A clearer look at the distinct inclusions in sapphires

What Are Salt And Pepper Sapphires And Why Are Buyers Obsessing Over This Previously Disregarded Variant?

They were once wasted and considered undesirable but in the post-pandemic market, the salt and pepper sapphire is emerging as the dark horse. Here’s why: ...
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Australian Parti sapphire

Australian Sapphires – Sustainable Gemstones At Its Best (Part 1)

Come 2020, reports show that Australian sapphires contribute to over 70 percent of the global blue sapphire production. Most global jewellery brands have turned to ...
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Diana engagement ring shape

The Most Popular Gemstone Shapes And Trending Cuts Of 2022

Are you customising your own engagement ring or commissioning heirloom pieces? Catch up on the best cuts and gemstone shapes of the season: Introduction: The ...
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Ana De Armas

The Best Celebrity Sapphire Moments And Ways To Customise/Recreate The Looks

Introduction: Why sapphire has endured over other coloured gemstones in the modern luxury market Why wholesale sapphires are ideal for custom jewellery or engagement rings ...
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Sarah Jessica Parker wears a 98.50-carat tourmaline necklace by Kat Florence

What You Should Know About The Gemstone Colour Of 2022.

Introduction Pantone colour of the year Why Pantone made history in 2022 The next best things (types of teal and parti sapphires for the season, ...
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1.22 Carat Parti Sapphire

The Future Of Ethical Gems: The Ultimate Primer On Ethically Sourced Sapphires From Australia

Introduction to ethical sourcing policies (what is mine-to-market, the appeal of the Australian mining sector, what are guilt-free or ethical sapphires) Teal sapphires - The ...
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Ethical Sourced Mines Map

Debunking Teal Sapphires – Part Two: Origins

A gem that is all the rage of late is teal sapphire and parti sapphire.These swanky blue-green jewels have become immensely popular due to their ...
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Paraiba Tourmaline and Mermaid Sapphire

Debunking Teal Sapphires – Part One: Understanding The Teal Sapphire Nomenclature

The magnetic teal sapphires are currently one of the most popular gemstones in the market. Their vibrant colors, akin to the majestic hues of the ...
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How To Use Technology To Change Your Jewellery Business

Why Is Your Jewellery Business Failing?

While we have explored one end of the spectrum by discussing, “How to start a jewelry business” and “How to Grow your jewelry business online”, ...
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