Navneet Gems Work; This is Page is About Work Done by Our Company from 2015 to July 2018. Copyrights of Navneet Gems and Minerals TM

Navneet Gems Work


eternity yellow sapphire stones
These sapphire ovals in yellow, yellow orange, orange and orange red colors were supplied regularly in 5×3, 6×4 ovals to a jewelry manufacturer.
yellow sapphire octagon eternity stones
Yellow sapphire octagons we supplied in 2018 were in two shades, shade #1 and shade #2 as seen in the photo
Orange sapphire octagons
Orange sapphire was consistently supplied from our factory to a trader in sizes 5×3, 6×4 and 7×5
Pink sapphire octagons
Pink sapphire were very famous in 2018, we supplied numerous sizes and shapes to this manufacturer.


Rare Natural Chalcedony (aqua color) from Europe

This project proved to be one of the most interesting projects in 2016, because no one has ever seen Aqua Chalcedony in a natural form in the market. Neither did we. This rough was given by one of our customers in Europe and we had to cut them into beautiful cabochons by bringing the majority of color (blue-green) out of the stone. It was fascinating to hear the history of this stone being only found in Europe. This 78 kilo lot of Aqua Chalcedony rough was one of the rarest roughs we had ever seen and completing the project made us feel like we were at the top of the Alps in Switzerland. Happiness.

Aqua chalcedony naturalAqua chalcedony naturalAqua chalcedony naturalAqua chalcedony natural

Hematite Tumble Stackings

This Navneet Gems Work Project was very inspiring, like a childhood project. While doing the project, our staff could remember their childhood memories when they used to travel to the beach and stack stones and play a game. This project’s emotional attachment makes it a worthwhile Navneet Gems Work Project for us to publish here.

Hematite tumble project Hematite tumble project Hematite tumble project

Tanzanite Cluster rings

Getting an order of 1,000 cluster rings with 19 pieces of Tanzanite 6×4 ovals at the price of $75 per ring seemed like an impossible thing, especially when it was AAA Quality Tanzanites, color matched, in Silver 92.5, but it was a dream come true for the Navneet Gems Work team when we got a very very good deal of the same size that we needed.

From the start of the process up to the time of completion, when the customer received it and was happy with the order, we had tense faces in the office every day. Customer satisfaction is what satisfies us and if they are happy with Navneet Gems Work, so are we.

Tanzanite cluster rings

Low Quality Diamond Commercial Bracelets

When sourcing Diamonds for $30/carat it became a challenging task, but this is an ongoing project which we are still working on. More Navneet Gems Work updates soon!

Low quality commercial diamond bracelets Low quality commercial diamond bracelets Low quality commercial diamond bracelets Low quality commercial diamond bracelets


Navnet Gems Work
This is by far was one of the most precise projects we have made and  in February 2015 this Navneet Gems Work Project was for a company in California who owned a Jewelry store where he also sells Watches too. This Rainbow Tapered Squared Sapphires created a perfect rainbow and with the precision that went into it, led us to create consistent business with him for monthly orders of 20-30 sets of these dials.
Navnet Gems Work
Another image of the Navneet Gems Work Project for Sapphires Squares set in Watch Dials.


Navneet Gems Work
The concept of Convertible Jewelry was made for one of our clients who ended up ordering 950 sets of this same concept to sell to Jewelry client wholesalers in the United States. This concept can be used to make into Earrings (2 pieces) and the same one would be used to make a pendant (two types), one of which is a single earring and the other with two earrings. This can also be converted into a Bracelet. This three style jewelry combo wholesaled below $100.
Navneet Gems Work
The chain will be attached from the Pendant using one of the earrings that the original design is made of.
Navneet Gems Work
This is the same convertible concept we worked on in Bracelet form. The technique used to make this into a Bracelet was to join the two earrings together with a clasp.
Navneet Gems Work
Part of the Convertible Concept is to be made into earrings, which was the basic idea anyway, and it then expands into the other convertible concepts.

Navneet Gems Work
These Turquoise Cabochons were from Arizona origin and the customer had wanted a size of 40×30 in Cabochon Form with the best color possible. This customer was an Arizona based designer who wanted to mass produce with us.

Navneet Gems Work
Copper Calcite was asked for by our regular customer. We had arranged the production of rough and cutting  it into Cabochons
Navneet Gems Work
Copper Calcite Rough – We had purchased huge pieces and hammered them into smaller ones to cut the cabs.

Navneet Gems Work
Pink Topaz Project This was for a customer who had a huge quantity of White Topaz and wanted to us to do the coating with the Azotic Pink Topaz color. Luckily we are one of the leading distributors and get a great price on Coating services

Navneet Gems Work
This project was for a company wanting our Mystic Topaz wholesale from us. We produced sizes like 10×8, 11×9, 12×20 Oval and many customized sizes for large jewelry productions.
Navneet Gems Work
The quantities we got later as we succeeded in coating this in house.


Navneet Gems Work
We were able to cut Customized sizes in Morganite due to the rough we had in stock.
Navneet Gems Work
This Peach Color Morganite came out perfect.
Navneet Gems Work
This work was a Kite Project that we made for a very special designer for Rainbow Moonstones. A similar project was made in a couple of different colored gemstones.
Navneet Gems Work
The kite gemstone project also comes in Smoky quartz
Navneet Gems Work
This project was converted for a New Zealand company who wanted to create Men’s rings from these Rutile Cushions. Gold, Cushions, Rutile Quartz has always been a Men’s favorite, even for Signet rings.