Color of the Year 2023 Pantone

Pantone Color of 2023: Gemstone Color Trends for 2023

And, they are back in business again! Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a “color of the year” that represents the current cultural and ...
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Australian Parti Sapphires: A True Representation of the Land Down Under

Australian Parti Sapphires: A True Representation of the Land Down Under Parti sapphires are currently one of the most sought-after bi-color gemstones in the market ...
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Shades of Ruby Quality

Sapphire vs Ruby vs Emerald: Which to Choose from the Big 3 for your Big Day?

Picking out the right gem for your wedding ring can be a daunting task. While you may always go with the crowd favorite - a ...
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Round cut Salt and Pepper- NGM

Investing into the Diamond Market today: The Surat Salt and Pepper Diamond Trade

Salt and Pepper diamonds are currently one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market. Known for their uniqueness, affordability and ethical sourcing, these stones ...
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A tablet parti sapphire lot, Photo Courtesy-NGM

Parti Sapphires from Australia

It's no longer an age where only diamonds are seen as worthy of being the only gemstone that can be invested in. With growing consumer ...
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A classic Blue Zoisite or Tanzanite with purplish undertone. Cut at NGM, Bangkok

An Introduction to Natural, Unheated Tanzanites

We love sapphires, especially teal sapphires. We have been working with sapphires for almost 2 decades now and have dedicated a large part of our ...
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The Financial Planning Process For A Gemstone Business

Understanding the Finances Involved in Starting a Gemstone Business

Gemstone trading is currently one of the fastest growing segments in the market, with its value increasing exponentially each financial year. Even with the setback ...
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Australian Parti sapphire

Australian Teal Sapphires Vs Montana Teal Sapphires

Currently, Montana and Australia are two of the most well recognized sources of teal sapphires globally. Due to their certified ethical norms and sustainable mining ...
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Teal Sapphire VS Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Teal Sapphires vs Salt and Pepper Diamonds – Engagement Ring Choices for the Alternative Millennial Bride

Millennial couples now want a non-conforming wedding and selecting an unusual gemstone for the engagement/wedding ring is a memorable way to achieve that. To break ...
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