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Most of us have a favorite color or cut of clothing that seems to bring out our best features. Well, interestingly this compatibility factor is determined since our birth. Each one of us has a birthstone that not only signifies the month that we are born in but also symbolizes a unique meaning and history behind it.
So are you a diamond baby, a sapphire child, or an emerald wain? Let’s find out.


Both western and eastern faiths believe in the many healing and astrological powers of birthstones, although the derivation of the most compatible stone is quite different.  Western philosophy derives birthstones from the month of birth. Each stone represents one of the 12 stones embedded on Aaron’s, the Jewish high priest’s, breastplate. Each stone was supposed to represent one of the twelve tribes but over time they were associated with the 12-month calendar and the zodiac. Modern times, however, have very little to do with the Foundation Stones and are derived based on not only astrological but also sociological and economic factors.


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Eastern traditions work on a different tangent. At birth, given the time and location of birth, an astrological chart is calculated based on which birthstone recommendations are given to ward off potential issues the child might face in his life. These 9 stones or the Navratnas hold immense importance in Hinduism and are routinely worn as birthstone jewelry.


Birthstone jewelry can be worn in any fashion. They are most popularly worn as birthstone rings or birthstone studs. However, birthstone lockets, earrings, and bracelets have also made their way into a select market.  Most commonly birthstones are purchased in a petite 5mm or 6mm size with a round diamond cut. Navneet gems is a leading wholesale supplier of birthstones throughout the world in a variety of sizes and cuts. We seek to deliver quality wholesale gemstones to traders and jewelers all over the world and have been associated with reputed institutions in post-York, Houston, Texas, Moscow, and more.


With birthstones being an integral part of so many cultures and traditions, arguments and indecision as to the one correct monthly birthstone are inevitable. To clear the air, the Jewelers of America, then called the American National Association of Jewelers, adopted a list in 1912 to standardize birthstones. Here’s how it morphed into the list that we have today.

In this post, we will deal with the updated birthstone list by The American Gem Trade Association and endorsed by the Gemological Institute of America.


Navneet Gems and Minerals are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale birthstones. We undertake gemstone orders for commercial ranges in bulk and also birthstone jewelry in bulk. Birthstone gemstones are available as a set of 12 stones, one piece for every month. The following table enumerates our prices per piece for 4mm rounds of the lowest commercial range. For other sizes and cuts and more details on the variety of colors of birthstones, you can head over to our website,, and contact us.



The fiery red garnet enjoyed Russian royalty till the earlier part of the 19th century. However it was only in the latter part of the 20th century that garnets re-emerged to dominate the gemstone and birthstone market for 2 reasons: Firstly, garnets are available in a range of colors with the hearty red being the most popular and the sublime purple garnet gaining increasing popularity each day. Secondly, garnets are not treated and are absolutely natural, making them one of the most trustworthy stones in the market.

The pyrope garnet, the fiery red prototype of the garnet series was mined primarily in the Bohemian Mountains. Today Mines in Mozambique produce excellent Mozambique Garnet with a deep red color and brilliance. A very good batch of red garnets is also mined in the Orissa state of India which has a consistent wine-like hue, while Hyderabad in India again produces lower quality orange garnet cabochons. Mozambique Garnet
January Birthstone Capsule
Garnet birthstones are most popularly worn as earrings, brooches, and pendants as they are susceptible to abrasion by harder stones (like diamonds, rubies, and sapphire) or materials (hard brush, steam cleaning. With a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 MHN, they are softer than rubies, sapphires, and diamonds but harder than opals and pearls.


Perhaps with the most tragically romantic Greek mythology behind it, amethyst can be found abundantly in the collection of royals throughout Europe and Asia. Believers say that its wearers benefit by keeping a calm head during business and battle. This legendary deep purple February birthstone amethyst was historically mined in Russia but today the best amethyst is sourced from Zambia’s Kariba mines which produce amethyst of excellent quality and high saturation. Rough from the Rio Grande de sol of Brazil produces a lighter more sublime shade of purple, which is also popularly called “rose pink amethyst.”

