A classic Blue Zoisite or Tanzanite with purplish undertone. Cut at NGM, Bangkok

An Introduction to Natural, Unheated Tanzanites

We love sapphires, especially teal sapphires. We have been working with sapphires for almost 2 decades now and have dedicated a large part of our ...
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The Financial Planning Process For A Gemstone Business

Understanding the Finances Involved in Starting a Gemstone Business

Gemstone trading is currently one of the fastest growing segments in the market, with its value increasing exponentially each financial year. Even with the setback ...
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Australian Parti sapphire

Australian Teal Sapphires Vs Montana Teal Sapphires

Currently, Montana and Australia are two of the most well recognized sources of teal sapphires globally. Due to their certified ethical norms and sustainable mining ...
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Teal Sapphire VS Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Teal Sapphires vs Salt and Pepper Diamonds – Engagement Ring Choices for the Alternative Millennial Bride

Millennial couples now want a non-conforming wedding and selecting an unusual gemstone for the engagement/wedding ring is a memorable way to achieve that. To break ...
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An oval cut green sapphire

FAQ Related To Sapphires

Are Green sapphires expensive? Green sapphires are not as expensive as classic teal sapphires and are definitely priced less than diamonds, padparadscha or emeralds. Green ...
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6 Big Reasons Why Sapphires Are Your Secret Weapon Against An Inflation

6 Big Reasons Why Sapphires (and Not Diamonds) Are Your Secret Weapon Against An Inflation

Strap: Diamonds can be a risky investment during inflation. Sapphires, on the other hand, have a lot going for them. Introduction: Why buying diamonds could ...
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Australian Sapphires – Sustainable Gemstones At Its Best (Part 2)

Today, pink diamonds from the Argyle mines have become synonymous with Australia as over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds are from this one mine ...
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2-5mm calibrated Zambian emeralds

All you need to know about Colombian Emeralds vs Zambian Emeralds

Known for their high quality and beautiful bright colour, Colombian emeralds have always been known to be in steady demand. The novelty of Colombian emeralds ...
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Oval 1.30ct teal sapphire ring

Here’s Why You Need To Buy Into The Parti Sapphire Trend ASAP

The parti sapphire is the perfect motif for the new world that prioritises artisanal labour and conscious consumption. Not to mention, it’s the next big ...
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