Lone Star London Blue Topaz


如果您目前在泰国-想要购买最好的宝石带回中国,请继续阅读并立即通过微信与我们联系:navneetagarwal2014或skype:navneet.agarwal1 我们不会说中文,但是通过技术-使用微信上的翻译选项,我们可以确保正确理解和 ...
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Shades of Ruby Quality

All infographics about Gemstones at once

This page is for those who have come across our company's name as the leader in infographic development for the Gemstone industry. We have created ...
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Different colors of Blue sapphire

Loose Fine Gemstones – All You Need to Know

Loose-colored gemstones have been sought much before pristine white diamonds. The color of each gemstone holds special significance and different meanings in several cultures. When ...
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Multi Rose cut Sapphire

Wholesale Rose Cut Sapphire – Padparadscha, Pastel, Multi Color, Pink, Blue & White

ROSE CUT SAPPHIRES: FROM EXTRA TO EXTRA-ORDINARY The beautifully demure rose-cut sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones today. Perfect for the post-age engagement ...
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Pears Pink Sapphire

Buy Loose Pink Sapphires from wholesale factory in Thailand

Finding the perfect balance between the vivacious red and the serene white is the color pink. While sapphires are generally thought of to be blue, ...
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Teal Sapphires

Natural Sapphire Wholesale from Thailand

2020 for Navneet Gems will be all about precious gemstones like Sapphires. When the market trends are changing quickly, customer's behavior is flipping fast, the ...
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Birthstone priceless

Birthstones manufacturer – Semi precious & Precious Gemstones

Most of us have a favorite color or cut of clothing that seems to bring out our best features. Well, interestingly this compatibility factor is ...
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Fancy Spinels 2019


If there is one stone that has a brilliant origin and evolution story, it is the spinel gemstone. Vastly mistaken and under-rated, spinels have quietly ...
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Teal Parti Sapphires Australia

Wholesale Teal Blue Green Sapphires

WHOLESALE Teal Blue Green Sapphires If you are posting to the loose teal sapphire world - this page will give you the latest information, explaining ...
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