The beautifully demure rose cut sapphire is one of the most sought after gemstones today. Perfect for the new-age engagement ring, rose cut sapphires emit a soft feminine, old world charm that is hard to ignore.


Rose Cut Diagram

Characteristically, the rose cut diamond has a rounded outline with multiple triangular facets, arranged on a flat base in rows, one on top of the other to ultimately meet at a sharp point. The term “rose-cut” is derived from the aesthetic of the triangular facets  resembling the petals of a rose unfurling. As there is a flat base, there are not pavilion facets.  This is where the difference between the rose cut and other cuts come in. While most modern cuts are devised to enhance the brilliance and fire of a gemstone, the rose cut reflects light softly, giving it a distinct warm sparkle.

Interestingly, rose cuts are still cut by hand, just like they were in the 16th century, making each stone unique.


The rose cut was pioneered on diamonds and the cut was engineered primarily to salvage the maximum from irregularly shaped rough imported from India. The first triangular  cut facet was introduced in Antwerp and perhaps this is why the rose cut is still popularly called the Antwerp cut or the Dutch rose cut. Extremely popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, the rose cut diamond was the gemstone of choice for royalty. However, as time moved on, the rose cut was termed as dated and lost its popularity.


In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of antique cut gemstones and the rose cut gemstone, has been heralded as the harbinger of vintage cuts. What is today called the “rose cut renaissance” began in 2012, with Justin Theroux’s proposal to Jennifer Anniston with an impressive 8ct rose cut diamond solitaire ring. Montana rose cut sapphires today in 2020 are also quite popular, the reason of the rose cut Montana Sapphire’s popularity is the patriotism towards “Made in America” in Americans.

Today, the rose cut sapphire enjoy immense popularity as engagement rings and that is primarily due to 3 reasons:

  1. Price: Rose cut sapphires cost almost one third the price of a diamond of the same size, shape and volume. This is essentially because rose cut sapphires are made from flat rough, to enhance their brilliance and fire, which if cut in any other way would not have the same properties. Small round rose cut sapphires can begin at 20$ a carat. Thus if a wholesale jeweler invests in a batch of small 3mm rose cut sapphire stone of 50 points, each stone would cost him only 10$.
  2. Weight: Rose cut stones are usually available in pastel colours as deeper cuts are required to make a stone appear darker. However since rose cut stones are usually made from flat rough, a shallow cut preserves the size and weight of the stone. Their unique shape, without any pavilion facets, means that the rose cut sapphire retains all its weight on the petal like facet on the dome, giving them a larger surface area than brilliant cut diamond.
  3. Color: Therefore pastel colored rose cut sapphires like pastel blue rose cut sapphire or light pink rose cut sapphire are a good investment for wholesale jewellers as they are very popular right now. Since sapphires are available in a rainbow range of colors, picking a uniquely colored rose cut sapphire is just easy!

The point to be noted here is that the demand for large engagement rings today have gone down and millennials today prefer to invest in smaller stones like rose cut sapphires for engagement rings or their significant others. This has definitely increased the demand of vintage cuts like the rose cuts, which not only maintain the value and aesthetic of the gemstone but also decreases the price significantly.

The math of rose cut sapphires.


  1. Blue rose cut sapphires:

Blue sapphires are the trademark color for sapphires. Wholesale rose cut blue sapphires are available in a number of colours, although the Sri Lankan and Madagascar varieties are the most popular ones amongst rose cuts. This is because of their open colour. However, darker blue sapphires can also be rose cut to order.

Blue Sapphire Rose Cut
Rose Cut Sapphire in Blue color

2. Pink rose cut sapphires:

Pink rose cut sapphires have made it big in the modern market, just as other types of pink sapphires have. Available in a number of colours, pastel pink rose cut sapphires reign over bubblegum pink and hot pink rose cut sapphires in the rose cut genre.

3. Peach rose cut sapphires:

Rose Cut Peach Sapphire
Loose Peach Sapphire Rose Cut

While many classify peach sapphires under pink sapphires on account of their pinkish-peach hues, it is notable that peach sapphires, that is, the Padparadscha sapphire is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Because of their limited geographical access, Padparadscha sapphires are extremely rare and are in huge demand in youth looking for unique gemstones for engagement rings. Therefore even smaller wholesale rose cut Padparadscha sapphires or just wholesale peach rose cut sapphires are a great investment for jewelers looking to stock in unique pieces.

Padparadscha Peach Sapphire Rose Cut
Working in progress – Comparison of pink sapphires. Top:Dark pink, Middle: Light pink, Bottom: Light Peach

4. Multicolored rose cut sapphires:

Multi Sapphire Rose Cut sapphire
Source your fancy color rose cut sapphires today

Interestingly, multicolored rose cut sapphires are one of the most popular wholesale sapphires sold by us. The versatility in color makes them pally to be used in a number of ways, sapphire jewelry set being the most optimum use of it. We house a rainbow range of multicolored rose cut sapphires in round and oval shapes. One of the most unique color in multi color sapphire are Purple rose cut sapphire loose.

Purple Color rose cut Sapphire
One of the most difficult colors of rose cut sapphires are these

5. Green rose cut sapphires:

Historically, the color green has not been of much value commercially. However, the recent uptake in the intake of rose cut green sapphires have sparked a renewed interest in this gemstone. Green rose cut sapphires are available in a variety of interesting colours like rose cut teal green sapphires, rose cut blue-green sapphires, rose cut mermaid green sapphires, rose cut denim green sapphires and more. Some of the most popular green rose cut sapphires are the Bangacha green rose cut sapphires and the Songchea green rose cut sapphires. Teal Green rose cut round sapphires are also available on custom orders.

6. White rose cut sapphires:

White rose cut sapphires bear an uncanny resemblance to brilliant cut diamonds. To the untrained eye these can look very similar and are perfect for people looking to invest in something akin to diamonds but significantly lighter on the pocket.

White rose cut round sapphires.
Wholesale White rose cut round sapphires.


  1. SHAPE:

At Navneet Gems and Minerals, we primarily house round rose cut sapphires and oval rose cut sapphires which are of immense versatility for wholesale traders. However rose cut sapphires can also be made in other shapes on order like rose cut pears, rose cut hearts when the necessary rough is available.

  1. SIZE:

Wholesale rose cut sapphires are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 6 mm, with the largest being 8/10 mm. As smaller rose cut sapphires are usually used in conjecture with other stones or in multiples to create a jewelry set, buying wholesale rose cut sapphires from a trusted source is sure to make you popular amongst your patrons, while keeping your scale positive.

  1. PRICE:

One of the most alluring points about rose cut sapphires is its price point. The range starts at 20 dollars a carat and goes up to 200 dollars a carat for rarer stones like the Padparadscha sapphires.

Let’s consider the following math:

Typically if a sapphire weighs around 50 points, which equals half a carat, with the price of a carat being a 100$, the cost of one stone would be 50$. After the addition of other stones and conversion into a full fledged engagement ring, the jeweller can sell it upto 500 to 600$, which under the 1000$ tag is an extremely lucrative price for young couples, looking to keep it small, elegant and affordable.

Also, buying a rose cut sapphire of the same size as a diamond or a more expensive stone, BUT of lesser carats, definitely cuts down the price of investment by the jeweler and the customer by one third, while not compromising on the esthetics! A win-win for both!

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