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Supplying Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones To Jewelers

Can you see the beauty of a Wholesale Labradorite Gemstone as we captured in this photo? It is said that Labradorite is probably one of the rare gemstones whose inclusions are so valued.

A very nice example from our stock of inclusive Labradorite

Labradorite is a natural gemstone mined in Madagascar, which is the same place where Rubies and Sapphires are mined. These black inclusions like petals are natural crystals usually forming inclusions in the stone as a characteristic. Also with our Wholesale Labradorite or any, can display an iridescent optical effect known as labradorescence.

The cuts for the Wholesale Labradorite that we do at Navneet Gems range from Rose Cuts to Normal Cuts like in the photo here of a 5×3 Baguette cut, Cabochon cut, and more for our Wholesale Labradorite and other gemstones. Our skilled craftsmen in our factory in the traditional hub of gems and jewelry craftsmanship since ancient times, Jaipur, India are the best at what they do. Precision cuts are made and even jewelry manufactured for the gemstones if needed and made precisely to your specifications by our true professionals there and in our Chanthaburi, Thailand factory too. We also have a third, though small factory here in our Bangkok, Thailand main office, where more precision work is done. All items pass through our Bangkok office for quality control (the final check, as we have quality control in all our locations as well) and for shipping to our clients worldwide, with tracking provided. Labradorite Cabochons are a very popular cut that we do, as a Labradorite Supplier and at Wholesale Labradorite prices.

Labradorite quality chart
Now have a look at this beautiful example of Labradorite available here at Navneet Gems and Minerals

Our Ethics Standard is reflected in our sourcing our Wholesale Labradorite and other gems only from mines around the world that stand by guarantees of safety and good health and good conditions for their miners. This is very important to us and we stand by it firmly. You may read more about our Ethical Sourcing here. You can be assured our Labradorite Wholesale India Manufacturers, and as well as in the Chanthaburi and Bangkok Labradorite Gemstones Manufacturer Factories are run by our Ethical Standards too.

Labradorite Cabochons
A nice display of Labradorite Cabochons from our stock here in Bangkok.

If you are the owner of a Jewelry or Gemstones business and in the need of a knowledgeable, professional, skilled Supplier of Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones, then look no further than here. Our family-run business will do exactly what is needed to get you your quality Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones and at the lowest Wholesale Prices possible. We also can supply you with beautiful wholesale moonstone gemstones and many other gemstones and manufactured jewelry too, and all at the best value and quality as with our Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones.

Loose Labradorite Cabochons
Another lovely mix of Loose Labradorite Gemstones In Stock

 Please email us today and one of our experienced staff will answer you within the hour. If you know your specific size, color, shape, cut quality, and quantity we can help you much faster but will gladly also help you to decide. Don’t hesitate to   Contact Us Here now with your order and we look forward to doing business with you and for a long time in the future too, as long as you need Wholesale Labradorite Gemstones.