We are a wholesale gemstones manufacturer and supplier of precious and semi-precious stones with a distinction in the market for being a seller of well-proportioned, cut and polished fine loose gemstones. We have been in the gemstones industry for over 30+ years and we are excited to be working with you.


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Precious Gemstones

Consistent supply of calibrated, pairs, parcels, singles and layouts. Specialist in Sapphires.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Large supply of calibrated gemstones in various shapes and sizes. Specialist in Topaz.


Alternative Diamonds with consistent and large supply. Specialist in Salt and Pepper Diamonds.


Custom Based Orders ONLY

We began our trade many years ago, mainly with Topaz ( mass-produced semi precious gemstone), and even now, our heart lies with this beautiful gem. You may check out some of our exquisite Topaz gemstones here. With the success of our topaz products, we had ventured out and extended our list of semi precious gemstones. We currently supply with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, Montana sapphire, and those who are looking for teal sapphire rings for their weddings and engagement. You may also browse through our website for some interesting and informative gemstone news articles on loose gemstones. Our latest passion is the unique teal sapphires (mermaid sapphires) and parti sapphires; we are an exclusive dealer of these.

We are a young and dynamic team at Navneet Gems and Minerals and are passionate about bringing the best in the world of gemstones to the table. We consist of experienced professionals with great expertise in their respective fields, from gemstone testing and treatment (Navneet is an alumni from GIA), research and development, and expert cutters and craftsmen. Our team also includes production, packing & shipping personnel, account managers, photographers, content writers and sales managers. Being a trusted name in wholesale gemstones in Bangkok, our 30+ years of experience makes us easily approachable right now on WhatsApp +66985498500 or on email navneet@navneetgems.com, or contact us. We are currently also very active on Instagram, we upload new stories and feeds on an everyday basis....

A trusted name in the gemstones wholesale market in Thailand, Navneet Gems is one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers of semi precious stones and precious gemstones to customers from over 40 countries. A majority of our customers are wholesale jewelry manufacturers looking for wholesale gemstones on a consistent basis and wholesale gemstone resellers, jewelry designers, and collectors. We wish to conduct trades with consistent and long-term buyers who wish to purchase regularly. However, we often undertake tourists in local Bangkok to support them with their purchases of precious gemstones from the hub of gemstones. We can guarantee good and reliable quality, reasonable prices, satisfactory pre-sale and after-sales services, prompt replies and express and safe delivery.

We source our raw materials in the form of wholesale gemstone crystals, from all over the world. Brazil, Africa, Srilanka (Ceylon), Burma, India, Madagascar, China, Russia and some other countries. Once obtained, these raw materials are transported to our gemstone factory in bulk (most semi precious stones for India, precious stones for Thailand), where our expert craftsmen cut, shape, polish and produce the final loose gemstones. Currently, our factories produce more than 10,000 pieces per week regularly. Having our own manufacturing unit benefits us immensely in supplying gems at competitive prices with controlled quality to our clients.

You may check the list of available wholesale gemstones and buy loose stones by sending us an inquiry through email/call/Skype or WhatsApp. We currently specialize in Teal Sapphires, Blue Sapphire, Parti Sapphire, All colors of sapphires, Tourmaline (Mint Tourmalines, Blue Lagoon Tourmalines, Teal, Pink, Pastel), Tanzanites, Aquamarine, Morganite, Topaz in fancy cuts and all shapes. Visit us to know more about top-notch wholesale gemstones in Thailand....

We understand that it can be overwhelming to retail wholesale gemstones or wholesale gemstone beads and choose the perfect manufacturer, but we assure you that at our company we carry out our trade with utmost care and efficiency. Therefore it would be our pleasure to work with your company and excel at the challenges that are presented to us.

It’s a pleasure to have you visit our website, and our world full of exciting semi precious and precious gems. Also, it’s extremely simple to buy wholesale gemstones from us. Just write your requirements and send us an inquiry and our sales executive will get back to you within an hour and also help you if you need any kind of assistance in the ordering process. At present, we manufacture more than 55 types of wholesale natural gemstones, so in case any of your required stones have not been listed do not hesitate to drop your inquiry. Please have a look at the latest Navneet Gems work we have done in the past few years before you can place your order with us. Our minimum order all together in a mix of gemstones is US$ 3,000.

