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Are You Looking For Top Quality Sky Blue Topaz From A Manufacturer Of It And From Where You Can Buy It At Wholesale Prices?

Navneet Gems & Minerals specializes in Sky Blue Topaz, and we have briolette and cabochons, faceted, single stones in large quantities. The quality of the Sky Blue Topaz we provide is the best provided from anywhere.

To quickly get an updated stocklist of our Sky Blue Topaz, please email us at  and we will send you an updated stock list from which you can select which items you like.

Sky Blue Topaz

The process to buy Sky Blue Topaz from us is very stress-free. All you have to do is email us or fill out the form on our Contact Us page from the Menu Bar above, as we don’t sell the stones online. In the email please address in the subject, Information on Sky Blue Topaz, and in the body of the email, you can ask about the shape, size and cut of the stone.

Sky Blue Topaz

As we have our own manufacturing units available, we can alter the size and shape as per your choice. We have the Sky Blue Topaz stones available in free size and in calibration as well. All of these factors show our high-held position and dominance within the industry.

Blue Topaz comes in many shades. One of the most important shades of Blue topaz is Sky Blue Topaz. Yes, the Sky Color Topaz resembles the sky, and this color is used very intensively in both Silver & Gold Jewelry.

Sky Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz goes under a treatment process for around 6 months up to 1 year, depending upon the origin of the White Topaz it is made from.

How to choose sky blue topaz?

To understand the different types of Sky Blue Topaz Quality, you have to understand what treatments the Sky Blue Topaz goes through. If you don’t already know, Sky Blue Topaz is a heat treated gemstone. In the natural form, it is white, in the form of White Topaz, but by heat treatment, it changes its color to Sky Blue. On the other hand, some people send their White Topaz rough for treatment, and when the Sky Blue Topaz rough comes out, we cut the new Sky Blue Topaz according to the orders of our customers. The rough process is more expensive, but it definitely takes half the time in production. If a supplier is, however, promising a 3-day delivery, then it is guaranteed that he either has it in stock, or he is going to cut it especially for you. When they are cutting it from the rough then you are paying a higher price.

Now talking about the Quality. The quality can really be the same from both the processes, but when from the treatment of the rough process, it is “freshly” cut whereas facetted stone treatment may be stocked piled for months before getting the order for that size. So generally they may even re-polish their old stocked stones during the time of the order. This way the Facetted Sky Blue Topaz gemstones come out as higher quality, with the perfect polish. (Polishing depends on the quality of diamond powder they use).

Have a look at Navneet Gems and Minerals’ color chart here:

Sky Blue Topaz Color Chart

Please take a look at these pictures of Sky Blue Topaz, and get in touch with us regarding any Sky Blue Topaz wholesale orders you want. Below is a chart showing the irradiation process which brings out the beautiful Blue Hue of Sky Blue Topaz and others.

Sky Blue Topaz irradiation chartThe company is committed is towards our clients as we work as a close-knit family. We love to welcome new customers to be a part of our small family. Because we receive numerous amounts of enquiries per day, we try to assist our customers as soon as possible.

Sky Blue Topaz Shy Blue Topaz

FAQ’s about Sky blue topaz from Navneet Gems and Minerals

Navneet, is your Sky Blue Topaz Natural?

I always say that 99% of all Sky Blue Topaz in today’s market are treated and so is ours. The Colorless White Topaz undergoes into a treatment process called the Irradiation/Heat Treatment, which gives a very light hint of Blue color which we call Sky Blue Topaz. Having said that, we also have a great selection from our 100% Naturally mined, very light Blue colored Topaz, almost like Aquamarine. These are very rare and less than 1% of the White Topaz comes Blue. We stock these in mostly free-sizes, from 5 carats to 20 carats.

If I order a big order in only Sky Blue Topaz, how can we make sure that the color will be the same and how can we work together to try to lower our prices?

We and our customers are a part of our family and we always have a very open business relationship with each other, to maximize business together. To ensure that the cost is very low, we take a time frame of 3 weeks, we order the White Topaz from our factory and then Color Irradiate these colorless Topaz stones into Sky Blue Topaz. This saves a lot of costs as otherwise, we will have to cut the sizes from “Sky Blue Topaz Rough” which was colored, and the treatment charges were on the rough, and not on the facetted cut stones. So this way we minimize our cost and give a great advantage to cut the cost into almost half. The only way we ensure the color is the same, (as color sometimes varies) is we make 30% more of the items ordered to match the color and remove the lighter pieces.

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