A fancy cut (kite) Burmese grey spinel, amongst a Burmese spinel lot.

Grey Spinels: The King Of Wholesale Loose Spinels

A few decades ago, gray was unanimously associated with the representation of dark and gloom. In the gemstone world, bright, highly saturated colors without an ...
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Fancy cut salt and pepper diamonds- NGM

Salt and Pepper Diamonds – The Speckled Seasonings of the Gemstone World

For years, sparkling white diamonds have held their reputation as the most sought after gems in the market. Let’s face it - with their brilliant ...
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Charoite, Siberia

Single Source Gemstones: 12 Of The World’s Rarest Gemstones

Single source gemstones are the stuff of stories that repose proudly in a connoisseur’s collection. Their value comes from the fact primarily that they are ...
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Sapphire Colors

The Rarest Colors Of Natural Sapphires

Time and again, sapphires have surprised us with their ability to be available in every color imaginable. Quite possibly, sapphires can be named Nature’s Color ...
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Mint tourmalines

Mint Tourmaline: Freshness That Makes Cents January 2021!

Call it the charm of simplicity or the allure of something earthy, mint tourmalines make for a fresh detour from conventionally popular saturated hues. While ...
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A Buyer’s Guide To Parti Sapphires

While these inimitable stones have been around for a while, parti sapphires have only recently begun to grab the public eye due to their unique ...
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Mobile Applications To Enhance For Your Jewellery Business.

When competition is cut-throat and business is dwindling, one has got to get creative. Tapping into your target audience becomes critical and the most effective ...
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Mermaid Sapphires

Mermaid Sapphires: Teal Sapphires At Their Very Best

Blue-green or teal sapphires are steadily rising to join the leagues of mainstream sapphires, especially amongst millennials for engagement rings. In a poll conducted early ...
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Spinels gemstones

Spinels V/S Corundum: Shining Light On The “Imposter Gemstone”

Introduction: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Navneet Gems (@navneetgemscom) A questionable reputation, a covert history and a return to the gemstone ...
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