Another concern you may have is the sourcing of these gems, as many illegal mining operations are on the rise. We at, Navneet Gems and Minerals, have started a brilliant initiative to procure mostly ethically sourced gemstones. We largely source the rough cutting materials from mostly Thailand, Srilanka, India, Australia as many African nations have been involved in unfair trade. However, some percentage of our precious gemstones like Tourmalines, Tsavorites, Rubies (Mozambique), Sapphire (Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar) come from African countries. We also put in efforts to be in touch with the miners over there to ensure they are mining in good conditions that ensure the happiness of the miners, provide basic pay and healthy mining conditions, following all laws. Although this increases the setup costs, we consider this is a start that we wish to keep implemented throughout. We cut and polish all gemstones in our own gemstone cutting factory and also take cutting projects to move towards a responsible safe cutting and polishing.

In case you would like to discuss anything about Loose Wholesale Gemstones and their sourcing, do not hesitate to send an email directly to Navneet at navneet@navneetgems.com. Also, Check out our active social media: Instagram.

Teal and Parti Sapphire


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Edward Oosthuizen
I spent some time trying to find a company which seemed the right fit for my business and I settled on Navneet gems. I am glad I did. They faceted some sapphire, tourmaline and emerald for me and I am happy with results. The process was smooth and will be using them again in the future.
Prashant W
Prompt and professional service. We bought a shield cut Parti Sapphire for a special order the stone was finely cut and right quality. Consumer was very happy with the purchase. Thank you Mr. Navneet.
Emeraldi Collection
Was a great experience and very convenient to deal with. Fair pricing! Very happy to have met with such warm greetings even after years. Getting some corundum this time.
sunir shakya
Was looking for an exquisite stone in bulk and then I found Navneet Gems. Not only they took orders and made it for me, the cutting was just excellent, products as desired and I was looking for! The delivery was really quick and superb packaging. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Navneet Gems 😍😍😍
Was a pleasure meeting Navneet, very professional and pleasure to work with. The quality of the stones purchased was excellent. Hope to continue our relationship.
Salomon Schwarz
I recently purchased some beautiful pieces of Saphire and Rubys from Navneet Gems and I could not be happier! The quality of the Gem’s is outstanding and the customer service was top notch. They answered all of my questions, sent me helpful photos and provided me with a personalized shopping experience! I would definitely recommend Navneet Gems to anyone looking for high-quality gems and jewelry at great prices. Wholesale gemstones and single Pieces of Great Quality Ethically sourced.
Nashona Varlack
Absolutely amazing experience with this wholesaler. Abundant selection of quality stones, comfortable buying experience, and fair pricing. The representatives at this company will go above and beyond to ensure each customer is satisfied and they specialize in results! Gem and jewelry shopping in Thailand can be overwhelming; countless dealers, lots of inventory, however, many dealers are shady fast talkers and provide inferior quality gem stones. Navneet Gems has won my business for many years to come due to the fact that they have proven to be experienced professionals who are extremely trustworthy, and offer a product with quality unmatched by many competitors. We purchased several stones in various sizes and will visit again before flying back to the United States. Contact Suresh and you won’t be disappointed with the product quality and their uncompromising service.
Ilene Sugino
Very rude. I came by to buy based on the reviews and was rudely turned away. I was shocked at the treatment as I have found Thai people very polite and respectful. Your sarcastic reply enforces my opinion of you.
Tiffany Tan
My husband and I went to Navneet Gems to purchase a variety of stones. It is a family owned business and they are well versed in all things gem related. We truly enjoyed our experience there as they were patient, not pushy and reasonably priced. We had a great time perusing their selection and Shubham provided advice and recommendations for stones. Just be aware that they don't take credit card so bring cash or have your PayPal account set up.
Greg Truen
Great company to deal with!

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