Everything you need to know about Moonstone Gemstones including their origin, and available sizes, shapes, qualities, and price information.

What are Moonstone Gems? Here are details about the Chemical Structure and Group and its Origin and Source:

Moonstone is a world-famous gemstone. It’s a type of orthoclase feldspar and comes in many colors like blue, grey, white, orange, brown, and chocolaty with a transparent to opaque quality. The optical property of this gem is special as it shows a different sheen under different lighting conditions and the gem experts name this effect as ‘adularescence. Kalsi3O8 is the chemical formula for this stone with a monoclinic crystal structure, a 6-6.5 hardness on the MOHS scale, and 1.1518 to 1.526 RI. The mines of these gemstones are in different countries. Sri Lanka and India are famous for Blue and Rainbow Moonstone mines and Burma, Norway and Brazil are famous for other colors as mentioned above.

 Sri Lankan Blue Moonstone Rounds from Navneet Gems

Why you should choose us? What we are manufacturing?

NGM has a direct supply of these Moonstones from the source, where the mining takes place. This gives us a competitive advantage over companies who only re-sell it. Our manufacturing in India and Thailand gives us efficiency and thus better prices along with the shine in these Moonstones, usually referred to as the star. And of course, our Company and Staff will give you the best service we possibly can.

Moonstone can come in many sizes and shapes like most other stones. This easily available stone is amongst the favorite of Jewellers. It is available in calibration in huge quantities and as Freesize too! The Freesize Moonstones are used mostly in Single Stone Pendants, which are non-replaceable as each one has a unique size and the calibration sizes (Rounds, Pears, etc) are used most in Bracelets and Earrings.

Oval Moonstone from stock

What are the other names of this gem and what are the reasons behind its fascinating Blue Sheen?

Many times our customers who are curious to know about gems, ask us about adularescence and the scientific reason behind it. This blue light is caused by interference, diffraction, and diffusion phenomenon of light by much fewer concentrations within the stone. On a black background, the blue sheen appears at its best. A completely transparent big-size stone over 15 carats with blue sheen all over the stone is very rare and high in price. Also,  Astronauts from America landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, in Apollo 11, and later in 1970, Moonstones have declared the gemstone of Florida.

Moonstone Cabochons

We specialize in Moonstone Cabochons from 2mm to 25mm calibration and in free size, and in normal to good quality in all colors. We source Blue Moonstone Rough from both Sri Lanka and India and cut it in our factories in India and Thailand. We keep regular order sizes in stock like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm rounds, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, and 10×8 ovals although we make an order also and take one week to complete the production. By seeing the distinct markets of Moonstone in silver, gold, and low quality to high-end jewelry, we know we need to supply different qualities to our customers. Faceted stones are hardly used in this stone because blue sheen looks at its best in cabs.

Rose Cut Moonstone Cabochons

Moonstone Gems of Different Colors and Varieties

Blue and Rainbow Moonstone

This type is different from all other Opaque Moonstones and comes with transparent to translucent quality. Indian material comes with Rainbow Firing and Sri Lankan material comes in Blue Firing. Sri Lankan mines have low to high-quality material but the high quality (completely transparent with sheen all over the stone) is depleting now and that’s why prices have been increased due to low supply. Most of the silver jewelry manufacturers use medium-quality material with medium clouds and Blue Sheen because it comes in a low and affordable price range. When we talk about the appearance of the Indian Moonstone, know that it quite resembles the Sri Lankan stones. The only difference is that Indian quality has Rainbow Sheen instead of Blue. In the market, both are categorized in the same category.

In the chart below, we have shown different qualities of Blue Moonstone Cabochons in A, AA, AAA Quality of gems. We have mentioned in the opening about the basic prices, the next depends on sizes, shapes and its quality. We are producing both calibrated and free-size Blue Moonstone Cabs. In A quality it comes full of clouds and a very low Blue Sheen (sometimes not even seen) and in the next AA quality, it comes with normal firing and transparency. In AAA and Gem quality you can see the nice blue firing and good transparency level.

Blue/Rainbow Moonstone Comes From SriLanka and India

Free size and big size Moonstone Rainbow and Blue are high in trend and used in jewelry (ring, pendants, and bracelets). In the last few months, prices for Moonstone have increased and top-quality material is not easily available. There is no exact starting and ending price for Moonstone. If you are looking for $0.08 per kg then it is available and on the other hand, if you want $200 per gram then that is also available. The $300 per kg to $900 per kg quality is preferred by most of the buyers.

Mix Moonstone

Blue and Rainbow Moonstone big size pieces. All these Moonstones are from our Unique Gems Collection. Have a close look at those Cabs and you will see a story inside the blue shine. It’s strange but true.

Grey, Orange, Camel, White, Off White, Pale Yellow and Other Colors

 Different Colors of Moonstone

Moonstone is the second type in which all opaque types occur. All come with a nice shiny and give a magnificent effect under light. We also have calibrated rounds, ovals, squares, and others and big free-size pieces too. It starts at $0.40 per carat and the next price depends on the sizes and quantities you buy. In this stone, the prices remain the same for all colors except Blue and Rainbow Moonstone. If you need micro-setting gems then we also produce that in large quantities. Many customers of ours have certain settings and ask us for Moonstone in a particular height that can fit in those settings and we can supply this to them.

Contact us for Blue Moonstone in all Calibrations to Free sizes

We have shown rounds in the above pictures but we have been manufacturing all shapes in different colors. If you have any particular design or shape and quality in mind then you can send us a picture and dimensions and we will manufacture the same design stones for you. Simply send us an email with all details mentioned in the Contact Us form or fill in the Inquiry Form with your requirements (the sizes, shapes, quality, and quantities), from the link in the Menu Bar above or below in the Footnotes. We will reply to you promptly with prices, pictures, and quality descriptions.

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