Welcome To Our Precious Gems Page.

Precious Gemstones are stones that have a big history and are the big three: Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphires. These three stones are the heart of the Jewellery Industry and most companies rely on these big three for their sales. Rubies are considered the most expensive and the most precious stones because of their color which resembles love. Love is the everlasting emotion that will never change no matter what changes. Emeralds, on the other hand, are the most consumed stone in terms of a carat weight as it is the Green colored gemstone of the Jewellery Industry. Sapphires come in all colors yet Blue and Pink are the most liked colors in the market. These colors, Red, Green, Blue, and Pink are the colors that cover the majority of the main colored gemstone market.

The Emeralds we have in stock are large sizes from 2 carats to 10 carat facetted stones and cabochons. The facetted stones are priced from $200 to $1000 per carat with various qualities and colors.

Emerald Stones Cabochons

Ruby is one of the stones that we have a large stock of and we have a lot of Rubies that range from 1 carat to 3-carat single stones in Loose Form. Some of it is heated and some are unheated Rubies. We specialize in 100% Eye-Clean stones, some lots are Loupe Clean and some are inclusive. The colors of the Rubies range from Pigeon Blood Red Burma Ruby to Reddish Orange Ruby to Pinkish Red Ruby.

Ruby Cabochons

We have a huge stock list of Sapphires. Mainly Blue Sapphires that work really well, they range from 1.5 carats to 10 carat single Loose pieces of Blue sapphires from Burma, Madagascar, Ceylon, and Nigeria. We keep both Unheated for the Indian and Chinese market and heated for the American, Japanese and European market. We also have very exclusive pieces like the Cushion 6.80 carat we have from Nigeria. We stock and do very well supplying our clients with the other popular Sapphire Colored Gems a well, such as;

Sapphire ceylon

White Sapphires (the Diamond Replacement)

White sapphire ovals