Precision Cut Gemstones

Precision Cut Gemstones

Our Precision Cut Gemstones By Hand Are a Time-Honored Tradition

The Art of creating Precision Cut Gemstones and in High Quality plus high volume as we do, is a time-honored art. Not that all we sell are hand-cut precision cut gemstones, but they are part of our gemstone cutting factory manufacturing. The Thai Master Craftsmen and Craftswomen within our factories in Thailand and the Master Craftsmen and Craftswomen of the ancient Jewelry Realm of Jaipur, India are the best of the best at Precision Cut Gemstones, and it is what they all have done for generations… It is usually not a common thing to find precision-cut gemstones in our industry but Navneet Gems does it all for our clients mostly based in America and Switzerland.

Precision Cut Gemstones

In other words, instead of making every cut of our Precision Cut Gemstones on just another automatic gemstone cutting machine, we supply hand-cut material which also saves costs and saves material and is of course very precise compared to machine cut gemstones. We make custom-cut gemstones to the next level. The tolerance level is usually +-0.10 mm for the height and MM, which may be a little off, but we bring the best out of both worlds of hand-cut and precision; precision hand-cut gemstones. Many precision-cut gemstone makers forget either the cost or the quality. They compromise sometimes on either one or sometimes both, we at Navneet Gems have found a way to cut good gemstones that look like machine cut, but at a price that can be affordable for mass production repeatable orders.

Precision Cut Gemstones

Just as Precision exists in nature as in this mouthwatering juicy slice of orange, our cuts meet with perfection as well like in our Light Colored Citrine with Brilliant and Rose Cut or our Yellow Sapphire both pictured above. From our usual bulk orders of gemstones that we supply worldwide to our regular clientele to special orders such as below.

Precision Cut Gemstones

From our Recent Precision Cut Gemstones Watch Rings Project

Our Gemstone Watch Ring Project for a regular client in the USA, done with high-quality Sapphires in a Rainbow of colors and minute detail was a fun yet challenging project that we completed sooner than we expected with our expert Thai Precision Gemstone cutters on the job. Our client was most happy with the results and is considering a repeat or another Precision Cut Gemstone project for us. The short video above is from our Navneet Gems YouTube Channel where you can find many other examples of our cuts in our various YouTube How-To Videos on valuing gemstones and knowing what you are buying is really what you need.

Precision exists in many worthy things such as with these experts who would not exist for long without the preciseness in their maneuvers.

A short example of precision in Blue  with The Blue Angels 2017
And See the Precision in Our Popular Swiss Blue Topaz and Trillion Cut or Our Blue Sapphire Faceted Diamond Cut 1 MM Rounds Here. Yes, these are not the best examples, but we have NDA’s with our customers to not disclose their projects. Some of them are even protected by ethically sourced rough.

Precision Cut GemstonesPrecision Cut Gemstones

Cuts that we do but are not limited to including in a wide range of shapes, like round, pear, teardrop, cushion-cut drop, marquise drop, oval, flat fancy, nugget drop, rough drop, rough needle, side drilled stick, needle center drilled, needle drop, slice drop, faceted oval, strip faceted tube, faceted rondel, rough chips, faceted slab, rough chunky, triangle tube, flat trapezoid, heart, beveled cube, wheel, etc. and with meticulous attention to detail. We are one of the oldest and most experienced companies for precision cut calibrated gemstones.

And is that Shatter Proof lens on your 2018 Cellphone or Tablet made of Sapphire Gems?

Are you viewing this through the sapphire glass on your smartphone? Mobile smart devices and mobile internet are completely changing the way we do business and how we connect with other people. Precision-made devices require the best of protection and we sell Sapphire Gemstone material with a hardness second only to Diamonds, to the industry for just such applications, and many other uses.

Ruby & Sapphire 6x3 baguettes for the watch industry

More important to you of course is the professionalism and precision in our Wholesale Precision-Cut Gemstones for your Precision Cut Gemstone Jewelry. There are a lot of award-winning gemstone cutters who would customize a gemstone for you but are not mass-produced. You can message us from our Link above where it says Contact Us and also find our email, phone, and WhatsApp there. We are happy to respond quickly and with photos, before we ship to you and we do ship worldwide from our hub and main office in Bangkok, Thailand.