticated, and comes with certificates if required, for big sized nice gems.

Shapes: Aquamarine is found in all shapes.
Sizes: Found in all the general sizes is Aquamarine
Cuttings: If there is anything special you want, let us know!
Prices for Aquamarine: Normal sizes can vary from 1 US $ – 40$. However, sizes and quality may change the price significantly.

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Aquamarine- color and quality

Buy Aquamarine cabochons, beads and faceted stones straight from our manufacturing -
We have been manufacturing in different qualities aquamarine. As we mentioned above that top quality material is found in Brazil however other mines are in North Carolina, Colarado, the United States and Africa. We have our sources in Brazil and other countries and buy raw material in big quantities from there, this lowers our cost of manufacturing and ultimately it gives lower prices to our buyers so they can source from us.

When we talk about Aquamarine jewelry, beads and cabochons then we supply low commercial grade (Milky and pale color) to top notch (Nice blue and transparent) quality in smooth and faceted. Every bead manufactured by us is well polished, calibrated and crack free.  We have same scenario with cabochons as well as we clearly inform our customer that about getting we will be supplying because we don’t want to make unhappy to our customers. We believe in long term business and that’s the reason we have been here in gemstone market for last 20 years.

Faceted stones are mainly used in rings, earrings and pendant by many small designers to big jewelry manufacturing companies. We mainly manufacture oval, round, cushion, trillion and octagons in both calibrated and free size. We have mentioned the color chart above for our customers’ reference. They can simply see the it and order with us.

Why Aquamarine cabochons and faceted stones are high in demand?

100% Genuine Gemstone – Aquamarine is completely natural stone, not even heated so this makes it different from others and other hand if we talk about any other stones of same color then all are treated or heated to enhance the color.

Soft and pleasant color – Sky blue topaz which comes in five times lower prices than Aquamarine and more better color and transparency level but still people prefer Aquamarine because it’s completely natural stone. It has become one of the favorite stone of Americans and Europeans because of its characteristics and soft color.

Availability of all sizes – Jewelry designers are using this in their designs because it comes in different price range and all small to big sizes so this makes easier for them to choose their desired sizes and price range. Sometimes jewelers face problem in size because of low availability but when you are buying with us then you don’t need to face this because we avail all ring, pendant and earrings sizes.

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