Different colors of Blue sapphire

Loose Fine Gemstones – All You Need to Know

Loose-colored gemstones have been sought much before pristine white diamonds. The color of each gemstone holds special significance and different meanings in several cultures. When a jeweler or investor buys NATURAL loose fine gemstones, he ensures that essentially he’ll always be in demand!

Conventionally, rubies, sapphires, garnet, peridot, and jade have been most sought after as wholesale fine-colored gemstones. However, there is a range of poster stones like spinels, tanzanites, aquamarine, zircon, tourmaline that are becoming more and more popular with the youth, looking for something different as engagement rings or statement jewelry.

Why should you buy wholesale loose colored gemstones from a specialized dealer:

Buy Loose fine gemstones are the perfect choice to make customized jewelry. While they are one of the most easily acquired stones, with them being the first ones to be sold at flash sales and end-of-the-year sales, buying from these centers may not be the best choice as there is an abundance of cheaper, treated stone mixed to maximize profits.


Genuine wholesale colored gemstone houses like Navneet Gems and Minerals house a limited but fantastic collection of real colored gemstones that never lose their value. As many colored gemstones like spinel, tanzanite, tourmaline, and more are mined in small quantities in limited, exclusive mines around the world. Hence it is always important to find dealers who have access to these mines.

Ruby gemstone mines


Today, not just the beauty of a gem is of prime importance. What buyers also look for is the green value of gemstones, i-e. they have been mined and retrieved from conflict-free zones. While many sources cannot assure you of such, reputed, established gemstone houses ensure that these rare colored gemstones are sourced in such a manner. Usually, they will also provide a certificate for the same.
Read specifically on conflict-free gemstones here.


Colored gemstones are a matter of personal choice and most of them thus, will not be available with a regular retailer. A gemstone supplier with a thorough knowledge and appreciation of such a gemstone will usually house a small but genuine collection of fine gemstones which can be used to make customized jewelry then.


Because of their limited availability, it is not always possible to obtain every desired cut, size, shape, and carat of stones. Since colored gemstone dealers are mostly exclusive, they are well connected with others in their practice and guide you to them or even procure your desired gemstone for you.

Uses of fine loose gemstones online

There is a veritable market that buys loose fine gemstones. Online gemstone shopping from reputed sources can contribute to a jeweler’s, investor’s, or collector’s collection as they can be used in several ways. 

– Navratnas:

One of the highest demands for colored loose gemstones online came from India and neighboring South-East Asian countries, in the form of 9 gems or navratnas. These gemstones are ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, garnet, blue sapphire, diamond, pearl, cat’s eye, and coral. Jewelry created in the Navaratna style is believed to act as a talisman of success and well-being.
Navratnas Gems

– Wedding engagement pieces:

Diamonds have taken a back seat when it comes to wedding jewelry and engagement rings. One reason is the mining of diamonds which essentially happens in conflict zones, endangering humanitarian values with war, illegal trading, bonded, and child labor. Another reason is the high price and low return on investment. Colored gemstones are available in smaller quantities in known mines where mining can be done organically to benefit the native, local communities. These reasons have made colored gemstone jewelry like blue sapphire wedding rings or ruby engagement rings, much more popular with the Millenials who are much more socially conscious. 

Penelop Cruz Ring
Penelope Cruz Blue Sapphire engagement ring

– Investors:

Changing market trends always pose a problem for gemstone investors. Therefore, buying from certified wholesale gemstone suppliers online only as and when required is a good way to prevent stock from being wasted. Since there is a good turnover with colored gemstones in the market, with different colors coming back into trend over time, investing in them is always a good idea.

– Collectors:

Perhaps the biggest connoisseurs of loose gems are collectors. The best collectors buy gemstones from Bangkok, which have been sourced from not just Thailand but also all over the world. Buy loose fine Burma rubies or loose fine Ratnapuri sapphires and more and add them to your collection. 

Top 10 most popular loose wholesale gemstones

– Loose fine Rubies:

The first and perhaps the most popular gemstone of the corundum family is the ruby. Rubies have graced royalty all over the world since time immemorial. The pigeon blood red ruby is the most popular and coveted variety, although there are other variations of red, orange, brown, and black too. While corundum in itself is colorless, it is the presence of chromium that gives it its characteristic purplish-red color. The color of the ruby depends upon the presence of iron. Since the legendary Burma rubies or Myanmar rubies are found between marble which in itself have low iron content, Burma rubies have a distinct translucency and fire. Other mines such as the ones in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mozambique have higher iron content. 

