Garnet is one of the favorite Semi precious gemstone out of all for us Navneet Gems and Minerals – many reasons why.

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Garnet is the most biggest category that exist in the Semi precious category. The different types of garnet gemstones available in todays market vary the most today, October 2013. This page will tell you:

  • About us
  • About understanding the different types of Garnets in the market today.
  • About the different shades and qualities of Garnet.
  • The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.
  • The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

About us

 We are Navneet Gems and Minerals, a Thai-Indian company with our headquarters in Thailand which is the biggest hub of quality Gemstones from Asia. Our company is a specialist in providing Garnet gemstones to wholesale customers, Local Jewellers, and retailers in their own countries. Our factories in India produce the lower ranged Garnet, where as expensive like the Tsavorites are produced in our Thailand factory located in the hub of precious gems, Chantaburi.

Understanding the different types of wholesale Garnet loose gemstones in the market today

No one is always getting this right. There always is some confusion and this confusion will persist. That is because there are really way too many names of the different types of garnets available. Thats exactly when we as a wholesale supplier of Garnet come into play to solve some of these confusions.

1) The first type of Garnet and the most common one in terms of scale of production and quantity is Indian Orrisa Garnet.

As the name suggests, it is originated from India (Orissa is the state), and thats where all this Red Indian garnet comes from. This is the reason we produce all our Orrisa garnet from India due to location. The color of the Indian Garnet is rather like red wine, however there are many variations in this Indian garnet itself. In this come the ver dark (almost black) colored Indian garnet which obviously is very less expensive. Here is a picture below of the most common colored Indian garnet, which is like wine. Then there is also a more open color Indian orissa garnet which resembles Mozambique but is usually only available in smaller sizes and sold at the same prices of Mozambique. The prices of Indian Orissa garnet for example for 6×4 Ovals would be 0.30$-0.40$ per carat for a wholesale quantity. (You can compare these prices with other origins of Red garnet). Below is a picture on the left hand side of the “Dark Indian Red Garnet”, as it has darker shades of red and some black at the outskirts of the stone. On the right hand side it is the more open color of Red Garnet, which is usually refered as “Indian Red Garnet”

Indian-Red-Normal-Color-GarnetIndian sparkly garnet

2) The second type of Garnet in the market most commonly available in terms of availabiltiy and price is:Hyderabadi Indian garnet.

These hyderabadi Indian garnet are mostly available in the form of Cabochons as the cut is not highly valued becasue of its orangy color. Ofcourse orange sells less for the Red, right? Common sense that is for us all. Now, if you compare the price of a 6×4 Oval in Mozambique you may get it as low as 0.10$ per carat with minimum inclusions. Thats the different type of price this category of Garnet has to offer. Just a slight change in color and origin gives it a completely different price and look. Indian Hyderabadi garnet are available in both with Inclusions and without inclusions. Here is a picture of how the Indian Hyderabadi Garnet cabochons look like. They are red, but more open orangeish red which give them a lower price tag on these beautiful garnet cabochons.

hyderabadi garnet

3) The third most common Garnet is Mozambique Garnet semi precious gemstones.

The best of the best you can say, in terms of its price and its terms of its color. Resembling ruby, Mozamique garnet has almost quadrippled in prices over the past few years and thats a phenomical growth for any gemstone to be having. Wholesale Mozambique garnet is something we used to sell alot past few years but since things have changed and the supply has reduced. Some of the Mozambique garnet sold on the market is actally just good colors of other shades such as the Indian orissa or the Reddish Hyderabadi. An Oval 6×4 in Mozambique garnet at a wholesale price would be 0.50$ for good top shade. Almost double that of other gemstones.


4) The type of Garnet that comes in the last few most common ones are: Hessonite Garnet.

Hessonite garnet cabochons are the most famous for its Orange color, but infact because of that it doesnt enjoy the liberty to high prices. Too much availabilty of Wholesale Loose Hessonite Garnet gemstones, and orange/yellow color making them valued much lower than they should. The pictures below show the beautiful Hessonite garnet in Custones which are more rare, but available with Navneet Gems and Minerals as we and our customer understand the beauty of these gemstones.

hessonite garnet gem HessoniteGarnet

About the different shades and qualities of Garnet gems in the gemstone indutry.

