Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

You’ve Got to Love Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones.

Jewelers, sculptors, collectors, and jewelry buyers all love Swiss Blue Topaz. When it’s a piece made with Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones, all benefit by the availability, low cost, beauty and the fancy cuts available.

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones
Pictured is the 9,381 carat Blue Topaz found in Brazil

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones as Collector’s items.

Collectors are interested in the stunning blue hues of Blue Topaz and its availability (though rarer) in larger raw topaz stones. These can be cut like other gemstones but when they are Fancy cut, they are even more unique and rare and therefore more collectible. We always advise our readers to do their own research unless already a gemstone collector or investor and know the general rules of investing in Gems. You may find that experienced investors see quicker appreciation in the value of these Swiss Blue Topaz Stones and similar lower-cost gemstones.

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones
Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

Where is Swiss Blue Topaz Sourced from?

Topaz in its natural form is found in many countries around the world such as Brazil, the U.S.A and in Russia, Australia, Myanmar and others. It is then irradiated until Blue in either the lighter toned Sky Blue Topaz or the mid-toned Swiss Blue Topaz or the darker London Blue Topaz. What is done after the treatment and shaping of gemstones are the cuts and fancy cuts. Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones are very popular in the U.S. and with many of our clients in all corners of the world.

Here’s a short video we made for a client that was buying these flawless Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones from us in Heart shapes. We send video or photos before shipping them as we can do for you as well.

What can we do for you in Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Cut Stones?

We have our own Factories for Blue Topaz Gemstones and manufacture more than 20,000 carats a week. We have a rough analysis team, who buy White Topaz Rough for our company then we send it out for treatment. Generally, it takes years to change White Topaz into Swiss Blue Topaz Rough, ready to cut as Fancy stones or others.

Another short video of some our beautiful Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones available to you.

We are manufacturing every possible shape in Swiss Blue Topaz and we can cut fancy shapes such as:

Princess Squares
Princess Octagons
Double Sided Checkerboard (Briolette)
And many more

Where to buy your Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones

Our product is Top Swiss Blue Topaz Quality with nice blue color and all of our stones have expert cuts and including Fancy cuts, shapes and dimensions. The Collectors and Jewelry Designers that we supply, order many of our Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Cut stones from us for their designs.


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To buy your own Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Stones in whatever sizes and specifics that you need, we ask that you use the Contact Us link in the menu bar above and fill in your requirements in the Inquiry Form or email us. We will respond with an answer and price quote if you have provided all information on your needs or we will answer your questions and let you know if we need more information. We are looking forward to your communication with us and to doing business with you.</p