Sapphire – Parti

Navneet Gems and Minerals are wholesale manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Wholesale Parti Sapphires in different colors, cuts, shapes, and clarity.


A unique array of parti sapphires cut and finished by Navneet Gems and Minerals

What Are Parti Sapphires:

Also known as polychrome sapphires, parti sapphires are made of a natural blend between two colors, yellow and green. Just like all sapphires, parti sapphires belong to the corundum family and therefore come with all the associated physical properties that make them so valuable. Parti sapphires contain impurities like iron and titanium that give them their characteristic color. Iron imparts a yellow or yellowish-brown color whereas blue areas have a higher concentration of titanium and less iron. Green is created by the presence of both titanium and higher traces of iron than seen in the blue coloration.


While many sapphires have the same color composition, parti sapphires are different because of the presence of distinct bands of color. This is known as color zoning. This means that unlike dual-toned stones like teal sapphires the two colors have a distinct band of separation that doesn’t allow the merging or blending of one color into the other.

Parti Sapphire
Parti sapphire with two distinct color zones. Courtesy: Navneet Gems and Minerals

We believe the right picture can lower the expectation and get better satisfaction for customers when they get such stones. The same goes with these parti teal sapphires – sometimes our customers ask us do you do better quality than this?



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Parti Teal Sapphires
                               Wholesale Parti Teal Sapphire at Navneet Gems

We at Navneet Gems work with all shades of teal and parti sapphires. From bright Parti’s to Mermaid sapphires ©️ to deep Teal sapphires.

Different Shades of Teal and Parti Sapphires
              Different Shades of Teal and PartiSapphires
Fine Calibered Teal and Parti Sapphires
                              Fine Calibered Teal and Parti Sapphires
Uniquely cut and uniquely cut parti sapphire. Courtesy Navneet Gems and Minerals
Uniquely cut and uniquely cut parti sapphire. Courtesy Navneet Gems and Minerals
A parcel of parti sapphire 1 carat Size
                  A parcel of parti sapphire 1-carat Size

Wholesale parti sapphires are one of the most lucrative investments that can be made in colored stones. Their growing popularity and their availability in a single piece ensure that the customer’s interest is always held on this stone. Not only does it provide an attractive alternate option as parti sapphire engagement rings, but loose parti sapphires can also be used to offset a white diamond or any other center stone.

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