Amethysts are relatively hard stones and can be used for daily wear as amethyst birthstone rings or amethyst birthstone studs. However, one must buy amethyst extremely carefully from trusted manufacturers such as Navneet Gems and Minerals as they are extensively lab-created.
Rose pink amethyst gemstones
February Birthstone Capsule


Pastel blue Aquamarine gemstones held immense importance for mariners of yore who believed that it would offer them protection. The rarer, deep blue colors are extremely coveted by jewelers for their unique saturation and hue. Aquamarine can be graded based on its color. To learn more about their distinct grading system click here:

A completely natural stone, aquamarine stones are not heated or chemically treated in any way. Available in several sizes and cuts, aquamarine birthstones can be transformed into any jewelry as they can be manufactured in ovals, rounds, cushions, trillions, and octagons in both free and calibrated cuts. Perhaps this is why Meghan Markle chose an aquamarine wedding ring.

The world’s most popular mines are the Santa Maria mines in Brazil and pastel sky blue aquamarine gemstones have become synonymous with the name of Santa Maria Aquamarine. However African mines are rivaling these stones now.
Aquamarine cabochons
March Birthstone Capsule


When de Beers coined their slogan that “Diamonds are forever”, they really meant it. With a hardness of 10 MHN, they are the hardest substance to be found on earth, making them the most durable and long-lasting – pretty much exactly as one would like their jewelry to be. It isn’t a surprise therefore that some of the world’s most iconic jewels comprise diamonds and most post-weds want to immortalize their love with a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds come as black diamonds and white diamonds which are excellent to be set in birthstone jewelry like birthstone rings, studs, or the more uncommon birthstone necklace and earrings.

April Birthstone Capsule


This vibrant green stone has fascinated, the Incas, Spanish conquistadors, and Queen Cleopatra. For more than 500 hundred years, Colombia held the monopoly for the finest emeralds in the world. They produced a range of colors from dark green to bluish-green and even a yellowish-green. However, it also mined in small-scale artisanal mines in Ethiopia, Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

With green being known as the colour of life, it isn’t a surprise that most millennials today are opting for alternative stones like emeralds as their engagement rings. While they hold immense astrological significance, it has also been scientifically proven that the color green relax our eyes and mind. Since they are available in both pure untreated and treated or artificially created emeralds, they are available over a wide range of prices, making them affordable for many.
Ethiopian rough-cut emerald
May Birthstone Capsule


June babies have the wonderful luck of having 3 birthstones to themselves. In fact, since all the 3 June birthstones have distinctive coloring and price points, June birthdays have a birthstone to fit every mood and budget.
Pearls have been naturally sought after since 300 BCE and it isn’t a wonder that most natural pearl beds have depleted today. However, both freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls can look just like natural pearls and are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Pearl birthstone jewelry like rings and studs make the perfect gift for young women as they simplify purity, humility, and innocence.

The natural alexandrite is displayed metamerism, i.e., the ability to appear in different colors in different lights. However by the end of the 19th century, most of the natural alexandrite deposits were mined out in the Ural Mountains and mines in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa yielded alexandrite birthstones with less precise color change and more inclusions. Today synthetic and treated alexandrites have re-emerged as a unique engagement ring gemstone and birthstone ring gemstone as they have excellent toughness (8.5 Moh) and can be worn on an every- day basis.
Created Russian Alexandrite

Moonstones are a one-of-a-kind gemstone with their ability to emit adularescence – which is the ability to exhibit a different sheen under different lights. Usually cut in oval cabochons which produce the best sheen, blue moonstone and rainbow moonstone are available in free size and big sizes and are extremely in trend to be used in jewelry as rings, pendants, and bracelets. Many jewelry manufacturers are now incorporating moonstones in their settings as this stone is relatively cheaper and can easily elevate the look of any piece.
Rose cut moonstone cabochons.
June Birthstone Capsule


The “King of Colored Gemstones” ruby seconds only diamonds in toughness but almost none when it comes to its vivid red color. The depleting pigeon blood red rubies of Myanmar are a rarity now, but we are a wholesale supplier of rubies from Tanzania and Mozambique. These stones have a strong red saturation, with immense fire and brilliance, and make for the perfect gift in terms of birthstone rings, engagement rings, or any other kind of ruby jewelry.
(Diamond cut round rubies)
July Birthstone Capsule


Wholesale Peridot gemstones

The otherworldly beauty of the peridot gemstones actually has that same explanation. Peridot stones are a result of meteorites that have scattered all over a particular area like the Zarbargad beach in Egypt or as a result of ancient volcanic eruptions that have brought to the surface the jewels from the bowels of the earth, like Kashmiri peridots. Since ancient times, pharaohs, kings, and maharajas have mistaken this stone for emeralds for their indistinguishable beauty. However, they are available at just one-sixth the price of emeralds, making them cost-effective for larger and more intricate pieces like peridot necklaces, peridot bracelets, and peridot earrings.

