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A World of Brilliance: Gemstone Shows Around the Globe


Navneet Gmes & Minerals Gem Show, Gemstone Show, Wholesale Gemstones
Gemstone shows are vibrant celebrations of nature’s treasures, where the world’s most stunning gemstones are unveiled to a captivated audience. These shows offer a unique opportunity for gem enthusiasts, industry professionals, and jewelry connoisseurs to explore a dazzling a​​rray of gemstones, witness the latest trends, and connect with industry experts. Among the prominent gemstone shows you can find us at JCK Las Vegas, Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show, and the Hong Kong Jewelry, Tucson Gem Show, The Munich Gem Show stand out as few famous platforms for the global gemstone industry. From around the globe many gemstone dealers dealing in loose gemstones and jewelry companies participate in these shows. Let’s take a closer look at these upcoming shows, which promise to be moments of brilliance in the gemstone world.

  • Tucson GJX Gem Show: 

Nestled in the heart of the desert, the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Exchange (GJX) Show is an annual event that captivates gemstone enthusiasts from around the world. Renowned as one of the largest gem shows in Tucson, Arizona, GJX showcases a mesmerizing array of gemstones, minerals, and jewelry creations. With its diverse exhibitors, educational opportunities, and vibrant atmosphere, the Tucson GJX Gem Show has become a must-visit destination for gemstone lovers and industry professionals alike. 

The Tucson GJX Gem Show boasts an unparalleled selection of gemstones, ranging from the rarest and most coveted to unique and lesser-known varieties. With hundreds of exhibitors from across the globe, attendees have the opportunity to explore an expansive range of gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, and so much more. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an eager enthusiast, the show offers a treasure trove of gemstone splendor to satisfy every taste and preference.




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The Tucson GJX Gem Show is not just a place to view and purchase gemstones; it also offers a wealth of educational opportunities. Throughout the show, attendees can participate in informative seminars, workshops, and demonstrations conducted by industry experts. These sessions cover various topics, including gemstone identification, gemstone cutting techniques, market trends, and ethical sourcing. Whether you’re a gemstone enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge or a professional seeking industry insights, the educational offerings at GJX are invaluable. Our company, NGM, exhibits annually at the show. Please do visit us and contact for more details. 

    • Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show: 

Known as a gemstone trading capital, Bangkok, Thailand, hosts the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show from September 6th-10th, 2023. This event has earned a stellar reputation for being a premier destination for gemstone enthusiasts and industry professionals. The show presents an extensive array of gemstones, ranging from rare and exquisite to affordable and popular. Attendees can immerse themselves in the world of gemstones, participate in educational seminars, explore business opportunities, and experience the unique charm of Bangkok’s gemstone industry. The Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show caters to both wholesale buyers and retail customers, making it an ideal platform for gem enthusiasts at all levels. 

Bangkok has a long-standing reputation as a prominent gemstone trading hub. The city has a rich history in the gem and jewelry industry, with a skilled workforce, efficient logistics, and a well-established network of gem traders. The Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show serves as a reflection of this industry expertise, attracting both local and international gemstone traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers. 

 The Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show serves as a meeting point for industry professionals from around the world. It offers ample networking opportunities for exhibitors, buyers, manufacturers, and designers to establish business relationships, explore collaborations, and expand their networks. The show facilitates connections between various stakeholders in the gemstone industry, contributing to its reputation as a renowned gemstone event. This year at our booth you can see a full collection of Australian sapphires including Teal, Parti, Blue Sapphires, Mozambique Rubies, Salt & Pepper diamonds, Multi Sapphires and a wide range of other precious and semi-precious gemstones. 

Bangkok’s vibrant culture, historical sites, and renowned hospitality make it an attractive destination for visitors attending the gem show. Attendees can immerse themselves in the city’s rich heritage, explore local markets, and indulge in authentic Thai cuisine, adding an extra layer of appeal to the overall experience of attending the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show.

Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show 2023,Navneet Gmes & Minerals Gem Show, Gemstone Show, Wholesale Gemstones
                     Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show 2023
  • Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Show: 

From September 20th to 24th, 2023, the enchanting city of Hong Kong will host the prestigious Hong Kong Jewelry and  Gem Show. Renowned as one of the world’s largest jewelry events, this show attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. The event showcases an exquisite assortment of gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and fine jewelry, providing an unrivaled platform for networking and sourcing gemstones. The Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Show also features specialized sections, including the Hall of Fine Diamonds and the Hall of Jade, which offer immersive experiences for enthusiasts of specific gemstones. With its fusion of Eastern and Western influences, this show epitomizes elegance and sophistication in the gemstone world.

Jewellery & Gem Show 2023 Hong Kong ,Navneet Gmes & Minerals Gem Show, Gemstone Show, Wholesale Gemstones
                          Jewellery & Gem Show 2023 Hong Kong
  •  JCK Las Vegas: 

JCK Las Vegas, an annual event held in the United States, is a must-attend gemstone show for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The vibrant city of Las Vegas will transform into a hub of gemstone magnificence. JCK Las Vegas showcases a vast collection of gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and finished jewelry from around the world. With its comprehensive range of exhibits, this event serves as an ideal platform for networking, attending seminars, and discovering emerging trends. From established brands to emerging designers, JCK Las Vegas offers a diverse and dynamic environment for the gemstone industry.


Gemstone shows around the world, including JCK Las Vegas, Tucson GJX,  Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show, and the Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Show, are highly anticipated events in the global gemstone industry. These shows not only showcase the rarest and most exquisite gemstones but also provide a platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to network, learn, and explore emerging trends. From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the vibrant gemstone trading hub of Bangkok and the cosmopolitan charm of Hong Kong, each show offers a distinct experience that celebrates the beauty and allure of gemstones. Save the dates for the upcoming shows in Bangkok from September 6th to 10th, 2023 Booth Nos :MM31,33, and in Hong Kong from September 20th to 24th, 2023, Booth Nos. 8B21, as they promise to be moments of brilliance in the world of gemstones. Come visit us to view our full collection or to know more about our gemstones.

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