Today because of the depletion of mines, rubies, especially blood-red rubies are extremely rare. However fine loose rubies are available in treated and untreated varieties and are always of interest to collectors and jewelers. As the people of yore believed, many still believe the rubies are a sign of royalty and good lineage. Many also believe that wearing a ruby has many medicinal benefits and keeps us safe from enemies. Wholesale fine rubies make the perfect jewelry as there are very few gemstones that can compete with the king of all gemstones. 

Shades of Ruby - Quality of Ruby
Different shades of loose fine ruby

– Loose fine Sapphires:

The second member of the corundum family, sapphires have been cherished since their discovery in the hills of Kashmir in India. While the beautiful deep cornflower blue Kashmir sapphire is rare today, sapphires have surprised the world with their unending range of colors. 
Different colors of Blue sapphire
In the spectrum of blue, we have wholesale pastel blue sapphires, Burma blue sapphires, and neon blue sapphires. Wholesale pink sapphires are also available in several shades and cut to select from as below:

Pink Sapphire
Different shades of Pink Sapphire


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Apart from these, the other colors are termed “fancy sapphires” which include the very exclusive Australian teal green sapphire, often termed as “peacock blue-green sapphire”. These bicolored sapphires exhibit a beautiful dichromatic blue-green color that has earned it the nickname “party sapphire”.

Teal Sapphires
Australian Teal blue green sapphire, Courtesy: Navneet Gems and Minerals

Another unique color is the Padparadscha sapphire which is a delicate orange-pink color and is one of the rarest gemstones found. Originally called the Ratnapuri sapphire, as they were found only in the Ratnapura mines in Sri Lanka today the Madagascar Padparadscha sapphire and the Tanzanian Padparadscha sapphire have become popular too, although they are lighter in color. 

Sapphire Colors

In our wholesale sapphire collection, we have rose-cut sapphires, diamond-cut sapphires, and much more in several shapes. Loose individual sapphire gemstones range from 1 to 3 carats.  If you are looking to buy loose sapphires today contact us! 

– Loose fine Spinels:


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The legendary mimics of the gemstone world, spinels have been mistaken for rubies and sapphires because of their incredibly similar esthetics and the fact that they are usually found in the same mineral deposits as rubies and sapphires. The August birthstone has unassumingly graced the crowns and necks of royals for eras and is increasingly popular with youngsters today, because of their lower price, extensive color range, and extreme durability because of their high hardness number. While red spinels and blue spinels are the most popular, unusual colors like space grey spinels, black spinels, and pink-purple spinels are catching up. 


– Loose fine Tourmaline:


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With its rainbow range of colors, tourmaline is perhaps one of the most popular gemstones of this decade. Available in neon shades from the mines of Paraiba in Brazil, neon blue Paraiba Tourmaline, neon green Paraiba Tourmaline, and neon purple-green tourmaline are some of our hottest selling varieties this wholesale gemstone sale season. Apart from the Paraiba neon tourmaline ranges, shop for pink tourmalines and multicolored tourmalines with us. Our stock ranges from 5- 20 carats.
Tourmaline color chart

– Loose fine Zircon:

One of the most fascinating stones, zircon exhibits exceptional fire and brilliance. While blue zircon is the most popular, mineral deposits like uranium can create other colours. Due to their high luster, fire, and refractive index, they exhibit the phenomenon of “doubling” which means that the human eye can see twice as many facets and fire.
Our patrons prefer to buy blue heated zircon but many also shop for white zircon and multicolored zircon. Round cut zircon and oval cut zircon are the most popular cuts of the stone. We house a range of fine wholesale blue zircon in the range of 0.25 carat to 1 carat. 

Natural blue zircon
Loose fine blue zircons from 2-4 carat lots for orders!

– Loose fine CVD diamonds:

If you have looked at the mention of “lab-grown diamonds” or “synthetic diamonds” with distaste, we believe a re-education is in order. Chemical Vapor Diamonds or CVD diamonds, the successors of High-Pressure High-temperature diamonds (HPHT Diamonds), today have successfully re-created natural diamonds, but are man-made. However, this doesn’t pull away from the fact that CVD diamonds have the same internal atomic structure as mined natural diamonds and look EXACTLY the same. 

So how does buying wholesale loose CVD diamonds benefit anyone?

– Cost factor:

Natural diamonds pass through an unbelievably long supply chain, which in all unfairness leave nothing to the grassroots level miner. Costing includes equipment to dig, extraction, shipping, cutting, jewelry manufacturers, and more. CVD diamonds cut down on the price of natural diamonds by 20-30%, lending the buyer a more affordable price tag. This means that instead of buying a 1-5 carat diamond, you can buy a 2 carat CVD diamond for your engagement ring! 

