Loose Tanzanite


The Tanzanite is one of the most attractive gemstones. It is widely being used all over the world. The women belonging to all age groups love to wear it at various parties and occasions. It can get you many compliments while you are wearing it at any party. Diamond and gems are considered as the symbol of wealth and prestige. This gem is known as the elegant and prestigious gemstone that is being used in various types of jewelry so that the women can conveniently wear it at any party and on any occasion including weddings, dinners, anniversaries, and many more.

Tanzanite 5 mm
1 carat round for a bracelet – fine Loose tanzanites

The History of Tanzanite:

It is an elegant, sophisticated and rich folklore that was discovered in 1967 in the Manyara Region’s Mererani Hills in northern Tanzania by the tribesmen of Maasai. It was first seen by Emmanuel Merishiek Mollel who was a tailor and a gold prospector. He was living in Arusha, Tanzania. He found the gem crystals on a ridge near Mererani which was almost 40 km in the southeast of Arusha. The gem crystals were composed of vibrant blue and blue-purple colors. With time, it gained huge popularity and finally, it was added to the industry’s official list of birthstones in 2002.

tanzanite cabochons navneetgems
Tanzanite Cabochons Chart

What the Tanzanite is:

It is one of the varieties of the mineral zoisite that is a calcium aluminum hydroxy silicate. It is widely being used as a gemstone all over the world. It has a remarkably strong trichroism. That is why it has an alternate appearance of sapphire blue, burgundy, and violet, which is dependent on the crystal orientation of the gemstone. When it is viewed under alternate lighting conditions it can appear differently. It usually has a reddish-brown color when it is in a rough state. In order to bring out the blue-violet of this beautiful gem, artificial heat treatment is required. It is treated at a higher degree of heat in a gemological oven for this purpose.

calibrated tanzanite stones wholesale
calibrated tanzanite stones wholesale

The Available Shapes and Sizes of Tanzanite:

Its dark and prevailing blue color attracts huge numbers of people to wear it. It has a huge demand over the world. We have a huge stock of these gems and can provide the gems in any size and shape as per the requirements or needs of our customers. We are offering the gem in various sizes including the freesize and calibrated sizes. We can get you the gem starting from 2mm and it can go up to 12mm. We can also get you any special or required big-size gem. We are providing the gem in all of its available shapes including the customized shapes that are required by the customers.

4mm Tanzanite Rounds Faceted
4mm Tanzanite Rounds Faceted

Buy Best Quality Tanzanite:

Navneet Gems and Minerals have been working in the industry for many successful years. Our experience provides us great help in selecting and crafting the best quality gems in order to provide an only high quality of these gems to our customers. We are well aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. That is why we always deliver high-quality and genuine gemstones to all of our customers. You can always rely on us for the buying of Tanzanite in any of your required quantities.

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