Teal Sapphires

Natural Sapphire Wholesale from Thailand

2020 for Navneet Gems will be all about precious gemstones like Sapphires.

When the market trends are changing quickly, customer’s behavior is flipping fast, the whole jewelry retail industry is affected. Where we at Navneet Gems stand in the sapphire business is pretty clear: Unexpensive, Different, and Mass production. Whether you are a jewelry manufacturer reading this article to find out a better source of Sapphires than your previous supplier, or whether you are a reseller looking to stock sapphires from different and more direct sources, whether you are looking for a single stone for an engagement ring (As a factory, We usually don’t sell single stones, but 2020 is a huge change for us), or getting to understand the top sapphire color trends, this article is for all of you out there.

Traditionally sapphires came from mostly one location; Ceylon (Srilanka Sapphires), just like Rubies came from mostly Burma. When a customer in 2001-2007 called for Rubies; it would be obvious they have to be from Burma. Likewise when a customer called for Blue Sapphires; it would be understood that they would have to come from Srilanka (Ceylon Sapphires).

We had seen a huge shift from darker colors to pastel colors since 2015 up to today; pastel pink sapphire, light peach sapphires, unheated cornflower SriLankan sapphires, Ceylon white sapphires with a blush blue/pink/orange overtone. The post generation doesn’t want to spend so much money on buying a perfect sapphire engagement ring, or an eternity ring, or a classic center stone ring with few diamonds around it; their budget constraints are 200$-2000$ for an engagement ring and want a loose sapphire center stone that yes will last forever (Like a sapphire hardness of 9) but also a ring that if in case something happens between the couple; they won’t be regretting.

According to the American Psychological website (www.apa.org), divorce rates are at roughly 50% at some point in time. With this high percentage of divorce rates, why would the couple spend 10,000$ on their ring with a diamond (we all know how much diamond there is in the market), rather they would put a white sapphire same size, same brilliance, 1 point durability lower than a diamond (White sapphire is 9 and White Diamond is 10) which costs less than 10% of the diamond cost.

We have also seen a big change in the unique colors of sapphires past few years; not so much the traditional blue. We are a manufacturer of Australian sapphires – they come in some very funny and different colors that the market hasn’t seen before – simply because there are certain mines in Australia that have just started mining. We have very close connections with them. In fact, most of the sapphires we have on our Etsy page where we sell single stones are certified from particular mines and are ethically mined.

Bi Color Heartshape Sapphire
Bi Color Heartshape Sapphire
Parti Color Sapphire
            Parti Color Sapphire
Teal Sapphire
                 Teal Sapphire


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It’s amazing how people love Bicolor sapphires, Tricolor sapphires, Teal Sapphires, Blue Green Sapphires, Mermaid Sapphires, Indicolite sapphires, Space Grey Sapphires, Parti Sapphires, and Denim Blue sapphires; all from Australia. There are other mines that make some of these colors but most are coming from Australia these days. The most important factor being Australia has very good mining rules, so we can track back the stones, make each stone certify as 100% Australian, and also give back to the community. Stones from Africa tend to lack this trust that the Australian’s do. However Africa still produces some of the most important sapphire pits; Mabella Sapphires (Nigeria Sapphire) for small Melee diamond cut and other shapes, Madagascar Sapphires producing the best blue sapphires closest to the Loose Srilankan Sapphires (Ceylon Sapphire).

Caliberated 6x5 Octagon Pink sapphires bracelet
Caliberated 6×5 Octagon Pink sapphires bracelet

Having said all of this; the best sapphires still come from Burma, Kashmir, and Ceylon. Burma sapphire and Kashmir sapphire have almost run out, but we still keep some stock of few single stones of Loose Blue sapphires, Loose Pink Sapphires, Loose White Sapphires, and Loose Multi Sapphires (Yellow Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Purple Sapphire). Oh, some of the smaller rounds also come from Montana – mostly happy smiling stones 🙂

Teal Sapphires: the biggest trendy color of 2020 for engagement rings.

Teal Sapphires
                                                                   Teal Blue Green Sapphire Chart

The reason for this is that each stone is different – especially unheated stones are so rare and unique in its own way, it’s a step away from mass production. Every stone has its own beauty and even stones with inclusions sell because consumers respect “Mother earth’s dirty kitchen” very well now.

Treatments have changed in 2020

Technology keeps changing and so does the heating of darker sapphires to more blue shades, dark green colors to more open colors, lighter pink sapphires to darker hotter pink sapphires.  Nobody will tell you this, but the treatment of sapphires are getting better as time moves on. The stones quality is going down every day, yes by the day, trust us, but the heating of sapphires (traditional heating; not beryllium) gets better to produce the better Yellow sapphires (More canary yellow sapphires), more intense Orange Sapphires, remove the White sapphire tint on natural white sapphires from Srilanka. Sapphires from Srilanka are one of the most important sources of wholesale white sapphires, so if someone is looking to Buy Loose white sapphires at wholesale prices from anywhere on the internet, most of the stones would have to come from Srilanka.

One of the tricky things that people don’t disclose is that if your white sapphire isn’t from the right source – it will turn yellowish (the original color). So yes if you have a white sapphire that you own, don’t put it in direct sunlight unless you are sure to buy them from credible sources such as Navneet Gems that understand buying White sapphires rough from credible sources is important. We are also buyers of white sapphires from Srilanka, so if this a supplier inquiry; mostly rough white sapphires to be cut in our factory; we welcome you to join hands together.

Beryllium-treated sapphires and  Diffusion sapphires are still going strong as treatments of these stones with the following foreign substance get better and better year by year as Thai heaters go beyond basics! We also see a surge in Unheated sapphires from Ceylon, 100% natural Ceylon sapphires (Earth-mined as marketing term).

Cuts have changed in 2020

Used to be rounded, sloppy cut ovals, some pears, and no cushions or diamond cut or emerald cuts. These days the Megan Merkel inspired people to wear an Emerald cut – thus the sapphires also are moving in an emerald cut. They are more difficult to manufacture as rough wastage is quite a lot more than the Ovals. However we must meet customer demands, we have some huge orders for orange, pink, and yellow sapphires in 5×3 emerald cuts, 6×4 octagons, and 7×5 ovals, along with all sizes rounds. Emerald cuts were even more difficult than the traditional Loose round cut sapphire.

Cabochons are out of fashion in sapphire as of today, but once in a while, we get a dirty little fellow which we cab into a beauty! Rose-cut sapphires in multi colors or unheated are still pretty popular – because of the post trendier engagement rings with rose cuts as many designers provide a lightweight, inexpensive (budget-friendly) sapphire engagement ring – however, white sapphire rose cuts have lost their steam due to diamond prices falling. Brilliant Cut Sapphires (Diamond cut sapphires) still going strong as these tiny guys are difficult to cut and china mass-produced below 1 mm, thus ranging a demand for a nicer size stone.

Our list of sapphires doesn’t end here; we get requests even for a space grey sapphire, this was just yesterday’s message from a prospective customer who asked to source a 2-3 carat space grey sapphire lot.  If you think this article helped in gaining some good fruitful knowledge, kindly share this article on Facebook, WhatsApp groups, and friends or prospective customers too.  If you would like to inquire about wholesale loose sapphires, either you want to buy loose blue sapphire or buy loose pink sapphires; simply use our contact us form and follow the steps there.

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