Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough

Now it is not very difficult to buy Top Quality Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and Roughs at Wholesale Prices.

People in such Economic conditions don’t look to buy normal things, especially when we are talking about women. Each Jewelry Piece they buy, they want to be different and to look unique. For the $300 they used to spend to buy a simple Blue Topaz pendant with a simple design and gem, they are now spending $280 to buy something more unique and more worthy, in such economic conditions where everyone is looking to save.

Swiss Blue Preforms and Rough
Swiss Blue Topaz Rough from Navneet Gems stock

In these conditions, it is best to buy Pre-forms and Roughs, so you can use them, a step closer to finished goods, and shape the gem according to your customers’ demands. Now, there is an easy way to buy them at Wholesale Prices. You just need to write an email to us at and submit your needs in terms of shape and size. We source them directly from the source where they are mined such as from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, the USA, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough Trillions
Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough Trillions
Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough Pears
Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough Pears

Here is a good opportunity as Navneet Gems & Minerals have always had Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Roughs on sale. Swiss Blue Topaz, in particular, has been high in demand since the discovery of its Treatment Process, in the mid-20th century. And since then Blue Topaz has really taken off.

Now how can you buy your favorite Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and Rough? Your favorite sizes, your favorite shapes and you can shape them into your favorite unique shape to be used in jewelry.

It doesn’t get easier than this. You simply buy the Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms or Rough (According to your needs and requirements). If you want reduced cost in the manufacturing process, then you would rather look to buy the Pre-Forms on sale from us and simply tell your cutters in your shop to shape them as you like.

Swiss blue topaz preformsOur Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms from stock

Now, why is our rough better than others? We have direct suppliers of our Preforms from Germany, where the reactor plant treats the gemstones and the result is in front of your eyes. Beautiful colored Blue Topaz. Simply email us if you are interested in buying these Gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz gemstones from us to use in your Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry.
You can ask us to disclose the Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz Pre-Forms and Roughs price by writing an email to us at with your requirements, (shapes and size). We will reply to you with the pictures of the available Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and Rough.

You may also click the Contact Us link above and use the form or email us from there.