Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size and it’s Demographics

Swiss Blue Topaz has been a very popular gemstone especially in the Middle East and China where buyers were often investors buying up large and rare stones. Americans also did love to buy big pieces and many women were the big investors then. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring silicate minerals found at a hardness of 8 on the MOHS Scale. That and its availability makes it popular among many jewelers and its beautiful blue hue, that is not too light and not too dark is very popular among their customers as well.

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

A Stock Photo of Our Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz is an Investment

As stated its popularity among buyers, jewelers and investors comes the question of buying Swiss Blue Topaz as an investment. While we invested in Swiss Blue Topaz as a Wholesale Supplier despite it’s low prices which means low profits to us as a wholesaler,  we did it to serve our customers which are our investments and by supplying them with what they need and want over time which we both profit from over the long term. Our Gemstone Artisans add value with the expert cuts and shapes that they create as well.


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A Beautiful Example of our Swiss Blue Topaz and the Cuts our Artisans do.

Many don’t like to invest in a treated stone and the vivid blue hues of Swiss Blue Topaz do not occur naturally but can occur in a much lighter blue naturally. The Swiss Blue Topaz color comes from irradiation and the color is permanent. Swiss Blue Topaz becomes rare over 100 carats because a finished stone of 100 a carat Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone would need to be extracted form a 1000 carat Swiss Blue Topaz Rough which is rarely done due to the factor of wasted rough material. Investing in only natural gemstones may have its good points but lesser valued gems such as the beautiful example above often appreciate in value faster and are easier to liquidate. For your benefit though, please know the rules of investing in gemstones

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

More Blue Topaz in Various Shades of Blue

What We Can Do For You in Swiss Blue

We have our own production house for Blue Topaz Gemstones and manufacture more than 20,000 carats a week. We have a Rough Analysis Team who buy White Topaz Rough for our company then we send it for treatment. Generally, it takes years to change White Topaz Rough to Swiss Blue Topaz Rough and from that, we cut our Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size.

We are manufacturing every possible shape in Swiss Blue Topaz including Fancy Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones. Cabochons, checkerboard, briolette’s, fancy and normal faceted are all of the cuttings available. Our product is Top Swiss Blue Topaz Quality with nice Blue color and all of our stones have expert cuts, shapes, and dimensions.

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size

Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size in Bulk Ready to ship to a Long Term Client.

Ordering Your Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size 

To have your Wholesale Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size or Swiss Blue Topaz Preform, or any cut, shape etc., just drop us a line by email or Inquiry Form and our information is on the Contact Us page. Our team will respond to your questions for your requirements and get started right away on your order.