London Blue Topaz Rough

London Blue Topaz Rough

Deep Dark London Blue Topaz Rough

London Blue Topaz is very popular due to its somewhat unique and unusual color of a deep dark blue hue. The steely dark blue color is a result of the irradiation process and though slightly more expensive than the other, lighter Blue shades of Sky Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz, it shares the advantages of hardness (8 on the MOHS scale) and availability.

London Blue Topaz Rough
Some Deep Dark London Blue Topaz Rough (courtesy Pinterest)

Used in many types of jewelry, Jewelry Designers take advantage of the availability and lower price of London Blue Topaz Rough and cut and polish the material as needed for their designs themselves. Also available in Preform shapes, they save another step in manufacturing the gemstones from the rough. Some use London Blue Topaz Rough in jewelry designs for a different effect that is growing in popularity. The Pleochroic Value of it means London Blue Topaz can show varied color intensity when held in different directions.

London Blue Topaz RoughA Stunning London Blue Topaz Ring by Designer

Where Is London Blue Topaz Rough Found?

We have ethical mines to source our White Topaz Rough from, and they are located in countries around the world like in Brazil, Orissa India, Mozambique and Nigeria. We either buy the treated London Blue Topaz Rough or send our White Topaz Rough for treatment. The irradiating process of colorless or White Topaz Rough can take years to complete. Irradiation also occurs in the ground to create some naturally colored blue topaz, but not in the quantities and color intensities desired and available to jewelers today.

London Blue Topaz Rough

London Blue Topaz Rough from Mines in Brazil (photo courtesy of

Most of the natural White Topaz and Light Blue Topaz used for treating comes from Brazil, especially the area around Minas Gerais where the landscape is peppered with thousands of mines, both large and small.  The mines are also known for prolific production of Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Quartz and a variety of other fine gemstones found there.

Our London Blue Topaz Rough

With our factories in India and Thailand and offices here in Bangkok, we are central to shipping our White Topaz Rough and London Blue Topaz Rough material in and are shipping out the London Blue Topaz Rough or finished Topaz gemstones worldwide.

We have a rough analysis team, who buy White Topaz Rough for our company then we send it for treatment in Germany, USA or Russia. Our Quality Control Team members verify the London Blue Topaz Rough when we receive it back here and again before shipping it to you. With our own production house for Blue Topaz Gemstones, we manufacture more than 20,000 carats a week.

London Blue Topaz Roough
From Stock Our Beautiful Deep Blue London Blue Topaz Finished and Facetted Gemstones.

What We Can Do for You In London Blue

We are manufacturers of London Blue Topaz Rough and as stated, with factories in 2 countries we have many strategic advantages that save us time and money so that we can save you money. We specialize in 1-3 Grams, 3-5 grams and 9-15 grams of rough London Blue Topaz.

To Buy Wholesale London Blue Topaz Rough From Us


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Ordering from us is as easy as sending us your requirements and quantity needed for your Wholesale London Blue Topaz Rough and we confirm, then process your order and ship it to you. Please send us an email from the address on the Contact Us Page or fill out the Inquiry Form there. We will reply and start the process for you. We look forward to your inquiry.