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Navneet Gems and Minerals supplies Wholesale Teal Blue Green Sapphires in different colors, cuts, shapes, and clarity.

If you are searching for the loose teal sapphire world – this page will give you the latest information, explaining the sapphire colors, cuts, shapes, clarity of the teal sapphires in the gemstone market before you buy them for wholesale or for your loose sapphire engagement ring search.

Teal Parti Sapphires Australia
                                              Loose Teal Sapphires

While blue sapphires are incredibly beautiful, in the recent past teal blue-green sapphires have stolen the show. The unique marine hue, which is a fascinating combination of serene blue and mysterious green is the perfect gemstone for the 21st century as people are always looking to strike the perfect balance in their lives. Inherently tough and durable as are all sapphires, this rare color mutation can never fail to disappoint an adventurous heart. If you are looking to buy an excellent loose teal blue-green sapphire, also known as the peacock or party sapphire, you are in the right place. Let’s get to know all about this beautiful gemstone.

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Round Cut Teal Blue Green Sapphire
                          Round Cut Teal Blue Green Sapphire

Choosing The Perfect Teal / Blue-green / Party Sapphire:

Teal Sapphires
                                        Teal Blue Green Sapphire Chart

While buying from an experienced and trusted source, like Navneet Gems and Minerals, is one of the best ways to get your sapphire valued, there can be a few ways that Anyone can make sure that they are getting the real deal.

Check out our latest Teal Blue-Green sapphire collection:

Teal Blue Green Sapphire
                                Teal Blue Green Sapphire
Different Shapes of Teal Sapphire
                              Different Shapes of Teal Sapphire
Precision cut teal sapphires
                               Precision Cut Teal Sapphires

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