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Navneet Gems and Minerals is a manufacturer of fine Gold Jewelry from Thailand in all the carat weights including 8K Gold Jewelry, 12K Fine Gold Jewelry, and 18K Gold Jewelry. Of course, we make the pure 24K Gold Jewelry as well but usually for the Asian market. Click here to see our Jewelry Catalog!

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When looking for a manufacturer of Wholesale Gold Jewelry for your very important business, it’s important to find the right reliable source for your needs. It’s very important that a company like ours understands weight and quality. As we saw for all of our childhood, our mothers and sisters wearing their Gold Jewelry during occasions or high-end outings. This tradition carried on in 2005 when our company first started a new venture into Wholesale Gold Jewelry, and for 11 years we have been a consistent player in the Market. The Thai Jewelry market knows the honesty and quality we put into our Wholesale Gold Jewelry.

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Purity and consistency

Its very important that the purity of gold is what it is. With our 3rd generation family business, this is not something you will have to worry about, as for the past 11 years we have had our consistent gold source where we purchase our rough from within Bangkok. This gives us the flexibility to get smaller quantities for smaller orders as well. We also focus a lot on consistency where we make sure the first order and the 100th order quality are the same. We have set guidelines that every person in the production process has to follow until the last process of this Jewelry manufacturing is completed. Whether it rings soldering, ring sizing, the hook of the earring, etc., we take care of the quality.

Plating services

We don’t offer plating services individually as we are usually busy doing all sorts of plating services for our customers who order Yellow Gold Jewelry from us.

Gold Colors

We are capable of supplying all gold colors – Rose gold, White gold, Yellow gold. All different colors of our wholesale gold jewelry is possible.

Colored gemstones in your Gold Jewelry

For wholesale gemstones, we have been manufacturing them for 3 generations, since 1993. So our expertise in the Gemstone market is unbeatable. For your Gold Jewelry requirements, we have customers who need Blue Topaz, some others need Pink Tourmalines, some need Ruby, Sapphires, or Emeralds. For that reason, we are able to produce all types of Gemstones into your gold jewelry.

At Navneet Gems & minerals, you can buy Blue sapphire, Loose Teal sapphire (Bluish Green), and Loose Parti (Two-toned) sapphire in different shapes with your customized gold jewelry.

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Regular buyers and MOQ’s

We are definitely looking for long term customers. If you are expecting to only order once a year, we might not be the right company. Regarding the MOQ’s usually, they are $1,000 per order if the order is frequent. Most of the orders come in volumes of $5,000 or more.

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