August Birthstone Capsule

Spinel gemstones have been called “the great imposter” of the gemstone world as they have been mistaken for rubies, tanzanites, sapphires, and more. Spinels are extremely popular today because they are available in several colors and cuts and costs just a fraction of larger expensive stones big-league stones. Extremely popular with youth ready to experiment with poster stones, spinel birthstone jewelry has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially since it was added to the standardized birthstone list. Spinel jewelry makes for a great gift for any occasion as it is supposed to magnify our best traits.

Wholesale spinel different colors and cuts

9. September birthstone – Sapphire

When Princess Diana chose to wear a blue sapphire engagement ring, instead of the traditional diamond, it opened up a whole post-market for sapphires. Available in a rainbow range of colors, cornflower blue sapphire continues to be the most demanded sapphire gemstone in the market. However pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, and even fancy sapphires are steadily taking on the gemstone market for fancy jewelry and birthstone jewelry. While sapphires are mined all over the world we ensure that ours come from conflict-free regions and are not subjected to treatment.
September Birthstone Capsule

10. October- Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline is another gemstone that is available in a wild range of colours. Pink tourmaline, the October stone is one of the most popular birthstones mined in the US as historically tourmaline mines were located in California and Maine. Being extremely versatile, it can be cut into any shape imaginable. Bulk wholesale orders of loose pink tourmaline can also be customized according to the needs of the customer.
Loose pink tourmaline wholesale
October Birthstone Capsule


November birthstone topaz comes in almost every color and is an essential birthstone in both western and eastern ideologies. It is supposed to have a calming effect on agitated souls. The best part about topaz of every kind, blue topaz, mystic topaz, white topaz, pink topaz, and swiss topaz, is that not only are these gemstones affordably priced but good quality gems are available more naturally than many other gemstones. Therefore wholesale topaz is a great investment for both jewelers and bulk buyers. The net result – a beautiful November topaz birthstone within everybody’s budget.
November Birthstone Capsule


Blue Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise
A relative post addition to the gemstone world, velvety blue tanzanites have quickly become quite a big sensation throughout the world. From Kate Middleton to Beyonce to Lily Collins, Tanzanites have caught the eye of most Hollywood A-listers and their demand is steadily increasing in the wedding jewelry and birthstone jewelry market. Considering their extreme popularity, loose wholesale tanzanite gemstones are a great investment for jewelers. This stunning highly saturated blue stone looks best in classic cuts like the diamond and princess and classic shapes like ovals, rounds, cushions, and octagons.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Lilly Collins sporting tanzanite jewelry.

Zircon, popularly confused with diamonds because of their flashes of brilliance and fire, have a wide colored palette – brown, orange, red, yellow with blue zircon and colorless zircon being the most popular. Its hardness of 7 to 7.5 Moh makes it a favorite for jewelers as zircon rings, zircon bracelets, and zircon pendants are extremely popular today. Cambodian zircon is one of the best quality and since the labor is extremely skilled and cheap, buying wholesale zircon gemstones from companies based in Thailand makes for the best bargain for zircon jewelers.

A holy symbol to Tibetans, this beautiful blue-green opaque birthstone is specifically graded as “robin’s egg blue”, “sky blue” and “Persian blue” by trade professionals. Its strong ethnic history makes turquoise one of the most demanded stones today is not just the United States but the rest of the world too. Wholesale turquoise gemstone cabochons are one of the most popular stones for necklaces, bracelets, and any other kind of string jewelry. Turquoise stud birthstone rings make for stunning statement pieces.

When you are going to buy a birthstone then you should make sure you are paying the right price. Generally, people check that weight is what they require but if the stone is up to the mark in quality then it does not work properly so you should always choose a reliable supplier. On the Internet, various websites across the World sell Birthstones Online. Also, many websites sell different cuts, shapes, and sizes of birthstones at very low prices just for sale purposes which is a waste of money. 

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