White Topaz

If you are interested in Buying an Excellent Quality White Topaz In-House, then you are at the right place to buy it and at a Wholesale Price.

Sourcing White topaz from Navneet Gems at Wholesale

Navneet Gems and Minerals can make all shapes, cuts, and designs such as Our White Topaz Cabochons, Checkerboard White Topaz, White Topaz Antique Shapes, Our White Topaz Small Rounds, and many more and in calibration too. We manufacture all shapes & sizes of White Topaz as we have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand.

We have a perfect supplier of Raw White Topaz Rough, which we manufacture using our expert cutters here in Thailand. If you want to buy White Topaz, then you should write an email to us at info@navneetgems.com with your requirements like shape, cut, and size.

White Topaz oval, pear and other shapes
White Topaz oval, pear and other shapes


White Topaz Rounds
White Topaz Rounds

White Topaz is a Semi-Precious Gemstone that is not most talked about and that may be because of its Quartz like resemblance. However, it is used also because it is a Topaz. It is just a colorless Topaz that is natural and which Blue Topaz isn’t able to portray.

There are all shapes and sizes available in our stock because we keep it for future Blue Topaz Treatment, so there is a stock we maintain. White Topaz is supplied to many of our customers in big quantities because they can be sold as-is, or further enhanced to Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, London Blue or Coated Topaz.

Mining of White topaz – Sri Lanka’s trip 2014 by Navneet Gems and Minerals

See a Topaz Cutting Chart below;

White Topaz
White Topaz Oval 523.31 carats

What are the different types of White Topaz we can supply?

It may sound strange but this is true, there are different types of White Topaz available with us.

Different types of white topaz

1. We can supply facetted rounds in normal calibrated sizes like 5×3, 6×4, 7×5 ovals, pears, octagons, and 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm sizes, etc. in Rounds, Squares, Hearts, Cushion shapes. All these are Calibrated.

2. We can also supply White Topaz in Preforms (Already cut from rough into already shaped forms which aren’t facetted yet, and ready to be facetted) – These can be a great way to stock up in your safe so when you get an order of any size or shape, you have the already sliced rough in your hands which is 100% clean and all you have to do is send it to the cutter.

3. Cabochons can also be made by us which can give a great look when you think about how the White Topaz Cabochons are popular because of the trendy ladies in their 20’s and 30’s who are currently in love with the Cabochons. They are affordable and just simply traditional and give an outstanding look.

4. White Topaz Rough can also be supplied. below you will be given two origins of what we supply, have a look below.

Different origins of White Topaz that we supply for different purposes

Now if you are looking to purchase White Topaz from us in the form of rough, preforms, or even cabochons or facetted gemstones, you need to know what the difference is in its origin. Basically, different origins mean different qualities. If you are using these gemstones to make into Blue Topaz with radiation then you should use the Sri Lankan or Brazillian material because they give the best color and the quickest duration for the cooling down process after radiation takes place.

1. Sri Lanka – This little island has just promised to give out the best material of everything, be it Sapphires or White Topaz. Sri Lankan White Topaz sources have dried up as they are all alluvial deposits, however, some material still comes out from this country.

2. Brazil – If you are looking to use the Swiss Blue Topaz in bulk quantities, then you should buy it from Brazil because of the availability.

3. Nigeria – This is if you are looking for the lowest price, or even looking to use the White Topaz facetted or cabochons as they are without any Sky Blue Topaz treatments or any color enhancements.

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