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Created Emerald Cabochons Created Emerald Faceted

History of created emerald, how it was discovered and who made it first?
In 1907, Ruby and sapphire creation technique was found by flame fusion method found by ‘Verneuil’ (French chemist) but this method didn’t work on emerald and later on after a long time American based chemist Late Carroll Chatham developed a technique to create emerald. Chatham was a curious and brilliant from his childhood days. After getting permission of his father  he started working to grow created emerald. In 1930, he grew a colorless beryl and later in 1935 he had grown the EMERALD. First piece grown is available in Smithsonian Institution.

created emerald with inclusions

It was tried by Verneuil method in starting to create an emerald but it didn’t work because it was very difficult to melt all component or minerals elements together, some of them evaporated and at that time others were on melting stage so there was not a proper melting combination of all component elements together. Later on, Carroll Chatham developed flux recipe to melt all elements together and in the end it worked out and he had grown the emerald crystals. When Mr. Chatham made this stone afterwards many scientists started experimenting and finally new method of hydrothermal flux synthesis was introduced to create emerald and then manufacturer cut it into cabochons and faceted stones in different sizes. We hats off to Sir Chatham to give such an amazing technique to this world. Now many companies are having plants to produce this.

We are wholesale manufacturer and supplier of loose created emerald faceted stones cabochons and rough

Navneet Gems is manufacturing and supplying created emerald faceted stones in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and up sizes in rounds, ovals, cushions, trillions and other shapes as well. We make customized stones too as per our customers’ requirements. Round and ovals are most popular shapes in created emerald. Mainly Russians and Indians are producing this material and we use Russian quality that is far better than Indian one. Some customer ask us for light to medium color in created emerald and some ask us for medium to dark shade so we have different color and qualities’ slabs to accomplish requirements to our clients. In some slabs, you can see lab developed inclusion to make the same appearance  of created and natural emerald.

Columbian origin created emerald

Columbian emerald ovals (created)   Created emerald columbian color rough

Clean quality of Columbian Emerald (A and B grades)

Created emerald (Columbian A grade)

Included quality of Columbian emerald (C and D grades)

Columbian color created emerald . Created emerald Cushions

Standard created emerald color (Zambian)

Wholesale created emerald Inclusions created emerald

Created emerald is better than high price tag natural emerald in many aspects like color variation, inclusions and big size problems. Our manufacturing is situated in Thailand and our factories are producing excellent. Gradually created emerald is replacing natural emerald because of high prices, low quality and availability.

Created emerald rough (C and D grade)

Created emerald rough – We have not only producing and supplying loose created emerald faceted and cabochons stones but also selling rough material. It comes in slice from in different height varying form 4-5mm to 10-12mm. The most appreciated color is medium green so we sell mostly that quality. When we compare then it resemble natural Columbian emerald. Please check the pictures below. Quality parameters in this are opposite to natural emerald when it comes to check the inclusions because everyone seek for included quality in created emerald and we supply that also.
created emerald_1
Are NavneetGems’ Created Emerald cabochons, rough and faceted stones artificial or imitation?

Our created emeralds are cultured like pearls. Natural chemicals (Minerals) are placed in an environment created in lab and crystals grow and take years. Total time depends on lab created conditions and minerals. In the result, crystals grow with identical chemical, physical and optical properties to those mined from mines.

We don’t have labs to grow these crystals because of million dollars set up but we have our god contacts and we buy raw material or slabs of created emerald from there. Important thing is that, we don’t have any third person between laboratory and us so it minimize our cost and this way we provide competitive prices and top quality created emerald to our customers.

Is it easy to tell the difference between created gemstones and mined gemstones?
Created emerald also comes in different qualities, top quality of created emerald resembles mined gems on that level, and even gemologist cannot tell the difference without using powerful microscope. Top quality created emerald comes in same color, inclusions and clarity level like natural one.

One of our customers asked us, can I clean created emerald gemstone like other semi precious and precious gems?

It’s very essential to clean gemstones you are wearing to maximize its beauty, luster and brilliance but before that you need to know how you can clean gems. You have heard of many cleaning methods like ultrasonic cleaning, using jewelry cleanser etc. but do you know that all these methods are not suitable for every gemstone, sometimes lack to knowledge can damage your gemstone or setting. Simplest method that can be implemented on every gem, take a bowl of warm, soapy water and soak your piece, it takes out the dust and particles then you can use a brush (It should not be metallic) to remove grime and particles. Never use any chemical and rub hard unless you are not recommended by experts. You can also email us if you have any question regarding gemstone cleaning.

Why supply of created emerald material became low and only few suppliers have it?

High demand of this stone made the supply low because emerald crystals take time to grow and demand is high so now only few gemstones suppliers like us, have consistent supply of this material because we have direct connection to labs and we hold the big quantities when it comes out for selling. We have been buying created emerald rough from them for many

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