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Finding the perfect balance between the vivacious red and the serene white is the color pink. While sapphires are generally thought of to be blue, with the cornflower blue sapphire being the most coveted variety, sapphires are available in a massive range of hues, with just pink occupying much of the spectrum. While the deep pink sapphire has been one of the most popular colour amongst pink sapphires, there are light pink sapphires, bright pink sapphires also called “bubblegum pink sapphires”, purplish-pink sapphires, orangish pink sapphires, and every color in between and beyond!


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1. The history of pink sapphires:

Pink sapphires have experienced immense popularity since ages. One of the biggest markets of wholesale pink sapphires was Japan till the late 20th century as the Japanese believed that pink sapphires brought good luck and were a symbol of true love. However, at the turn of the century, pink sapphires lost some of their popularity with the increase in the import of other colored stones and white diamonds.

2.Origins and Availability of pink sapphires: Mining/treatment

Pink sapphires were considered an extreme rarity before the 1990s when sapphire mines, were discovered in Madagascar. Today the chief sources of pink sapphires are mines in Madagascar and Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Ceylon pink sapphires and Madagascar pink sapphires still top the charts of colored gemstone collectors. Relatively smaller deposits are found in Myanmar and East Africa, where pink sapphires are generally of a lighter hue than the ones found in the mines of Central Sri Lanka in Ratnagiri and Madagascar. The point to be noted is that pink sapphires have never lost their relevance throughout history since their discovery. Most jewelers and wholesale gemstone sellers house a permanent collection of pink sapphires, which are sure to catch a connoisseur’s eye at any age.

Pears Pink Sapphire


While wholesale pink sapphires are available more commonly today than before the 1990s, they are still considered rare, because pink sapphires with saturated, intense colors are not common. Wholesale pink sapphires may be slightly heat-treated to enhance the color but the response to it is not as great as blue sapphires. Therefore most wholesale pink sapphires are either mildly heat-treated or remain untreated.

3. Pink sapphires in 2019:

While the Japanese and associated South East Asian market still believe in the astrological powers of pink sapphires and heavily invest in them, the Western world has not been exempt from its charms. Celebrities like Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and more have been spotted sporting striking pink sapphire pieces couples with white diamonds rose gold metal, and platinum. With Coral pink being the color of the year in 2019, pink sapphires with orangish hues like the Padparadscha sapphires have made a splash in the gemstone market.

Loose Unheated Padparadscha Sapphire

4. Color details of pink sapphires:

Price-wise, the richer the color, the more is the cost. So a pale pastel pink sapphire would cost much less than a vivid magenta pink sapphire. However, the choice of a pink sapphire should not be made based on that and should be a personal choice solely. White sapphires don’t exactly have a clearly demarcated classification, they can be differentiated based on subtle differences in their color.

Color Chart Pink Sapphires


The bright and effervescent hot pink sapphires have been the talk of the last decade, with more and more celebrities incorporating it in their statement pieces. Typically hot pink sapphires are described as having saturated purplish red tones with a medium tone.


The intense Fuschia pink sapphire makes for a show stopper with its extreme luster and brilliance. Burma pink sapphires generally come in a characteristic Fuschia shade. Fuschia pink sapphires have a lighter, airier look than hot pink sapphires and pair fantastically with white diamonds.


Bubble gum pink sapphire
This fun color is classified as a medium pink sapphire. It derives its name from the eye-catching color of the classic pink bubblegum and is very popular in Asian and South-East Asian markets. Available in several cuts, like ovals, pearls, cabochons, and cushions, bubblegum pink sapphires are the most popular color of pink sapphires.


Considered the world’s rarest sapphire, the Padparadscha sapphire is prized by gemstone collectors because of its limited geographical availability. Padparadscha sapphires derive their name from the Sinhalese word for “lotus blossom”, which has a distinct salmon pink color. This gentle but stunning orangish pink sapphire is primarily found in the mines of Sri Lanka and smaller deposits have also been found in Madagascar. The Sri Lankan Padparadscha sapphires are highly valued around the world for their unique color and no two stones are the same, be it in terms of color, cut, or shape. However, when heat-treated for color intensification, the Madagascar padparadscha sapphires are valued over Ceylon ones as the former requires much lower heating temperatures than the latter.

