Animal Jewelry

Wholesale Animal Jewelry

Our company is headquartered in Bangkok, where animals are more famous than humans. Navneet Gems and Minerals has been a manufacturer of Wholesale Animal Jewelry because people in Europe and The USA love wearing animal jewelry.

“It may sound funny, but there is an animal within every person that you may or may not know, but if you know then you can buy that animal’s jewelry”

– Navneet Agarwal, Marketing manager at Navneet Gems and Minerals.

We produce all types of jewelry in Animal Form. Here are a few types:

1. Silver Jewelry of Animals with CZ / Synthetics

This is the #1 selling item for us, as our low price points and the un-compromised look gives it an unbeatable competitive edge.

Snake design pendant 92.5vintage gemstone jewelry

2. Plain Animal Jewelry in Silver / Bronze. 

Thai craftsmanship largely comes into play when it comes to producing Plain Silver Jewelry and especially curved items with lots of artistic hands required. This Plain Jewelry of Animals in Silver or Bronze is the 2nd best type of Wholesale Animal Jewelry to sell because of the simplicity and longevity of the product. A lot of men also are wearing these Plain Silver Animal Jewelries these days with unisex items being on the uptrend.

Plain Silver Animal Jewellery

3. Animals shaped in 92.50 Silver and 9 K Gold Jewelry with real colored gemstones. Since colored gemstones are one of our strong points, we get a lot of our existing customers asking us for this product as they currently buy loose colored gemstones like Tsavorite, Black Diamond, Black Onyx, and many more.

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Fish Ruby Animal pendant

As you can see our product ranges are quite varied when it comes to manufacturing Silver, Gold, Platinum, Steel, or Bronze Wholesale Animal Jewelry from Thailand. Not only do we produce finished jewelry with gemstones but also a lot of plain animal jewelry.

If you are interested in sourcing some of your birds, dogs, cats, and fish wholesale animal jewelry from us, get in touch with us at or with the Contact Us link, below and we will get in touch with you and reply within 24 hours. Welcome to Navneet Gems and Minerals’ world of consistent products at a competitive price on time.