Blue Zircon

Buy and Source Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon Gemstones from a Wholesale Supplier

Introduction to Blue Zircon Gems

Zircon comes in many colors such as yellow, orange, red, and blue. The blue color is the most popular of all of Zircon’s colors. This stone is not as famous as Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Moonstone, and others. Some jewelers don’t even know about it but others who do know, know the real beauty of this stone. It is a favorite stone of collectors and they love the blue hue of this stone. More than 80% of Zircons that have been sold are blue and the remaining 20% come in all colors. According to gemologists and big gemstone selling companies, this stone is going to be famous in the upcoming years.

I am a graduate gemologist and would like to share my thoughts on this stone; This stone is actually quite underestimated and not completely recognized in the market but now is seeing an increasing demand which shows that people are gradually getting to know the beauty of this fascinating gemstone. In the next few years, Blue Zircon is going to be a new history in the gemstone industry, just like Tanzanite was.


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In the middle ages, Zircon was used for good sleep, prosperity, and positivity. If you would like to know how the name was discovered, Zircon comes from ‘arguing (a Persian word), which means ‘gold-colored’ but it comes in many colors.

Sometimes Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone buyers mistake Zircon and Cubic Zirconia as the same because of the similar names and the fact is that Cubic Zirconia is a lab-grown imitation of different stones.

Buy and Source Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon Gemstones from a Wholesale Supplier

We have been selling Blue Zircon Gemstones at wholesale prices. Generally, it is not easy to source Blue Zircon Gems but in our case, it is not like this. We have been manufacturing it in our own factory.

Properties, Quality, and Color of Blue Zircon Gemstones

There are relatively few natural gemstones that come in blue color with good hardness and blue color brilliance. Sapphire, Tanzanite (the violet Blue), Aquamarine (Light Blue), and Blue Tourmaline are some stones that come in a blue color shade. Irradiated blue gemstones like Blue Topaz (Swiss and London) are also famous for their blue color, BUT without any doubt, the most brilliant blue gemstone is Natural Blue Zircon. This stone comes with a more refractive index than Sapphire, Tanzanite, and other blue stones. It is found in a big range of colors, including rose, white, orange, blue, etc.

Most of the Blue Zircons are heat-treated and clear with no inclusions but a few 100% Natural Zircons come with a smoky and cloudy appearance. This smokiness made this gemstone famous in the times of the Victorians. Blue Zircon is heated and that is acceptable in the market and there is no need for any disclosure because everyone knows it.  The hardness of this stone is 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale which attracts jewelers to make rings, pendants, and bracelets using this stone. It can split white light into spectral (rainbow) colors and that unique property makes this stone more interesting.

Basically, it is produced by the heat treatment of Natural Brown Zircon but all Brown Zircon stones which are heated do not turn Blue, only those which have a “congenial” physical structure change into blue, this is the reason this stone is rare. We have been running our own heat treatment center in Thailand to produce this stone.

Blue Zircon Heat Treatment Chart
           A Chart Showing the Process of Heating to Produce Blue Color Zircon

Only good companies, who have experienced gemstone cutters, are manufacturing this stone because cutters can increase or decrease the market value of this stone. The mostly brilliant-cut is famous to bring out the luster and firing, even though they modify brilliant-cut to make the appearance better and that modified cut is called the ‘zircon cut’ but the labor cost of this cutting is high.

Natural Blue Zircon
                                   A Picture From Our Stock Natural Blue Zircon

Why are our selling prices competitive and at Wholesale for Blue Zircon?

In the gemstones business, the main thing is sourcing and contacts. Cambodia is a big source of raw material of this stone and that is near to our country where we have our factory (Thailand). It becomes very easy for us to source raw material there and this way we reduce our manufacturing costs and ultimately our buyers take the advantage of this. Our buying is huge, we buy raw material in big volumes and this helps us keep buying prices low and it’s the simple math of raw material and low production cost for us and then we can sell at very low prices to our customers.

Availability of Natural Blue Zircon at Navneet Gems

We have all small to big sizes in stock which start from 1 carat and go up to 10-12 carats per piece. Normally our starting prices for good quality are $50 per carat and go high according to size, quality, and color. The color of every piece is magnificent and drives to top gem quality. We can just take a few hours to ship you a piece because we have many pieces in stock however we make it as ordered too if you need any special design, cut, or cutting.

Zircon is heavier than other semi-precious stones and that is the reason it looks smaller in size when we are comparing the weight with other stones. Blue Zircon comes with good hardness however it should be kept with care. Most dealers keep this stone in the soft paper (in India) and in other countries, it’s kept in a gemstone box.

Heated Blue Zircon
                                                                Heated Blue Zircon

Another Picture From Our Stock

Contact us to buy Natural Blue Zircon Gemstones

If you are a collector, reseller, or jewelry designer then please feel free to ask any question and we will send you detailed information with dimension, cut,  carat, size, and shape with a  picture, in a short time and with a certificate. This way it will be easy for you to buy from us. Please contact us through mail or call to buy our Natural Blue Zircon. You can also visit our office in Bangkok, Thailand.  Contact Us Here for more pictures, prices, and quality information.

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