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Are You Looking for a Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer?

Reputable Gemstone Dealers that are also Genuine Gemstone Manufacturers are far and between in the industry, and there are a few things you should know.

The term Genuine Gemstone can mean anything, like Created, Synthetic, Flux Grown Ruby or Glass Filled Sapphire, and this trade can say “Natural” to any Synthetic Gemstone. The gemstones trade in the past has sold Glass Filled Ruby as Genuine Ruby. So, as you see the disclosure is very important, and in short, that’s where we at Navneet Gems, the Reputable Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer comes to play.

Mozambique RubiesA Pair of our Pear Shaped Natural Burmese Rubies

Reputation is Everything

We treat our own gemstones, so we know what is what, and we don’t buy off-market gems. People in the market like brokers, manufacturers, and so on can say anything, just to sell their goods. We are manufacturers and heat treat with Thai associates in our own factories. The Thai tradition of manufacturing top-quality wholesale fine gemstones is led by the inherited skills of treating and cutting from generations of craftsmen. Most of the world’s Sapphire Gems and many other gemstones are manufactured here in Bangkok for that reason.

Genuine Gemstone ManufacturerA Chart We Made To Show Effects of Heat Treatment

What is Heat Treatment

What is Irradiation or Heat Treatment? It is the process used to bring the proper balance in the colors and translucence and other factors that gemstones are known for. This treatment changes the color of the Gems such as Sapphire permanently at the molecular level. This treatment is used to provide colors that are not naturally available.

In the market, almost 95% of the Sapphires are heat treated. The higher amount of treatment in the Sapphire, the lower the price, as the corundum’s rarity creates its price. There are different levels of heat treatment that affect the price of Sapphire (However most labs only give a Heated and Unheated certificate). Rubies are more valuable, which is why Gemstone laboratories are able to certify whether the Ruby is H1, H2, H3 or the extent of heat in the ruby.

Usually, the gemstone labs give certificates of Natural Sapphire and Heat Treated Sapphire. You can see in an image search that in one certificate it is mentioned that “No indication of Heating” in the Treatment Section and in the other certificate it is mentioned that “Indication of heating”, which means that the Sapphire is Natural, but heat-treated.

Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer

Pink and Red

Another thing to note is that the market sells Pink Sapphires as Rubies to get a better price, we don’t. That’s why we made this article. There is research behind what we do and you can read about Ruby VS Pink Sapphire here

We sell our genuine wholesale fine gemstones to Jewelry Manufacturers and others in the industry for European and USA buyers and others around the world. As a Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer, we guarantee our wholesale fine gems and our work and supply our authentic natural gemstones at wholesale and in bulk. As Genuine as Ford and Levi and Elvis, we provide the Gemstones you truly need and love and at the price you love too.

Genuine Gemstone ManufacturerElvis Presley In Levis and His Ford Thunderbird

Genuine Class

With consumer confidence up and Jewelry Sales on the Rise according to our friends and mentors at the GIA (Navneet Gems is run by a Graduate GIA Carlsbad Gemologist Navneet Agarwal), there is good reason to use a trusted vendor that is a Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer and Wholesale Gemstone Supplier.Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer

One of our own Animal Jewelry Creations of a Boucheron Tiger Ring

In this article Russel Shar of the GIA wrote that Tiffany & Co, reported an overall sales gain of 8% in its holiday sales report, with same-store revenues up 6% in the U.S. and 7% in Asia, noting that some “exceptional high jewelry creations” helped sales increase. The company expects sales to continue trending upward “in the middle single digits,” but said that “evolving product offerings and customer service experience” will be necessary to sustain this growth.

In addition, LVMH, the luxury conglomerate which owns Cartier, Bulgari and a number of high-market watch brands, reported a 12% same-store sales increase in its jewelry and watch division. Sales were up strongly in every market, the company reported. These companies only buy from a Reputable Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer such as us.

Genune Gemstone ManufacturerAnother of Our Creations in Ruby and Diamonds From Our Jaipur Factory

Reports from the Tucson gem shows indicate that demand for higher quality gems, untreated in particular, and popularly priced stones was strong, with the middle market remaining weak…calls for amethyst, citrine, blue topaz and other less expensive gems have increased. Demand for ruby, sapphire and emerald was good, according to trade press reports, though prices have declined because of increasing supplies.

Customer service and confidence can only be furthered with the product matching their desires and we always aim to do that by providing the best Lapidary Wholesale in the best quality as ordered by the manufacturers and Jewelers that we supply. Our title of Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer and Wholesale Gemstone Supplier isn’t taken lightly and we will always build the confidence of our buyers with quality products.

In Conclusion

Buying from us is easy and you only need to send us an inquiry or email through the Contact Us link and our Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier customer service agents are at your service. We will respond promptly and honestly with photos as requested of the bulk wholesale fine gemstones you order before we at Navneet Gems, The Reputable Genuine Gemstone Manufacturer, ship them to you and guarantee them to be Genuine Gems.