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Green Sapphire – In 2016, People Fell In Love With Deep Colors

The biggest trend was that people not only fell for Pastel colors as Pantone announced to be colors of the year 2016 to be more Pastel. This was reflected in many gemstone market areas and in new bespoke and other trendy jewelry designs. From Celebrities to Fashionistas to Collectors, sales picked for our Fancy Sapphire or Multi-Color Sapphires which are some of the more Pastel Sapphire colors, and our Natural Green Sapphires.

  Here is Kendall Jenner in a Sparkling Gown and a Stunning Green Sapphire RingKendall Jenner in Green Sapphire from Instagram(photo courtesy of Pinterest) 

The extremists however, started liking the darkest stones too, as they contrast well with other stones. Yes, this meant that medium normal colors stayed “normal” in the market. The most common example of a trendy gemstone was the London Blue Topaz. Not only did the Russians enjoy their freezing weather with this deep dark blue stone, but also so did the Americans and Europeans, where parts of their countries are wintery cold, continue to love the darker colors of it and of our Wholesale Sapphire Gems, which is in line with Pantone’s 2017 Color of The Year.

Shades-of-Sapphire by Navneet Gems

More On Our Wholesale Green Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are known to be a harder gemstone and because of its hardness (only second to the Diamond), the Sapphires are also used in industrial applications such as components for watch crystals, in movement bearings, scientific instruments, high-durability windows, insulating substrate and with special purpose solid state electronics.

For the Green Sapphire Meaning, and Sapphire Meaning in general, it is said to be very good for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of the mind’s tensions and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body and opens the heart to compassion. 

What Can We Supply In Wholesale Green Sapphire?

We can supply pretty much every shape and size due to its abundance in nature and the treatment of our Wholesale Green Sapphire with normal heating and chemical treatments, to cause it to look perfectly green and hide its inclusions. So, the availability makes this color of Sapphire very easy to supply and it is popular amongst people too, especially with some customer preferences towards the “Blue Green Sapphires” or “Green Blue Sapphires”

Some Beautiful Gems from Our Wholesale Green Sapphire Stockgreen sapphire Navneet Gems

The shapes available and most commonly used in Jewelry are Ovals, Pears, Rounds and Cushions, with the smallest at 4×3 Ovals for Gemstone Bracelets and the biggest at11x9 for Sapphire Cocktail Rings. Other shapes like Squares, Heart Shape, Marquise and Baguettes are less common, but some Jewelry Designers use different shapes to differentiate themselves from the masses and order in different shapes of our Treated Green Sapphire for different projects.

 When you need a supply of Wholesale Green Sapphire Gemstones, you may email us or call or even visit our office here in the Jewelry Trade Center Tower in Silom Bangkok. Our office is located on the 31st Floor of the JTC Tower and we will great you here and show you our stock to choose what you like from it. If special cuts are needed, they are completed either in our Chantaburi, Thailand Factory or here in our Bangkok office and we ship them after sending you photos of the completed gemstones. The JTC Tower and surrounding area is a hub for gemstones and gemstone jewellery, including both wholesale and retail shops and offices.  

 The Jewelry Trade Center Tower Bangkok, Thailand

Jewelry Trade Center Tower

 As a supplier of Green Sapphire Bangkok, Navneet Gems is central to the sources of green Sapphires Thailand being the main producer. Our supplies of Wholesale Green Sapphire are waiting for your bulk order and we already supply many to our regular customers worldwide and are ready to supply you too. Contact Us today from the link in the red menu bar above or from the link below in the footnotes. From their you may simply fill out the form with any questions you may have on ordering and your specific needs, or email us if you prefer with the same information. When you do, we will promptly reply and we look forward to hearing from you.