– Environmental impact:

Diamond mining incurs enormous human and environmental damage that costs money. It has been found out that just mining a carat of diamond, employs disrupting 100 square feet of land and creating over 6000 pounds of mineral waste.  Big CVD diamonds or smaller fine CVD diamonds require just the necessary lab equipment, knowledge, and patience.

– Social Impact: 

Often called “conflict diamonds’ ‘ or “blood diamonds ‘, diamond mining has been notorious for having been done in war-torn areas where miners, especially children are made to work in subhuman conditions. Natural diamond mining has had a long history of human rights violations and CVD diamonds, which are made in the lab, provide a sizable solution to this problem.

– Quality:

Being slightly lesser priced than natural diamonds doesn’t make them invaluable. In all sense of the matter, CVD diamonds are made of the same process that creates natural diamonds over millions of years, making them REAL DIAMONDS essentially. Many diamond manufacturers and trained jewelers have also claimed that it is near to impossible to spot a difference between the two! 
Loose fine CVD diamonds make for stunning pieces of jewelry be it wedding jewelry or engagement rings. Their overall impact has made them extremely successful with the youth of today who are incredibly socially and financially conscious. 

– Loose fine Tanzanite:

Incredibly rare, in fact, rarer than a diamond, tanzanite gemstones are mined in just one place on earth; the hills of Merelani in Tanzania which is also home to the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. While its accidental discovery has been credited to the Masai tribesmen, who termed it zoisite, the tanzanite gemstone has been in commercial circulation for only 50 years. What makes it more precious is that the mines are said to last only a mere 25 years more! “Gemstone of the millennia?” Sounds pretty accurate!

The most valuable tanzanites are deep blue in color without any visible inclusions. They can be primarily divided into 3 colors: deep blue tanzanite, violet-blue tanzanite, and violet tanzanite, in decreasing order of hues. Interestingly tanzanites are pleochroic which means that they exhibit three different colors when seen in 3 different directions due to the crystal orientation. Tanzanite is less saturated in smaller sizes, hence while you buy loose fine tanzanites, you should expect a medium blue, pastel-colored tanzanite that exhibits a pleochroic nature. 

Tanzanite cabs
Loose fine Tanzanite cabochons for sale!
Tanzanite 5 mm
1 carat round for a bracelet – fine Loose tanzanites

– Loose fine Garnet:

A popular and cost-effective gemstone, garnet is one of the most versatile gemstones, being available in a number of colors. Almandine garnet and pyrope, the dark red variety is the most popular, closely followed by spessartite garnet which is of an orange-red garnet. While we house the above stated in abundance, investors and collectors can also buy color change garnet (presents a color change from a light brownish, yellowish, or greenish in daylight to a pink or purplish color in incandescent light), or buy demantoid garnet (olive green to emerald green varieties) or buy a Malaya garnet which is a reddish-orange garnet from Tanzania and Kenya. Contact us to shop for star garnets, tsavorite garnets, Mozambique garnets, and more. 

Garnets Color Group
You must know which garnet color you want first, this color group will help you!

– Loose fine Aquamarine:

The March birthstone is named after the tranquil ocean waters and was believed to protect sailors at sea. A beryl derivative, aquamarine has a characteristic greenish-blue color and is light in tone. A finished, polished, faceted aquamarine is extremely transparent and usually has no inclusions. Mined in the Karakoram Range of the Himalayas in Pakistan and Northern India, rough aquamarine crystals can be available in a range of sizes, ranging from tiny to over a foot long. Due to their extreme clarity, brilliance and moderately high durability wholesale aquamarine make for perfect everyday jewelry. 

Aquamarine color chart
Loose Fine Aquamarines – from Grade B to Santa Maria very rare aquamarine

– Loose fine Morganite:

Loose fine morganite is one of the most popular colored gemstones in the United States. This beryl derivative ranges in color from light orange to an orangish pink that makes it extremely popular with young girls. Named after J.P. Morgan, the great financier, this salmon pink stone has gentle colors and demonstrates distinct pleomorphism, from pale pink to a deeper bluish pink. As they are not usually available in darker colors, we recommend buying Brazillian morganite which is of larger sizes and can weigh up to 10 kilograms. 

Morganite color chart
Fine Loose Morganite for sale, but first select the shade of Morganite you want.

Sapphires are a treasured collection and the only way to increase their value is by fashioning them exactly to your taste. Loose stones whether pink, peach, yellow sapphires, teal, and mermaid sapphires when cut in simple or complex cuts are simply dazzling. Same with parti sapphires which are blindingly beautiful due to the playful conjoined two and more hues. 

At Navneet Gems you can get wholesale teal sapphires and fashion them well to your jewelry or just treasure them as a statement piece. And about quality, you can be assured of these being uncompromised, as is in terms of their beauty. 

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