Photography Services For Gemstones And Jewellery Available At Navneet Gems And Minerals

What Makes Jewelry & Gemstone Photography So Difficult

The photography of jewelry and gemstones is a difficult challenge, and you may be worried about photographing jewellery & gems by yourself. Although, you are good at other types of photography, but you may find jewellery photography to be a little more of a challenge. The first challenge is that in order to make a professional looking jewelry with gems photo you have to first deal with the small sizes of most jewelry and gems. Jewelry needs you to get astonishingly close to your subject unlike the photography of landscape and live subject. So close, as a matter of fact, that most digital cameras will not be able to adjust to the object in their view When you photograph, the auto settings on a digital camera will make sure that you fail to get a proper picture. But, there is no need to worry at all as Navneet Gems and Minerals, a Manufacturer and seller of Semi precious gemstone or a Precious gemstone is now providing photography services for Gemstones and Jewellery at very affordable prices.

Jewelry and gemstones is very difficult to photograph as they reflect in many cases up to 99.9% of the light is receives. Besides, jewelry items are very shiny, highly polished and may contain color stones that make the job even challenging. Photographing a piece of jewelry or gem is like taking a picture of a mirror, and you will see all kinds of items being reflected into the piece, such as the lights, the camera, the table, etc. If you try to use your digital camera to do the job, then two key things may happen. You will either wash out the item if you use a flash or it will be under well-lighted with lots of dark areas and uneven lighting from one side to the other.

So, Navneet Gems and Minerals is the complete solution for your Jewelry & gems photography as the company an enclosed lighting system and takes photos with D3100 using macro lens. We use an enclosed lighting system due to many reasons, like it wraps even and balanced light around the entire product, it is photographing, and some of the key benefits include an even distribution of light, elimination of glare, illumination of hard to reach spots and consistent natural lighting.

How To Take Jewellery And Gemstone Photos:


As we know that jewelry and gems are one of the hardest products to photograph due to the nature of its elements. Also, the metals, diamonds, precious stones, and other elements that most of the fine jewelry is made up of, and have reflective qualities that can show reflections, shadows or hard spots in pictures, if the right tools or equipments are not used. So, understanding the nature of jewelry and getting the right tools for photographing is very significant for taking high quality jewelry or gems photographs. “6 most important elements in jewelry and gemstone photography” according to Navneet Gems and Minerals.

  • Uninterrupted Natural Daylight Lighting: To evenly reproduce the colors in jewelry
  • Depth Of Field And Focus: To get a clear image
  • Shutter Speed: To control the darkness and lightness of photos
  • Steady Camera Mounting: To make sure the camera is stable to avoid a blurred picture.
  • Diffused Lighting: To remove shadows and hard spots
  • Adjustment Of White Balance: To change your camera to the lighting environment used to pictures

According to the CEO of the company, “Patience is the most significant parts of shooting jewelry or gems. We are always aware of our focus when shooting, but most importantly our light. Soft light tends to produce the best look. We keep charging batteries (both for the camera and flashes) and review our photos to see how the session is going, and make small changes if necessary for making good pictures”.

Key Equipment

People who have a compact digital camera think that can photograph jewellery and gems. They need to think again because you will need a good DSLR camera like D3100 used by us that has manual mode capabilities for successful jewel photography. Good lens or we can say macro lens is the other equipment that we used. Any other lens will not do the work as we need to be as close as possible to our subject. Modern compact cameras have fine macro capabilities because of the small sensor they have. So, they are the best tools for jewelry and gemstone photography if you can adjust your exposure settings manually. Keep in mind that this job is extremely easier on a DSLR, but you’ll need a macro lens for most jewelry.

Another great piece of equipment used by Navneet Gems and Minerals is a tripod. We put the session off for the day and go looking for a tripod if we don’t have a tripod and intend to taking jewellery pictures. As we will be photographing very close to the subjects at slow speeds, still the slightest of camera shake can ruin our photos. So, a sturdy and powerful tripod will be the most preferred. Besides, a proper lighting unit is very important to have. Flashes are a NO in jewel or gemstones photography because of the reflective nature of the subjects. So, we use use continuous lighting for product photography, and using continuous lights makes it easier to visualize what the final image will be like. Also, we use a light box for placing your jewellery or gems, and also for helping us soft the light coming over the subjects.

Our gemstone photography prices will depend on qty of work. For example, if work is in bulk, then the cost can go down upto $2/photo with editing of each as required. All photos will be send you using a CD only if they are too heavy via email. ON the other side, if they are not too heavy, then will send you using Email or Dropbox.