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Rubies are majorly mined in Madagascar, Burma and Thailand. The Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby is one of the most beautiful and desired rubies but the prices have skyrocketed and the supply is very inconsistent so people are shifting towards the very promising Mozambique high quality rubies since their discovery in the 21st century.  These rubies are natural, unheated and their hues are making their own mark in the gemstone industry with a guarantee of consistent supply. We buy rough directly from the premier auction houses and cut it at our own factory here in Thailand. We have a team of expert cutters who with their expertise help us to provide the best quality to our clients. We here at NGM have different varieties of Rubies which include Ethically Sourced Rubies, Natural Rubies, Lab Grown Rubies, Rough Crystal And Polished as well. 

Mozambique RubyEthically Sourced Rubies Wholesale Ruby No Heat Ruby Pink Ruby Ruby Gemstones Red Gemstones
                                                   Mozambique Ruby

Calibrated No Heat Rubies

We also have a wide range of Calibrated No Heat Ruby available. The Rubies range from 1mm to 15mm in size. We have Rubies in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, pear, drop, heart, emerald cut, cushion, marquise etc. We also cut fancy shapes as well such as Hexagons, Portrait Cuts We also have an option for the customize a desired shape as well. We have manufacturing units in both India and Thailand composed of skilled cutters who make sure that each gem is cut precisely.

Calibrated No Heat Mozambique RubiesMozambique Ruby Ethically Sourced Rubies Wholesale Ruby No Heat Ruby Pink Ruby Red Gemstones
                                            Calibrated No Heat Mozambique Rubies

 Loose Wholesale Ruby From Our Stock

We can proudly say that we are one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale Ruby gemstones. With the change in market demand people are seeing a shift from pigeon blood red rubies to pinkish- red rubies. These red gemstones come from different origins offering various colors such as Orangish Red Ruby, Purplish Red Ruby, Pinkish Red  Ruby with different price points. These rubies are becoming very popular and are used widely by many jewelry manufacturers due to their consistent supply and consumer preference.  At NGM, we provide all colors of loose rubies at wholesale pricing.

Mozambique Ruby Color Chart
                        Here is a color chart representing different colors in Mozambique Rubies

Wholesale Ruby

Our expert craftsmen will manufacture your desired design. We work globally supplying top quality ruby to around the globe including countries like USA, Australia, Europe, India, UAE and more.

Some of our Fancy Wholesale Ruby Collection

Mozambique RubyEthically Sourced Rubies Wholesale Ruby No Heat Ruby Pink Ruby Ruby Gemstones Red Gemstones
                                         Wholesale Ruby Collection

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Here is a chart to understand the quality of unheated rubies –

ruby quality
                                                                                 Ruby Quality Chart
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