What Is The Value Of A White Sapphire Gemstone Compared To The Value Of A Diamond?

Our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals is a 25+ year-old Gemstone Company, with our roots in the Hub of precious gemstones: Bangkok. The reason we are telling you this is just to let you know that we have NEVER gotten a call for a Diamond in our career. We do sell a lot of Diamonds through online contacts who approach us for their required Gemstone needs, which is the reason we have never gotten a call for a Diamond. Read further…

We, Navneet Gems, have deep rooted contacts with our rough manufacturer in Ceylon (Srilanka) and neighbouring Madagascar – which is where most of the nice quality white sapphires come from. We product on order and play with some basic stock of Diamond cut white sapphire, Loose single white sapphire 1 carats-4 carats. Anything custom cut or request, an inquiry can be sent to us. Find some photos of our current stock in 2020!

White Sapphire Round

On this page we want to help you by showing you how to understand the Value of a White Sapphire and the Value of a Diamond by first understanding the Value of a White Sapphire and then understanding the Value of a Diamond and then to understand which one is a better Value.

First Though:

Before we start off with understanding the Value of a White Sapphire & Value of a Diamond, let’s focus first on understanding the meaning of the term Value, with its right definition in our gemstone trade terms:

  • Rarity (added by Navneet Gems):

The reason we have put Rarity as the number one criteria in determining the Value of a Diamond or a Value of a Sapphire is Rarity, is because events like buying an engagement ring (a main use of White Sapphires and Diamonds) are also an investment. The rarity Makes The Value of White Sapphires and Value of Diamonds higher.

  •   Clarity

How clean or milky or cloudy the stone is. Whether it’s a VVS Diamond or a Loupe clean, White Sapphire Gem, the clarity will affect the value of the stone immensely.

  • Color

There is a reason why Padparadscha Sapphires sell 100 times higher priced than any other normal Sapphires in the market. The same reason that Red Diamonds sell 1000’s of times higher priced then a White Diamond. Because of its color.

  • Cut

Why are Diamonds never cut in a sloppy cut – one of our friends once asked us, during the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. We told them it’s because you cannot sell Diamonds if they are not sparkly and a selling point comes to them being hard and hard stones sparkle the best (more information about sparkle and selling points of diamonds later).

Ceylon White Sapphire

  • Carat

The larger the stone the higher value it has. This is rarer, since these are natural stones we are talking about, another reason for adding Rarity as a factor of determining the value of these two Precious White Gems.

Wholesale white sapphireSome of our White Sapphire Calibrated 6×4 ovals in stock

Understanding the Value of a White Sapphire:

Let’s now get started with understanding the Value of a White Sapphire. We have made this incredible price chart “for example” only, which clearly describes the prices in the best manner possible.

The value of the white sapphire very importantly depends on its color and clarity. Since the white sapphires are cooked at very high temperatures in nature and then also later on by the Thai people, its important that you absolutely buy a clean stone, unless you are looking to buy an unheated stone. Clarity is indeed different for Sapphires than for Diamonds. A completely flawless Sapphire would be extremely hard to find. Whereas diamonds are graded based on their clarity at 10x magnification, sapphires are looked at based on their visual appearance. The main idea is a very clear sapphire will look clean to the eye

White sapphire rounds 2 caratWhite Sapphire Gemstones, Free Size, 2 Carat Rounds

Understand the Value of a White Diamond:

If you are going for a White Diamond, we just want to inform you that according to GIA’s research there have been 4.50 billion carats of rough Diamonds mined since 1870. So if you are looking they are easy to find and many with a questionable source. We think that the trend of socially conscious and eco-friendly rings—made with ethically sourced gemstones—is one that will never be out of style and hopefully also the Value of a White Sapphire will be obvious.

Which one has a better Value?:

While we can’t predict the future, we do expect that some of the trends we’re seeing in engagement rings today will continue for quite some time. Old styles may continue but so will couples wanting an engagement ring that’s unique and says something about their style, whether that means a custom design, or a classic look that they’ve given a little tweak with an alternate gemstone and most commonly with a White Sapphire, and this is actually on the increase.

In another level of thought and ancient knowledge and use, it is said that White Sapphire meaning is that it clears the mind of negative thoughts and allows coming to new tasks with a fresh perspective and White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength of spirit. It carries an extremely pure energy for clarity of thought and opening the powers of the mind. So clear thought and a clear conscious, so to speak, what more do people want in a gemstone engagement ring to represent their new life together?

White sapphire roundsMore White Sapphires and some beautiful cuts done at our Chantaburi Thailand Factory

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