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Precious Gemstones Bangkok

Precious Gemstones Bangkok

Why Do All Precious Gemstones Come from Thailand?

Thailand and Bangkok in particular, has positioned themselves as the International Gemstones and Jewelry Hub and with good reason in that the Precious Gemstones Bangkok Industry has been an integral part of this. With resources within and all around in neighboring countries as well as Bangkok being central to many mines and other regions for importing, manufacturing and shipping. The Kingdom of Thailand is also endowed with its own Precious Gemstone Resources. Sapphires have been mined in Kanchanaburi, Chantaburi, SI Saket, Ubon Ratchathani, Prae, Petchabun, and Sukhothai. Rubies have also been mined in Chantaburi and Ubon Ratchathani.

Factories exist in the Chantaburi, Kanchanaburi, and Bangkok areas, that manufacture the rough precious gemstones, and the Thai cutters are specialists that are skilled and dedicated and these skilled master artisans possess more abilities to cut the Precious Gemstones than skilled craftsmen in India and other countries. The artistry of Thai master artisans has intrigued men and women around the world for its exquisite, delicate splendor and beauty for many years. The extensively skilled craftsmanship has passed through several generations and is still very much intact today.

In 2015 Thailand looked to become the world’s gem and jewelry trading hub by 2020 and was already so in many ways. With Myanmar’s continued growth in the market and rich variety of colored Gemstone resources and with the help of the ASEAN Economic Community creating more opportunities for Thailand-Myanmar trading of colored gems, it has been enhanced even more. Cambodia also produces much of the colored gemstone rough in the region which passes through Bangkok for manufacturing and processing and to the world.

With such an honored and secure role in the economy of Thailand, the Thai government set goals on increasing Gemstone and Jewelry exports which include the precious Gemstones Bangkok Industry. Tariffs have even been removed for rough gemstone material imported to Thailand.

Ruby Precious Gemstones BangkokSome of our Gorgeous Red Ruby Stock

Professionalism Amongst Bangkok Gemstone Dealers

The Gemstones Hub of Bangkok has been here for many years and is full of honest and devoted Jewelers and Gemstone sellers and Wholesale Suppliers. With the story of the old Bangkok Gem Scam, just be advised that there is a legitimate method to do business here instead and still find great deals. The integrity and professionalism among the Bangkok Gemstone Dealers and Jewelers have gone back many years plus the years of trust and reliability have put these Bangkok Gem Dealers where they are today. Even the Thai Government watches over the industry here to assure its honesty. Testing Labs are also located in this area to verify and certify the gemstones that you purchase here.

The Silom, Bangkok area is home to hundreds to a thousand or so perhaps of small to medium to large Jewelry Businesses and Gemstone Businesses and selling to locals and travelers, and other buyers around the world. Some sell retail and others supply Wholesale Gemstones to the industry. You will see the small to large shops and buildings in the Bang Rak area on Silom Road and within the 59 Story Jewelry Trade Center Building Tower building on Silom Road. This is the 4th tallest building in Bangkok and from the ground floor up to the higher levels of the tower, you will find Jewelry and Gemstone and Crystal Shops and the Precious Gemstones Bangkok Offices and Semi-Precious Gemstones Bangkok Offices that house Wholesale Gemstones Supply companies ad small factories and even the Jewelry Trade Association Office. The testing labs of AIGS and GIL are there too and you will also find the AGL and GRS and GIT Labs on Silom Road, and the GIA Lab office nearby on Rama IV Road at the other end of Silom Road.

Precious Gemstones BangkokThe Jewelry Trade Center Tower, Bangkok Thailand

Which Precious Gems to Buy from Bangkok and Why?

Let’s start with Ruby because it is the King of Gems in Thailand and Thailand is the King of Ruby, and in 1990 Thai Ruby took the market. Now with the addition of the much sought-after Myanmar Pidgeon Blood Red Ruby and our Mozambique and Africa and other sources worldwide, we have what you need here.

Sapphire is also something that Thailand is King of with its own resources and because much more of the Sapphire Rough is imported, manufactured, and heated here. Thailand Gemstone Factories have been in possession and skilled in the use of the latest technologies for a long time and continue to improve in gemstone heating and treating technologies. Unheated Sapphire Rough material is also available from Sri Lanka, here in Bangkok.

Precious Gemstones BangkokA Star Sapphire From Our Stock

So, whether you are buying Rubies in Bangkok, buying Sapphires in Bangkok or buying Emeralds in Bangkok, or buying Diamonds in Bangkok, you are in the right place and position to buy from us as a 20-year long-established business here in the JTC Tower. Other Semi-Precious Gemstones like Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, and more are sold through our office and in the Gemstone Market in Bangkok as well.

How can you Buy Precious Gems from here in Bangkok?

We have introduced wholesale Australian sapphires like wholesale teal sapphires and wholesale parti sapphires stones. At Navneet Gems & Minerals you can find also a few compositions, yellow and space grey colors are also present. The most valuable units are those with equal parts of blue and green, that is, they have a 50-50 blue-green composition, without any hints of yellow or grey. We call these beauties “Mermaid sapphires”.

 Having said that, it should not be forgotten that as with any colored gemstone, apart from the color, the carat, the cut, and the clarity play an important role in the value of the stone. These beautifully cut teal sapphires have been the highlights of our collection in 2021 and have had a very successful run in the market. This quick 30-second video recapitulates the essence of these beautiful gemstones perfectly.

We await your email or Contact Form inquiry from our Contact Us page and we will respond promptly and help you with your questions or your order of Wholesale Precious Gemstones or Wholesale Semi Precious Gemstones with prices and with photos supplied before shipping. We look forward to doing business with you.