An Introduction To Chalcedony Cabochons and Faceted Gemstones

Chalcedony is a gemstone which was discovered a long time ago and used by the Greeks and Romans in jewelry, arts and healing. Mostly all gemstone names originated from Latin, in the same way its name ‘Chalcedony’ is derived from ‘chalcedonius’. Apart from jewelry, it is used for industrial purposes. Low prices and soft color makes this stone easily sellable which is why many of the designers are using it in their jewelry and designs. Another important property of this stone is its hardness which is 7-7.5 on Mohs scale and which makes it easy to use in jewelry.

Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family and is a form of Quartz called cryptocrystalline and comes in different colors like orange, black, red and green etc. but in the gemstones market, all these come by different names like ‘Agate’, ‘Onyx’, ‘Carnelian’, ‘Black Onyx’, ‘Sardonyx’ and ‘Chrysoprase’. In starting times, gemologists were confused about its chemical structure and minerals but later it was found that it is made of silicate and moganite.

Color, Cut, Clarity and Origins of Chalcedony
Volcanic environments and sedimentary rocks are where Chalcedony is found. Uruguay, India, Madagascar, Burma, Brazil and South Africa are the main origins for different types of Chalcedony. As mentioned above, Chalcedony comes in different colors and is called by different names in the market so basically different types of Chalcedony are found in different countries.

Chalcedony Color –
Worldwide chalcedony color is purplish blue which comes in light to vivid color. Price depends on clarity and color. More vivid and vibrant color is higher in price and if the color is lighter then it will be lower in prices. To get a very good color in big sizes is very difficult. Chalcedony is a translucent to opaque stone and this translucency is the most pleasing. It gives nice luster when cut and polished. Cabochons, carvings, faceted, flowers and other designs are being used in this stone. Oval, round, trillion, heart and cushion are the most famous shapes in this stone.

Conclusion – An ideal Chalcedony is a nice purplish blue color with nice translucency and luster.

Other Dyed Colors in Chalcedony –
By seeing the demand of other dyed colors of Chalcedony, we also started production in different colors in yellow, green, aqua, lavender, rose and pink. We disclose everything to our customers before selling.

It is a porous stone and color can easily be inserted inside the stone. Big jewelry companies are widely using dyed colors as it is permanent unless you overheat it. Uneven shapes are very popular for pendant size and jewelers are using Labradorite and other dark color stones with it to make a perfect combination. Uneven shapes are also cheaper as a price point of view. Please check the picture –


This is a sample picture for rose cut, uneven shaped, dyed Chalcedony. We have all of the different colors in this design and in case if you require any particular dimension and shape then you can just let us know.

Buy Chalcedony Cabochons, Faceted and Rose Cut From Us At Wholesale Prices
We have been manufacturing different cuttings and qualities in this stone. If you are either a jewelry designer, reseller or jewelry manufacturing company then just send us your requirements by email and we will reply to you quickly. If you are looking for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or any other custom sizes or shapes then we are here to complete your needs.

Save 30-50% of your money by buying Chalcedony from us at Navneet Gems and Minerals. We are one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of this gemstone as we have our own production units in India and in Thailand. We will provide you with only good quality and with the assurance of genuine products. Money back guarantee is also offered by us to our customers, which is our unique selling point. We also offer to our customers to customize their own desired shapes. Our expert craftsmen will produce your desired design.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries in your mind. To buy Chalcedony at Wholesale Price or to know more about it, you can contact us at through email or call or use the Navneet Gems Inquiry Form. 

Chalcedony1                                                                                                     2
Picture 1 is a sample picture of Dyed Chalcedony Cabochons in both normal smooth cabochons and in checkerboard flat back cabochons. We have been producing all other colors as well in all sizes, shapes and cuttings. All these are permanent colors if not heated in any way because overheat takes off the color. We made this recently for one of our customers who is running a big jewelry manufacturing company in America. We made all different shapes and sizes for him.

Picture 2 is Natural Blue Chalcedony and pictured is light to top color of chalcedony. We have in calibrated and free sizes.

Price Overview on Chalcedony
As we have been manufacturing free size to regular calibrated size, and the basic prices depend on size. Prices start from $0.30 per carat and go up based on quality, color and size. Sometimes our customers ask us for high dome or flat back or any special cutting so we don’t charge extra for that because we believe in providing services to our customers so we can grow mutually. The choice of every buyer is different – some prefer good color, some prefer good clarity, so it depends on choice. Mainly our overseas customers are from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Canada and they all are using Chalcedony in Silver Jewelries.

Does Chalcedony Need Special Care?
Chalcedony is a porous gemstone and absorbs chemical easily so it should be kept away from household chemicals and make sure you keep it away from extensive heat. If you are using Chalcedony Gemstone on a daily basis, then make sure you take it off before you go for a bath or exercise. These are just simple steps that can be easily followed.

Contact Us For Natural Blue Chalcedony
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