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Wholesale Gemstones Silom

Wholesale Gemstones Silom is a Guide on What to do in Silom Besides Shopping For Gemstones

Jewelry Trade Center
The Jewelry Trade Center Tower on Silom Road in Bangkok is built in the bustling Silom Business District of Bangkok which is also the World Renowned Gemstone Hub of Thailand. It is very central to the city with the sky train BTS and the MRT subway and of course taxi’s and tuk-tuks galore. transportation around the area and the city from here is very easy.  With so much to do in the area though, you and your family will have a great time in Silom. Gemstone and jewelry businesses on Silom Road and all around and many more in the Jewelry Trade Center complex for retail or wholesale gemstones Silom. Shopping malls, open Thai style markets, coffee shops, restaurants from fine wine dining and India restaurants to local Thai (very healthy) cuisine are near. Plus art shops and antique shops and statue shops and if you need a healing Thai massage, they will find you with a smile and a polite “massage”? High end hotels to boutique hostels and at night trendy clubs and nightclubs and not to overlook the sky bars with their awesome views.

Gemstones and Jewelry Businesses in the Jewelry Trade Center

In the sky scraper Jewelry trade center building on Silom road, there are many, many jewelers and both retail and wholesale gemstone Silom suppliers and raw gemstone material suppliers on the many floors from the basement level to the higher floors. The Bangkok Fashion Outlet Mall and much more is within the complex. From the ;ower level where you’ll see a discount home supply area and shops all around plus more gemstones and jewelry shops along the way Included on every floor of the mall are name brand stores and local clothing and shoe stores and stores like Office Depot and more for all of your needs. Parking is available near the side entrance to the Fashion Outlet Mall just behind the JTC Tower and the Holiday Inn Silom Hotel.

Gem shops inside JTC Tower
Numbering in the hundreds if not the thousands, are the jewelry and gemstone stores, shops and open display areas, inside the tower from the basement level to the upper floors. Beyond that are many offices and larger businesses such as our Navneet Gems and Minerals wholesale gemstones supply office on the 31st floor.  Some do have display areas also and most welcome visitors as we do from local buyers to traveling gemstone buyers often and mostly by appointment. Some businesses reside all the way up to the higher floors that are accessible and there are condominiums available beyond that.  Gemology labs that can verify all gemstones you buy for you are among the higher floors too, such as the AIGS and GIL labs.

The Bangkok Fashion Outlet Mall

Connected to the JTC Tower Complex as mentioned is the Bangkok Fashion Mall, with many different choices in clothing and fashion stores  form high end clothing to sports and footwear. There are banks, restaurants and coffee shops scattered among the floors as well. You may even see a Fashion Show pop up while you are here at the Bangkok Fashion Mall.
bangkok fashion outlet mall collage

 Jewelry and Gemstone Businesses on Silom Road

All along Silom Road and especially around the location of the JTC Tower are many individually owned small and large Jewellery and Gemstone Businesses and other shops such as Arts and Antiques and more. If you happen to need a relaxing healing Thai massage along the way, they will find you as you pass their studios with a nice Thai smile and a friendly inquiry “massage”? Be aware of the rumors of a Bangkok Gem Scam which usually is said to originate elsewhere and wind in shops near here. Most are very honest Jewelers in this area though may at times use “hawkers” to coax you into their stores. You can always verify and certify the gemstones or gemstone jewelry you buy, at the Labs within the Jewellery Trade Center.

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More to see on Silom Road

The famous, historic and quite amazing Sri Maha Mariammam Hindu Temple which was built here in 1879, is just within 5 minutes walking distance from JTC Tower.

sri maha mariamman temple in Silom sri maha mariamman temple

A good number of India transplants or expats and business owners live here and in some cases are from their multi-generational families living here since the temple was young. The temple is also very popular with locals Thai people too and up to 85% visit to worship at the temple and see Hinduism to be an extension of Buddhism rather than a separate religion. Many tourists visit the temple too and are awed by the beauty of this holy center and magnificence of the architecture inside and out.

Where to stay in Silom

There are many hotels on and around Silom such as the Holiday Inn Silom next to the Jewelry Trade Center, the Pullman Hotel just down the road on Silom and the Lebua State Tower around the turn on Silom road near JTC Tower. Several hotels and businesses have sky bars on the roof such as the Lebua State tower, with breathtaking views of the river and tall buildings all around.

Silom Hotels Holiday Inn The Pullman n Lebua State Tower

What to do in Silom

Down Silom Road, a little further is more to enjoy. Silom Complex Mall has more shops and restaurants and specialty stores. The stores are also from high-end and name-brand clothing to Thai clothing shops and the restaurants are varied among many international and Thai menus from Sushi, the Wine Connection to BBQ Korean style and more, plus tea shops and coffee shops and of course Starbucks. Looking for fast food? There are all the classic places nearby on Silom there like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King plus more international and Thai restaurants. The Sala Daeng BTS sky train stop is there also and the MRT subway a short walk away.

Just a little further is Lumpini Park!

The large green Lumpini Park is at the far end of Silom Road from JTC Tower and at Rama IV Road. It rivals Central Park and others with it’s greenery and also many events of regional Thai and music festivals. Devoted fitness enthusiasts run and jog through the park and outdoor fitness equipment and even an outdoor gym is there. If you prefer indoor there is a swimming pool and also an indoor fitness facility. The lakes and streams are relaxing and full of turtles and fish and the large but shy Thai water monitor lizard and birds chirping all around though the crows may drown their sound out at times too. Paddle boats on the big lake are a romantic adventure or fun for the kids to enjoy.

lumpini-park collage

So here is your fun guide to navigating Silom and the Jewelry Trade Center on your holiday in Bangkok. If you would like more guidance or information, please use the Contact Us form above or in the footnotes below and send us your inquiry about Silom or Gems at JTC. We will also gladly welcome you to our office at Navneet Gems and Minerals Wholesale gemstones Silom in JTC Tower on the 31st floor and show you what beautiful and shimmering precious and semi-precious wholesale gemstones Silom we have available in our stock. You may Contact Us anytime to inquire about our wholesale supply business and services. Enjoy your trip.