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When a gemstone is desired to be used in jewelry, it is cut depending on the size and shape of the rough stone, as well as the desired piece of jewelry to be made. As a general rule, a cut gemstone will reduce the mass or carats and maybe considerably so, because the best section is often within the rough’s center or not near an edge. There are several techniques available to work with gemstones; like sawing, grinding, sanding, lapping, polishing, grilling, and tumbling. The planning stage is a complex process.

Swiss Blue Topaz Fancy Shapes and Ready for Shipment to the USA See our YouTube Channel for More

Very often, the location of the inclusions in a rough stone or its translucency, its reaction to light at different angles, color, depth, and other factors, will determine the type of shape to which a gemstone may be cut and most are cut to retain weight or for maximizing the luster or brilliance or optical effects. It takes Master Craftsmen and Women such as ours to judge and make the proper cuts.

Wholesale fancy sapphires
Fancy sapphires are available in all shapes and sizes

We run our Gemstone cutting factory in Bangkok in a “4 step process”. We have divided our whole team into four divisions. It starts with our “Rough Analyzing Team”, whose job is to go around the world and analyze the position of current and post rough materials available in existing and post countries. Rough finalized and acquired by our experts, go to our skilled and experienced artisans in step two and they do the process of Pre-Forming, Shaping, Cutting, and Polishing.

Gemstone Cutting Factory in BangkokSome Gemstone Cutting Styles

The cuts that we do are chosen by market demand for stock gemstones or by the choice of our clients buying our Precious and Semi-Precious gemstones from our gemstone factory in Bangkok, in bulk and at wholesale prices.

eternity yellow sapphire stones
Yellow, Orange sapphires in different shades

After completing the making of a Gemstone, it goes to our “Quality Department”. All our team members of this department are graduated from well-established institutions of gemology. They inspect every stone to ensure quality, hardness, and clarity. In the last step, it goes to shipping to the customer or into the market for selling. We have a strict process of manufacturing with the latest technology which helps to make us the best in cutting gemstones.

Gemstone Cutting Factory in BangkokPear-Cut Tanzanite from Stock

We are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers of gemstones from our Gemstone Cutting Factory in Bangkok. We manufacture many shapes and cuts including faceted gemstones, briolette gemstones, pears, squares, cushions, rounds, emerald cuts, baguettes, the princess’, trillions, ovals, marquises, hearts, cabochons, drops, tube, oval, roundels, round, coin, bricks, kite, melon, bulb, onion, nuggets & many other fancy shapes and custom designs.

Gemstone Cutting Factory in BangkokOur Spinel Color Chart in Some of Our Various Cuts

Our company has been awarded many times for quality and has been given great reviews by our delighted customers. Navneet Gems’ Gemstone Cutting Factory in Bangkok is selling Gemstones at wholesale prices worldwide.

A Short Video of a Rainbow Sapphire Project We Did

These Multi-Sapphire Squares are one of our finest creations. The Sapphire Baqettes had to be tapered to fit into a circular dial for a watch and the client was very pleased with the result. What started as a special project for a Watch Company Client turned into a special product available for others for the Watch Dials, Tennis Bracelets, and more at the Gemstone Cutting Factory in Bangkok.Gemstone Cutting Factory in BangkokFantasy Cut may be your desire but just ask (photo by gia.edu)

You can contact us through the link above and use the Inquiry Form or email us from there or you may come to visit us (by appointment please) at The Jewelry Trade Center, 31st Floor, Room no. 390, Bangrak, (Silom) Thailand, 10500. We look forward to doing business with you.

Gemstone Cutting Factory in BangkokWe Put Our Heart Into Cutting For Every Project Or Piece We Create

If you are looking to source your cutting or pre-cut or rough wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones from a Gemstone Cutting Factory in Bangkok, which has a state-of-the-art manufacturing process along with expert craftsmanship, look no further because you are at the right place. 

We manufacture gemstones in all shapes, sizes, cuts, and custom cut designs. Thailand is an international hub for world-class gemstone design and the Bangkok Gemstone Market is its (Ruby Red) heart. Basing out of Bangkok, Thailand, gives us access to some of the finest stones and craftsmen in the world, ensuring world-class quality delivered on time.