Sapphire – Blue

Navneet Gems and Minerals supplies Wholesale Blue Sapphire straight from our factory to many of the Jewellery Companies around the world.

One of the big sources for Wholesale Blue sapphires is Bangkok, and the city of precious gems is Chantaburi, very close to Bangkok. Navneet Gems and Minerals has been trading Blue sapphire gems to our customers for 5 years now, and our experienced staff and sorters have been professionally trained to be equipped with the know-how of Blue Sapphire, for our wholesale customers who order all shapes and sizes in this beautiful Sapphire color, which is extremely common and extensively used in all Sapphire approved countries.

blue sapphire
Different Shades of Blue Sapphires at Navneet Gems

At our stores, Wholesale Blue Sapphires come in all calibrated sizes but mostly in Round shapes. This vivid blue precious gemstone is one of the most brilliant gems available which brings about its high demand in the market.


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Wholesale Blue Sapphire manufacturer & supplier is Navneet Gems, we as a company love & are extremely passionate about this sapphire, because of its color. Which resembles close to Tanzanite, Blue Topaz. And Blue & Pink Sapphires are the most commonly used sapphires. Blue sapphires have been used for a really long, produced and manufactured in Thailand itself, all the rough of Sapphire is imported in raw form and then they are manufactured professionally and heated, as per requirements.


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Have a look at our Blue Sapphire pictures from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires lot

Gem: Blue Sapphire

Origin:Mabela (Nigerian), Africa, Madagascar and Ceylon

Size: All sizes available, for calibration

Shape: We have rounds in stock, for other shapes, we need to check

Price: For price inquiries, please contact us.

Blue Sapphires
    Blue Sapphire Single Stone

Buying or Looking for a supplier of Loose Wholesale Blue sapphires can be a great difficult task. We, complete this search for you, as we have a consistent supply and manufacturing of Blue sapphires, which are one of the most pleasant colors in all the different colors of Sapphires. Blue color has always been the most pleasing in The Sapphires. After Pink, Blue Sapphire is the second most asked color in sapphire.

Blue Sapphires Caliberated
Blue Sapphires Calibrated

Chantaburi, which is a city in Thailand, 300 kilometers from Bangkok, is where our manufacturing is located, from where we cut all our Sapphire requirements for Jewellery companies, in Europe, Middle East, and the USA.

Prices from our manufacturing are quite competitive. Blue Sapphires in particular require quite a lot more technical knowledge to be able to make into faceted stones. Otherwise, the weight loss and inefficiency may make the prices expensive. But our cutters from Bangkok here are extremely well trained to focus fully on the efficiency of cutting Sapphires. Otherwise, in this sort of economic condition, where competition is extreme, and prices of sapphires are a major issue for Jewellers, but we are growing, and growing strong.

blue sapphire
Blue Sapphire
blue sapphire
Different Shapes of Blue Sapphire

Here are Ovals and then Pear and Trillion Cut Blue Sapphire Gems from our Expert Cutters

Blue Rose Cut Sapphires
Blue Rose Cut Sapphires

 Understanding the color and quality of Blue sapphire

This video created by our company brings the best out of Videos, it clearly explains what quality means and what the importance color and quality play when choosing your Sapphire Jewellery.

Looking forward to your requirements for Wholesale Blue sapphire, we would love to hear from you.

Different colors of Blue sapphire
Different colors of Blue sapphire
The above image is of different colors of blue sapphire, here is an image of different colors of fancy sapphires. Thank you for having a look at our Sapphire Blue page. Contact Us today. Also, Have a look into our Instagram for alternative sapphire options available at Navneet Gems & Minerals.