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Now You Can Purchase the World’s Best Quality London Blue Topaz Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from Navneet Gems and Minerals

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London Blue Topaz is by far the most searched Semi-precious gemstone on Google. What’s the reason? The reason is the beautiful sparkle of London Blue Topaz and the non-replaceable gem that does not have any replacements, except for Blue Sapphire. And well, we know how much Blue Sapphires can cost.

London Blue Topaz Facetted

You can buy London Blue Topaz in a very simple and easy way. What you all have to do is to write an email at and submit your requirements to us, or click on the Contact Us link above. We ship Wholesale London Blue Topaz gemstones all around the world.


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London Blue Topaz is the darkest shade of all Blue Topaz possible. Blue Topaz comes naturally in the form of White Topaz and is further enhanced to make London Blue Topaz. All London Blue Topaz is heated in the market, naturally only Sky Blue Topaz and Light Swiss Blue Topaz can occur, which is extremely rare and expensive too.

Why London blue topaz suit the best when we compare it with other blue color stones?

Blue gemstones with good hardness and transparency are comparatively high priced. Darker blue gems (Sapphire, Iolite, Tanzanite, Paraiba Tourmaline) are very expensive in good color and quality on the same hand other low priced blue gems like lapis, fluorite, and others are cheaper but come with low transparency or no transparency and soft also that’s why less recommend in daily mainstream jewelry. Now comes LONDON BLUE TOPAZ, which is a medium price range stone which good hardness, color, and transparency.

London Blue Topaz from stock

More Deep Hue London Blue Gemstones from our Stock.London Blue Topaz Ovals


Navneet Gems & Minerals is the right supplier for all Blue Topaz.

Yes, because this is where Navneet Blue comes into play. There are all sorts of qualities of Blue Topaz on the current market, but Navneet Blue quality is only available in our stores. We don’t want to show you the difference. See it for yourself by checking our photos.

The Blue Topaz from Navneet gems, especially the above London Blue Topaz is quite a fascinating gemstone, that undergoes heat treatment, and is naturally found in the form of White Topaz, which then is heated using the electron and neutron treatment to form Blue Topaz.

London Blue Topaz price varies accordingly depending on an individual piece, but for sizes, 50 carats – 200 carats, the price can start from 3 up to 10 USD per carat for excellent quality Blue Topaz.
London Blue Topaz Fancy

London Blue Topaz

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