Ethical sourcing of Gemstones rough

For decades conflict free diamonds have only been a dream that never came true most dealers in diamonds. However there was a start in 2010 when a lot of companies finally went for sourcing of “conflict free diamonds”

Similarly, our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals, has also initiated this to get a better ethical sourcing, with least unethical and wrong practises followed. Today’s trade and business conditions yet do not care much about ethical sourcing but in the future it will, we are doing this for a better future.

In this process of finding ethical sources, we have to take care of a few things. The two bedrocks of Ethical gemstone sourcing are the 2 T’s. Transparency and traceability.

Transparency: The lack of transparency exists because of the existence of middle men. Never is a gemstone “from mines to jewellery”, its always Miners –> Traders of rough –> Manufacturers of rough material into useable stones –> Jewellery manufacturers, etc. Its difficult for Jewellery manufacturers to manufacture rough themselves and similarly for the Miners to sell directly to manufacturers. However, this is an ongoing process where miners are trying to reach out, with the help of companies like Gem fields, miners are getting more exposure. But yet we are far from it. Because of the existence of these middle men, you actually never end up knowing where the gemstones are coming from precisely, thus you cannot find out the actual conditions over there.

Trace-ability: Very similar to the first point but different in its own way. No one knows where these gemstones come from except the miners, that is because these areas are restricted and not traceable. With free trade and more transparency, traceability will increase.

Ethical sourced gemstone engagement rings are one of products that we hope to launch by 2017. Do understand that sourcing gemstones ethically is not an easy task, it is time consuming, takes time, costs money but brings the best out of our future. Lets join hands today in ethical sourcing and support us by passing on the word about us. Share this page today with your friends and family.

We will be posting every product with origin and certificate so it can be end to end (mining to user), of course it will be cost effective. Precious and semi precious both stones will be there in that segment.