Top Gemstones to buy in 2017, color of the year by pantone announced

Early this week, our company was speculating which color of the year Pantone would declare, and yesterday’s decision to announce Pantone 15-0343 as the color of the year (also known as Greenery) has washed away any rumors of Dark denim blue (Afghani Lapis), Muddy golden (Golden pyrite, Goldstone) being good options for their decisions. Pantone announced this Greenery color to be a refreshing yellow-green color, that will bring about post changes in the fashion industry.
Earlier in 2016, this year’s Rose quartz and Serenity, took over the Gemstone trade, especially the Italian designers started to massly use Rose quartz and natural Blue chalcedony in their designs. From Marco Bicego to Bulgari, many have used this all of this year. Here is a picture from Pantone which tells us the transition so far of Color of the years.


Wondering which gemstones will be “in” with this decision of Pantone announcing the color of the year to be Greenery?  Within the last couple of years, green has been a very popular color. To see an example of the changes of color choices over the last 4 years, as you can see the trend is towards more pastel colors. Here is an image to show you Pastel Green (Beryl) and Saturated Green (Emerald). Check the list here of gemstones to use in 2017 if you are a fashioned gemstone jewelry company.

1. Chrysophrase – The post-australia

Chrysophrase cabochons
Our first bet goes to this stone because of its rarity and popularity, and most importantly the color. The most perfect refreshing apple yellow-green color that comes in a perfect shade, inexpensive price, and its Australian origin attractive buyers all around especially the Chinese and Americans.

Expected Price Changes: The price of Chrysophrase is likely to go higher because of the availability of the site. 30% – 40% within 3 months.

Advice: Should start some sampling with these gemstones for next year, mostly cabochons. For designers, would be good to buy 5-carat good quality stones.

2. Peridot – the old Chinese

Peridot greenery color of the year?
Our 2nd best Gemstone color of the year Pantone 2017 would be peridot. This color comes second because of the availability and the Chinese competing as sellers (usually sell very cheap for cash $)

Expected Price Changes: We are likely to not see a price increase in the smaller sizes but may be visible in the 1 carat + sizes. <10%  within 3 months.

Advice: Can stock up single pieces in the finger grades of 5 carats +
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3. Prehnite – The underdog

The 3rd best gemstone color of the year Pantone 2017 – which matches the perfect “refreshing green”, however the low popularity with the least marketed stone – the underdog.

Expected Price Changes: We are likely to see some moderate price increase in the larger clean stones but don’t invest heavily unless you are selling them often. 10%-25% within 3 months.
Prehnite yellow green stone of the year