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Turquoise is called the cousin brother of Lapis Lazuli. It has been using in jewelry, rings, decoration, and healing stone for many years. The oldest proof for this gem was found in Egypt. People in ancient times, used this stone to protect themselves from evil spirits and at that time it was considered an indication of miss-happening if it changed the color but later it was found that some turquoise change color because of light, chemical reaction, and dust.

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm turquoise cabochons
2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm turquoise cabochons

Let’s know in-depth about the Secret of the Blue and Green color of Turquoise –

Turquoise is a combination of aluminum, copper, and phosphate with a good hardness on the Mohs scale (6). It comes in sky blue to green-blue color. The percentage of copper is high (copper is responsible for the blue color) in this stone so basically, this stone is found where the concentration of copper is high and the green color comes because of iron and chrome minerals. Sometimes in low-grade quality, a visible matrix also can be seen by the naked eyes. In big size stones over 10×8 sizes, it is difficult to get clear quality without color variation and matrix so, in big sizes, slight spots are acceptable. If you pay more than the regular price then you can get matrix-free quality also.

When we talk about the best quality of turquoise stone then it comes without any matrix and also with an equal distribution of blue color all over the stone. Arizona (The united states), Tibet, China, and Iran are the famous origins for natural turquoise, and turquoise from Arizona which is also called sleeping beauty’ is high in demand because of its pleasant color.

Supply of good quality Turquoise has become very low because the deposit has already depleted and now low-quality material is available in mines and most important thing is that there is no replacement for this color. Kingsman and no. 8 are other qualities that come from China, Iran, and Tibet, and the appearance of these is not attractive if we compare them to turquoise from Arizona.

Turquoise from Arizona is more famous than Turquoise from Tibet. Arizona (USA) Turquoise surpasses the Tibetan Turquoise in terms of demand and price. USA Turquoise has iron rather than aluminum. It is rare to found Turquoise with nice sky blue color with no matrix or veins. White spots, cracks, lines, dots are types of inclusions or impurities found in Natural Turquoise Cabochons.

Like Moonstone and Lapis, cabochons are widely used. If you talk about the latest jewelry designs then small size Turquoise starts from 1.5mm and up to 3-4mm are becoming very hot sizes and we keep all these sizes in our stock all the time so we can complete our customers’ requirements instantly.

Natural v/s Manmade Turquoise Chart

Natural or Stabilized Turquoise

Turquoise raw materials are quite brittle and pale color which comes directly from mines even though manufacturers cannot use this in cabochons manufacturing because of its softness and that’s why resin is used in this and it is called Stabilized Turquoise which is known as Natural Turquoise in the market. Naturally, it comes porous and that’s why resin can be easily injected inside it and it enhances the hardness of the material. All this process takes place just after getting material from the mines. Resin insertion is not any treatment and it’s a natural process and understood in the market. Without putting in resin, Turquoise can not be cut in cabochons or for any other cuttings because of its very low hardness.

Color Enhanced Turquoise:

The quality of Natural Turquoise material is degrading day by day and the supply is also not easily available. This is the reason behind the use of manmade Turquoise in the market. This is not completely manmade, just added color-enhanced minerals, resin, and plastic. The market name of this type of Turquoise is‘Dyed Turquoise’ or ‘Howlite’. In short description, first bleaching powder is used to remove the natural color, and then dying is used to color it again. The final product comes in a nice color, with no spots, and no dots. Sometimes brown lines and spots are also used to make it imitate the natural one.

Turquoise TumbledIt is quite easy to differentiate between natural and dyed material. Uneven color distribution and matrix are parameters to identify natural Turquoise or you can take a small test by using HCL, Acetone, or alcohol.  You simply use a small piece of cotton and rub it on it, if the color comes off then it is dyed, or otherwise, it is original. Original material color remains mixed blue and green, whether dyed quality comes with even color all over the stone without any bad spots or lines.

Why Turquoise gems are becoming so popular?

There is not any stone that comes with the same color like Turquoise. The beauty of Turquoise is its color. This stone has been consistently in high demand for a long period. Users buy Turquoise jewelry as an heirloom. ‘Color of softness’, ‘color of positivity’ and ‘color of calmness’ it can be called. The popularity of this stone has been raised to a high level and jewelers are not only using it in silver but also in gold jewelry.

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1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm round and 6×4, 7×5, 10×8 and other sizes and shapes are famous in Loose Turquoise Cabs. Well, we are manufacturing all different sizes and shapes in different qualities. Our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochons are one of our main products. So far we have completed many big orders for our customers in this and are consistently supplying to them. Sometimes our clients ask us for high dome or low dome cabs with a flat back and we accomplish their requirements. We cut this stone in our own factory situated in India and Thailand. We are manufacturing 2 to 3 thousand pieces daily in our factory and so far we have not gotten any complaints from our buyers and all are happy with our services and products. We only commit to what we can do. Our experienced team and quality stones are our strength, we have a team of 4 guys who only speak with customers and send them pictures, prices, and information.


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