Loose Padparadscha Pink Sapphire


Pastel Pink Sapphires

Pastel pink sapphires make up for the lightest hue of the pink sapphire spectrum. These light pink sapphires have purplish and peaches undertones that are reflected in some lighting. Ideal as the center jewel for stand-out pieces like sapphire engagement rings or sapphire neckpieces, this demure shade is perfect for a subtle and elegant look.

5. Cut, size, and shape of pink sapphires:

One of the most important factors to be considered while selecting any gemstone is the cut of it. The cut determines the amount of reflectance of the stone, depending on which it would show purple or orange undertones in certain lights. White sapphires don’t have an ideal cut like diamonds, a good gemstone cutter will maximize the individual sapphire’s unique combination of clarity, color, and brilliance.

By the rule of thumb: Lighter colored stones Deeper cuts Appears deeper and darker. Darker colored stones Shallow cuts Appear lighter and softens the stone.

While the most popular cut remains the diamond cut pink sapphires, they are also popular in ovals and pears for wholesale purposes. Other shapes that can be made on-demand are emerald, long and square cushions, hearts, and rounds. The cut in every case is dependent on the gemstone cutter’s skill and the stone’s inherent color properties.


Sapphires are generally evaluated by the naked eye for inclusions. The cleaner the stone is to the eye, the higher the price. However, it should be cautioned that sapphires naturally have rutile and silk needle inclusions and an excessively clean stone should be evaluated for treatment or imitation. A good quality natural pink sapphire generally falls in the VS (Very Slightly included) or VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) grade on the GIA clarity grade scale.


Pink sapphires are still a rare luxury and are not available in large carat sizes. The most common cuts are diamond cut wholesale pink sapphires of about 1mm in diameter. We undertake orders starting from this size up to 9*7 ovals and pears of 2 carats. The next popular carat sizes in calibrated stones are as follows:

7*5 1 carat
8*6 1.5 carat
9*7 2 carat

Uncalibrated or free pink sapphire stones are available with us from 1 to 3 carats. Above 7*5, uncalibrated stones cannot be put into mass production and are strictly restricted to exclusive boutiques with designer customer needs.

6. Difference between pink sapphires and pink rubies:

Since both rubies and sapphires belong to the same family of corundum, spotting the difference becomes the forte of trained professionals. The color difference in corundum-based stones is chiefly due to the presence of iron, titanium, magnesium, copper, and chromium. Scientifically speaking there isn’t much of a difference between pink rubies and pink sapphires and the color difference is based on the percentage of chromium present. Technically, if the chromium content is less than 0.5% it is considered as pink sapphire while in pink rubies it is more than 0.9%.
L – pink rubies, R- pink sapphires, NavneetGems

While international bodies like the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gem Society continue to debate the difference between these stones, the choice lies completely on the customer and his individual preference.

7. Price and Purchase of Pink Sapphires:

While buying pink sapphires is a much less daunting task than buying diamonds, buying from a source that has had a long-standing history of trading in them is advisable. At Navneet Gems and Minerals, we supply our patrons with high-quality photos before purchase to adequately evaluate the hue, saturation, and clarity of the stones. The price of pink sapphires varies according to cut, color, and origins. At Navneet Gems and minerals we supply diamond cut pink sapphires beginning at a range of 10$ a carat to 60$ a carat.

For ovals our average pricing is as follows:
4*3 , 5*3 $2 – 7 $ per carat
6*4 20- 60 $ per carat
7*5 40-200 $ per carat
8*6 and 9*7 >200 $ per carat

For more details on the availability of different cuts of wholesale pink sapphires, their prices, and photographs, do contact us. We’d love to hear from you.