Welcome to Navneet Gems and Minerals’ Rough cutting services page, where all your requirements for Rough cutting will be solved. We do not do cutting of small quantities, we are cutting big quantities mainly.

Our 17 years of experience makes us a specialist in Gemstone cutting from Thailand. We started out with 5 cutters and now have a cutting factory of more than 50 workers where cutters, as sorters, markets and polishers do their job in an integrated manner to make the work efficient for us.

We are in the gemstone cutting services since 17 years now. I personally am a Graduate Gemologist and will ensure that our services match your needs in any gemstones from the below list you may like us to cut. Also read the Liability section below please.

Which gemstones do we cut?
We cut the following rough materials ONLY:


Created Emerald












We cut cabochons, facetted calibrated, single stones facetted, large lots of small sizes but minimum is 5 mm round. We also provide Gemstone treatment services in bulk quantities.

Regarding the Rough cutting services, our minimum is a $1000 worth of charge from the cutters. For exampele if you send a lot of Moonstone to cut into cabochons and we charge 1$ per carat for them, then we would need a minimum of 1000 carats to be able to deploy this project for you.

The cut is one of the most important factor when cutting gemstones. We say this because its how we cut that determines how much light leaks out and how much brilliance the stone recieves. Its about the maintaining the ratio of height of the stone versus the size of the stone. Our cutters are professionally trained, unlike half the other gemstone cutting service providers on the internet who focus only on weight saving. Yes thats our policy for stones like ruby where cut becomes less important than weight and color. A glimpse of our india’s factory –
india factory

Navneet Gems and Minerals provides this service and only accepts full upfront payments via paypal or bank transfer. Most of the buyers who use our gem cutting services use paypal as a safe and smooth transaction method, this ensures the buyers safety and keeps the pressure on us.

We are liable of cutting the gemstone rough right and promising to give maximum output, but we are not responsible for lower productivity than normal. It will all depend on the quality of rough, we will give a headsup via email about what we “expect” to have, this will be called the “Expected ouput estimation” and this will be included in the report we send you after recieveing, inspecting, going through the parcel of rough. We are not liable of any lost parcels, so please INSURANCE will be your responsibility.

Pricelist for Rough cutting services from Thailand
Semi precious gemstones – 0.50$ per carat – 1$ per carat depending on which gemstone it is.

Precious expensive gemtones like tsavorite – 5$ per carat – 20$ per carat.

We also have a price chart depending on weights:

Standard Cuts Round, Pearshapes, Ovals, all Normal shapes
Less than 3mm US$1.00 each
Less than 1 carat US$1.00 each
1 carat and over US$1.20 per carat
Fancy Cuts Cushion, Heart, Barion, Tapered Baguette, Drop Trillion, All opposed Bar Tops, All checkerboard tops, All Free Form & Custom Shapes
Less than 1 carat US$3.00 each
1 carat and over US$3.00 per carat
Cabochons All standard shape cabs
Under 2 carats US$1.00 each
2- 5 carats US$1.10 each
5-10 carats US$2.90 each
10-20 carats US$4.50 each
20-50 carats US$10.00 each
50-100 carats US$15 each
Over 100 carats US$50.00 each

Upon the recieveing of parcel, we will send a PDF with the following informaton:

  1. Weight of the recieved rough
  2. Number of pieces
  3. Price per carat or per piece
  4. Total price
  5. Expected manufacturing date
  6. Expected delivery date
  7. Expected output estimation
  8. Payment information

Kindly email us at info@navneetgems.com for any rough cutting services with our company.