The different shades of Red garnet available are outlined in short below:

  • The most preferred shade of Garnet is Mozambique garnet and thus undoubtedly they are the most expensive garnets available in the market. Mozambique garnet wholesale gemstones are like Pigeon red ruby, the most preferred color in Ruby. Pigeon red Garnet comes from Mozabique. Just slight difference in the shade can mean different prices. Why do you think Indian garnet from Orissa and Garnet from Mozambique are almost x2 prices? Its because of their shades. Indian garnet is slightly oilish or in simple words more black then Mozabique. Whoesale Mozabique garnet gemstones can be found in bulk, however at much varied quality. Here is an answer below for the different qualities of Garnet gems.
  • When garnet can come in so many different colors and shades, then why not different qualities. There are mostly two qualities of Garnets in the market generally, one is with inclusions and the next is without inclusions. The ones without inclusions depend on which stone they are, but are made into cut stones usually and sometimes into cabochons. Most of the silver companies outside Asia use Clean Garnet because the price is barely some percentage lower than the ones with Inclusions, but companies that have lower production cost like those in India use alot of Commercial quality of Garnets.

The importance of Garnet in the Gems and Jewellery industry.

There is barely any gemstone that comes in the between Garnet’s ways, it is a gemstone they say that has no competiton. At that price range, at that price, what can you get that gives out the best color in todays market which is red, undoubetdly because of it being the “color of our heart”. Ruby, forget it. Todays Red and Pink tourmaline prices forget it. What do you not forget is garnet then, the variety of garnets makes this the most important color and stone in todays market, it was never this important but since people started falling in love again since the late 20th century, this colors importance increased to a point where they couldnt resist wearing jewellery that was red. No matter what happens, red will never go away. Red is the color ladies love to wear, and the men love to gift to the lady of their dreams. In conclusion Garnet will never leave this industry unless one unfortunate day it completely runs out.

The supply and demands (Economics) behind Garnet.

The economics behind every gemstone is different. The Tanzanites we know are ONLY based on the American market dominantly, if the Americans get bored of this stone the demand goes down, the prices struggle and the demand struggles to pick up at all. But Garnet is a completely a different stone. What makes a country like a gemstone? Its color, its shade, its price, its astrological importance and its quality.

Garnet is a gemstone that is used all over the world. The Americans love all stypes of garnets, the expensive Demontoids and the cheaper Hyderabadi Garnets. The dark tone on this gemstone makes it attractive for all white skins and it enhances the look of their faces. Have a look at Miley cyrus wearing Garnet jewellery, doesnt it enhance her look? It jus suits the face so much.


Because of Garnets usage being so global, the elasticities of demand are low, as there are no real substitutes, so what will people use if not this red stone at the price range of 1$ a carat? 2$ a carat? In todays gemstone business, there are only a few really powerful markets that can move a particular gemstone or a particular market etc, these are: The United states of America, China, Russia and Japan. There is no 5th country that is strong enough in terms of gemstone consumption. The Americans love garnet, the Chinese and the Japanese are rather neutral and the Russians are the biggest fan of “Pyrope” Garnet is what they call them, and that is one reason for the demand of Garnets being increased to heights in todays market. If any of these countries increases their consumption, the Garnet gemstone business can be effected in days. Thats the economics behind this.

Garnets Color Group


We have reached many conclusions in this article about Garnet. Firstly, if you are looking to source Garnet then we can be the right supplier, atleast you may give us a try. Secondly, there are lots of things to learn about this Gemstone which is very broad in terms of qualities, price, colors, shades, origins of the different Garnets available in todays market. Lastly, garnet is a gemstone that is consumed almost in all the major countries and thus moving the demand to a different scale or playing around with the economies behind it isnt that easy but countries like USA and Russia have showed their power.

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